Top 7 Hybrids/Electric Cars Of 2018

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Cars have always been important in a person life, as the car reflects the standard of a person in front of others. Today everyone wishes to have the car with all the latest feature and equipment that would be different from others. The most trending cars today have been hybrid/electric cars. These types of cars are quite efficient and cost-effective too, as well they are also fuel-efficient. A person would have always loved to own these types of cars as they impart a good impression on other people. People use the car for years and always goes for the cars with all the latest and updated specifications.

 A car with all the latest specifications always results in the beneficial deal for the people as it might be a future car also. There are various varieties of cars that have been introduced by the manufacturers every year. Cars manufacturers always try to launch something new and effective and result out with some of the amazing features provided by them. These hybrid or electric vehicles are available in wide variety of range and with some different specifications provided in them.

Here are top 7 hybrids/electric cars of 2018

Volkswagen Golf GTE

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This car is provided which a sporty look which is mirroring its other siblings GTD and GTI respectively. It also has 201bhp on offer which is merely packed as a decent punch to live upon the bloodline provided. The electric motor that is present in the car is quite powerful and easily makes zero-emission motoring of the car. This car may be not found as much enthralling as the GTI is found to be. The combination of both the motors makes it more useful, fairly-fine handle and quick enough for the use. This car is perfect to start with as a hatchback and gets one of the best hybrid cars.


BMW i3 Range Extender

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This car is the first electric car and second extended hybrid car which provides a distinctive look to the people for their use. This car is among the special purpose built that provides a feel of urban EV and excels in the city. This car range of two cylinders and petrol engine does not enhance any of the power when the car is running, but it cans double its operational range. This car provides a suave interior and a live performance, and it is expensive related to other standard cars. This car gives a feel of future motoring and a surprisingly small and imaginative package which one can easily go for.


Ford Mondeo Hybrid

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This is among one of the best fourth generation cars which gives a look that is more striking than others. This car also provides a more impressive interior than compared to the previous editions of the same manufacturer. Although this hybrid version is only available in the saloon form. It moves out a nonsubstantial 184bhp and still remains among the competent cars subsequently and dynamically. This car only dips below 100 g/km bar and becomes a beneficial deal for the people. Hence this car is ranked amongst the top cars of 2018.

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Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

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This car manufacturer Hyundai firstly stepped in the electrification, and the whole world saw a trio of cars presented by them as plug-in-hybrid, hybrid and electric only. These cars presented by them become one of the most pretty and stylish one cars in 2018. This car was quite practical, economical and cost-effective and these qualities soon gained the encouragement of the people. If a person wants compelling drive from the car, then they should go for another one as this car Ioniq is ordinarily fair. This car is been passed through several tests and declared as one of the best hybrid cars presented by the best manufacturers.


Toyota Prius

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This is the only car which is known as the granddaddy of the hybrids. Toyota typically was developed in the year 1997 with the fourth-generation models. The latest and the new model I manufactured by Toyota with new specifications and on new platforms. This car pull-off 1.8-litre petrol engine provides much efficiency and performance which has been improved. Overall this car has been become much usual than before and genuinely economical among them all. It is normal to drive, and this point has become one of the greatest assets of the car.


Toyota Auris Hybrid

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This hybrid model manufactured by Toyota use the similar powertrain that has been used to build the Prius version. This version of the hatchback manufactured is competent enough, and its electric powertrain adds a dynamic appeal to the hatchback category created by Toyota. Toyota typically does not come in the top list of hatchback segment, but this model manufactured by them is considered among the best hybrid cars that one can go for.

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Mini Countryman Cooper S E All4

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This manufacturer is among the maturing manufacturers who are on the way to become a brand. The countryman is more practical as a second generation car manufactured by them. The company has been more grown-up and has been available as an excellent hybrid for the people. It is just like all the mini cars and remains more desirable and has more characteristics for the better use. The manufactures provided a design which provides more space for luggage and to passengers also. This hybrid model manufactured by mini countryman only comes with the four-wheel drive and provides a small path to the small indefinite quantity of the off-road ability of the car.



The above mentioned are the top 7 hybrids/electric car of 2018 which consist of some of the best specifications for the people to use. The information provided above might help you to find an ideal hybrid car for you easily with all the latest and best specifications that one would wish for. Nowadays, people love to travel and explore different places these cars will make their trip quite an amazing and memorable one.


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