Top 7 Cars Which Can Be Bought Under 3 Lakhs For Small Families

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Cars under 3 Lakhs

If you are a car enthusiast, then there is good news for you. You can get highly alluring cars not by spending the bomb, but with only a pinch of money. One of the largest selling segments is comprised of various attracting cars. If you are perplexed at the situation to buy the best car under 3 lakhs for a small family, then you should first check the features and specifications of the car. Get the pocket-friendly cars for your family without hurting someone.

So, plan beautiful journeys for your family by getting the best car that can be driven smoothly both on the highways as well as on the poorly maintained roads. There is nothing to worry about while choosing one because the list of pocket-friendly cars is mentioned below. You cannot change your car routinely, so choose the best car so that you can keep yourself away from any type of regrets. Scroll down to have a look at the cars under this price segment.

  1. Alto 800

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India’s best selling car is not dependent on any type of introduction as it is capable of defining its importance itself. With the launch in 2012, Alto 800 has gained huge popularity among Indians. This car has offered the best possible replacement for Maruti 800 as it is compatible to get the desires fulfilled.

The refreshed and pleasant look of the car magnetizes the buyers along with having an affordable price of 2.59 lakh rupees. The car has 800cc petrol engine which provides 24.7 kmpl fuel economy or can say the mileage. Alto 8 can run 33.44 km per kg while using CNG as fuel. The car comes in a huge variety of colors which include Silky Silver, Superior White, Cerulean Blue, Mojito Green, Blazing Red and Granite Grey. This car had driven all the competitor cars under the falling price segment.  After everything, this can be considered the best car for small families.

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  1. Datsun redi-GO

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Datsun redi-GO is the third car which is made by the Japanese automaker company and was launched in the year of 2014. The car is efficient to provide fuel economy of 21.38 kmpl. The maximum torque that can obtain from the car is about 72Nm. In addition to the manual hand brakes, the car serves the buyers with child safety locks at the affordable price of mere 2.5 lakh rupees. With the fuel tank capacity of 28 liters, car registers its name in the list of best car under 3 lakhs which are perfect for small families.

AMT with manual option is perfectly designed for the Indian buyers as it is compatible for all types of road conditions especially maneuvering through potholes and flyovers. It has two variants in its gearboxes as you can choose the best among automatic and the manual one according to your priorities. This 5-seated car is perfect for the smaller families to get the extreme levels of comfort. You will never regret in life after buying it. So, do not wait to grab the deals and get it with full tilt.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Omni

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The cost-efficient car, Maruti Suzuki Omni is capable to provide required comfort for a small family. The safety hacks used in the car to make it worthy of buying. This is the best car that can be purchased under this price segment as it contains each and everything that a simple car should have. The car comes up with having sliding windows inside. The engine of the car is mounted below the front seats and powers the rear wheels of the car.

This 5-seated car has manual steering along with 4-speed gearbox. Omni is available in various different colors such as Peral Blue Baze Metallic, Crystal Gold Metallic, Icy Blue Metallic, Bright Red, Silky Siver Metallic, Superior White and Fantasy Black. Especially, the Silky Silver metallic color is highly fascinating the buyers as people are getting crazy about it. This car is best for a small family to buy only with Rs. 2.89 lakhs which come under lowest price segment. Get the car with full speed ahead.

  1. Bajaj Qute

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It is very nice to see the budget cars giving good mileage and with many more benefits. Small families do not need the sedan cars or hatchbacks, because the need can be accomplished within the short range cars also. With the exciting price of only Rs. 2 lakhs, the car is provided 215cc petrol engine which can reach the highest speed of 70kmph. The car is efficient to provide the mileage of about 36kmpl. The car contains 5-speed sequential gearbox which helps the people to operate the car manually.

BAJAJ has launched this car just to make the car more economical than the conventional auto rickshaws. There is no doubt that the company has managed to reach that level and to complete the expectations and hopes of the buyers in the market. The company is also planning to launch a car with electric vision so that a better future can measure the paths. Anyways, it does not have any combatant till now so get the car in full swing.

  1. Tata Nano GenX

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Tata motors are endowing the people with various latest technologies used in their cars. Tata Nano GenX uses petrol as fuel with variants in automatic and manual mode. The fuel economy of 25.35 kmpl. The engine of 624 cc power comes with a great height so makes the seating comfort for the buyers. Along with having 4-speed manual gearboxes, the car provides the affordable price of 2.47 lakhs. The car has a smiley-faced exterior, which magnetizes the buyers to love it.

The car has managed to come with the availability of about 5 seats with the delicate comfort level. Every family will feel blessed to have this car in their house because it serves the people with safe and smooth driving opportunities. You do not even need to worry on the highway driving as it is capable to manage that also. Buy this car with the greatest possible dispatch because prices can rise with demand.

  1. Renault Kwid

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Renault Kwid is an entry-level hatchback offered by Renault, which serves the people with enough space. This car is efficient to provide 91 Nm of torque along with providing a mileage of 25.17 kmpl. By getting launched in 2017, Renault Kwid has surprised the people with the pocket-friendly price of 2.78 lakhs approximately.

The car has gotten sky scraping numbers of buyers for its sale. The car has brought a huge traffic of buyers as it has provided a lavish feel to the people so the reviews are helping the company to seek their growth. A small family can feel the high-level comfort in the rear seats of the car and from the boot space provided in it because it serves the people with enough space to pack the luggage. Get it as soon as possible. you can purchase car under 3 lakhs.

  1. Zen Estilo; Base Model: 2.95 Lakhs

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The new Zen Estilo hit the streets in India by supplanting the decade-old Maruti Suzuki Zen with an upscale large inside and an intense motor. The combination of style and urban chic guzzles a forcing feel with an extravagant belt. This stylish and savvy auto is based on a Monoform Aerodynamic plan that enables it to slice through air current. Accessible variations incorporate the LX, LXi, and VXi. An ergonomic inside is combined with an exceedingly capable cooling framework, front and back seat flexible head limitations, and a front seat back pocket for included solace.

Refer the aforementioned cars if you want to please your family by providing comfort to them just in a pinch of money. Get the best car under 3 lakhs and accomplish your needs this way. Get the car with full throttle before any rise in prices.


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