10 Best Automatic Cars Ruling The Indian Roads

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Best Automatic Cars in India

The car is the one of the crucial invention made by men that aided luxurious transportation. In general, it is a four-wheeled vehicle that runs on the motor. The use of car globally saw an upsurge during the 20th century, as most of the nations grew economically in this ways only. The car is an efficient and independent way to move from one place to another. The car had made our life luxurious by providing the several features such as navigation, touch screen and inbuilt sound system.

With the evolution of technology, the car is manufactured according to their use in different kind of terrains, certain ones are to be exemplified such as a 4*4 car, 4 magic cars, all wheel drive and for urban use. Although there are two kinds of transmission available in the market viz automatic and manual transmission. The enlisted below are the top most automatic car ruling the Indian roads.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Alto k10

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Maruti Suzuki Alto k10 is the cheapest model and largest selling automatic car. It provides the comfortable and safe ride over the bumpy road.

  • Featured by k-series engine and 5-speed AMT gearbox, it offers the safe and comfortable ride
  • In addition to the petrol version, it is also available in CNG variant.
  • It provides the customer with great color choice, as varieties of colors are available.
  1. Renault KWID

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Renault KWID is the best car with advanced features such as touch screen and inbuilt navigation system. KWID is entitled as the best looking car in segments.

  • Apart from the frugal petroleum engine, it offers the gearbox.
  • With the bulky fender and good ground clearance, it had become popular among the Indian market.
  • It is the cheapest French brand in the Indian market.
  • Engaged with rotatory knob and conventional gear stick, it offers the perfect ride.

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  1. Maruti Suzuki Celerio

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Maruti Suzuki Celerio is first inexpensive AMT car. The smooth and sleek design offers a perfect driving experience.

  • Celerio is present in both petrol and diesel version hence it offers great fuel efficiency.
  • In addition to good boot space, it serves the user with a comfortable
  • It is an awesome car for 5 persons. Plenty of space and an amazing segment with lots of features like alloy wheels, rear defogger with wiper, etc.
  • The car is featured with a reliable engine and power delivery.


  1. Volkswagen Polo

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Volkswagen Polo offers the customer with tremendous ride quality and driving experience is just tremendous. It just sails so smoothly on Indian roads.

  • The car features by projector headlamps with LED DRL’s, which offer clear visibility at night.
  • One of the good things about the car its German brand, no other cars can compare to German brand in term of quality.
  • The car has inbuilt TSI engine with DSG concept, which is very powerful and quickest engine in the Indian
  • The only auto hatch that is worth buying up to the 10 lakh price range.
  1. Honda Amaze

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Honda Amaze endows the people with extra comfort and luxury. The interiors and exteriors of this car come up with quality by equipment of petrol engine. It offers very great mileage even both on the highways and on the roads with numerous pits.

  • It offers quality rides to people and relaxes the nerves of them with the facility of air conditioners equipped into it.
  • This car provides worth to your money so that you can keep yourself free from the regrets about the spending of money.
  • It has numerous good features such as paddle shift, auto headlight off and on, improved audio and voice system and many other too.
  • This car serves the people with better designs of the gear knob and it has an advantage of gear rod length.
  1. Hyundai Verna

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Hyundai Verna is a wonderful car which has highly attractive features that can allure a person with extreme surprise. It is a perfect combination of powerful engine and extraordinary gear shifting equipment.

  • It does not create any cabin noise so one can enjoy a smooth and lavish drive with this car on each type of roads.
  • This model of the car has come up with smoother steering and extraordinarily better gear shifts.
  • It is the greatest car lying under this price segment with most comfortable seats and 1.6vt engine which is more powerful and smoother than previous models.
  1. Toyota Yaris

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Being a reliable company, one can trust the motor vehicles for the supply of good fuel economy or can say the quality services. The CVTvx model of this car is efficient to fulfill your expectations and the needs.

  • It offers the people with an extremely air-conditioned atmosphere so that one can get rid of the scorching summers or the inappropriate atmosphere of outside.
  • It provides sturdy gripping to the roads and good mileage so that you can enjoy the journeys with extreme happiness without any hustle.
  • This car has a highly appealing look which magnetizes the people to buy this car with the full throttle so that he or she can welcome the awesome rides.
  • The interiors of this car are equipped with the best technological advancements so lavish features can embed the stars in its beauty.

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  1. Maruti Brezza

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If you are looking for the best car for your family, then Maruti Brezza can be a very good catch for you as it offers the comfortable rides to the people with attracting features.

  • It offers 20 kmpl mileage even for the roads with loads of traffic and also for the highways.
  • The music system of this car is extremely amazing as it provides a soothing feeling to the hearts of the people for long drives and one can enjoy the jazzy genre for the parties.
  • Maruti is one of the most reliable brands so you can trust this company without any second thought in the mind.
  • You need not stuff the family members as it offers sufficient space to sit and suitable interior heights.
  1. Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon is one of the reliable the motor vehicles for the supply of good or can say the quality services. It offers the comfortable ride with its exciting features.

  • It has excellent interior and exterior, good space and comfortable for long drive.
  • In addition to fuel economy, the car is featured the 5-gearbox.
  • The segment of the car is based upon the C class pillar; hence it is stronger as compared to another model.
  1. Maruti Suzuki Dzire

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Maruti Suzuki Dzire is one of the best compact size sedans. It is a wonderful car offering the exciting features that offer the customer the safe and comfortable ride.

  • Its do not create any cabin noise so one can enjoy a comfortable and lavish drive with this car on the bumpy road.
  • It has plentiful good features such as paddle shift, automatic headlight off and on, better-quality audio and voice system and many more.
  • It provides the customer with great color choice, as varieties of colors are available

The mentioned above are the top 10 automatic cars that will make your life full of ease and full of comfort. Automatic transmission cars is surely a gift for those who want to learn how to drive. Also knowing to operate the gear stick can be extremely difficult for slow learner, as automatic car require the less skill to operate the manual car.


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