8 Apps Which Are Made For The Fitness Freak


Fitness has become one of the most common aspects of today’s world. Today each person wants to be fit and remain healthy. There are many ways in which a person can stay fit and healthy. A person has to maintain a good diet, as eating unhealthy food may cause to various diseases due to which he/she may stay unfit. Some of the people prefer doing exercises on their own, and some people go gym. Going to gym for a normal person may not be easy as gym is tedious and makes a person so tired that he/she may not able to do their other work, and it costs too much.

A person going to gym has to follow many instructions and their given diet and supplements which costs slightly higher. A person can stay fit without going to gym and paying gym fees by installing some applications on their smartphones. person who owns a smartphone can install the fitness app and follow their instructions and stay fit. This will save their time, money and energy. Living a fit and healthy life is important for all of us. A fit person will be able to pay more attention to his work. Here are 8 apps which will help you in staying fit and healthy.

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This app was designed by Johnson & Johnson, and Chris Jordan of Human perform Institute and Director of exercise physiology. It includes both strength – training and aerobic exercise done in the style of fitness training building program. This ranks high on safety for beginners. It offers full body workout which helps people to meet fitness guidelines. It particularly doesn’t excel in a single area. Johnson And Johnson Official 7- Minute Workout has 17.2/30 for strength training and 16.3/30 for aerobic training.

  • Training Club + Nike

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This app consists of more than 100 workouts. It was designed by Trainers of Nike. It also provides audio and video guidance to people for better results. Training Club + Nike has strength training and doesn’t include aerobic exercises. Reviewers famed that multi-week training and workouts programs were quite good. It is a great app for following overall fitness and strength training. It is free and does not have any premium programs.

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  • Weight Loss Running by Verv

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It especially concentrates on interval training with runs that change between easy and hard runs. It also includes meal-component which is essential for loss of weight.  This app mainly for those people who want to lose their weight through exercises. This app helps a person to build up his/her endurance or speed as a runner. Interval training is considered as one of the best ways to get in proper shape. Program is also for those who have just started to run.

  • Fitness Buddy

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This app is free and offers a range of workouts that can be done at gym, home using weights or kettlebell, or a resistance band. This app is best for strength training, though there are types of flexibility and cardio options. An individual can also build custom workouts using various exercises.

  • Strong Lifts 5×5

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It is specifically weight training program based on different types of weight lifts: bench press, deadlift, squat, overhead press and barbell row. This is an excellent training program for people who are starting to weight lift. It includes a list of programs which serves good for gaining strength. It has 24 out of 30 for strength training.

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  • Fitness Builder

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It offers a variety of free multi training programs for many weeks. Free plans of this program provide over 400 workouts that depend on gym equipment and body weight based. A flexibility based program with ample varieties of programs a person can work through different training program depending upon strength, movement and many more. It has a score of 21.2 out of 30 for strength training and 7.1 out of 10 for flexibility.

  • Simply Yoga

This app free version offers yoga sessions for 20 minutes, 40 minutes and 60 minutes. It is best for flexibility, and this app provides a pretty straightforward set of three predefined routines, in which each move is first shown by a professional trainer. The routines include more than 30 poses for a person to work through.

  • Daily Yoga

This app was earlier called daily yoga lose weight. It offers now a wide range of yogasanas. Beginner programs include several free sessions of yoga. This is also best for flexibility. With free session, it provides a good amount of yoga sessions which one want to perform at their home easily. It has a score of 6.2 out of 10 for flexibility.


Those mentioned above are the best apps for a person to stay fit and healthy easily at home.


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