8 Most Stunning Mehndi Tattoo Designs To Try In 2018


India is the country where people respect the traditions and cultures. To enjoy the different festivals, almost every Indian woman wears incredible Mehndi designs to add the charm to their beauty. Nowadays, fashion is catching the next-level steps, and the same can be observed in the case of Mehndi designs too. Due to which people are getting the most benefits of Mehndi to allure the beauty. Women are using the Mehndi designs not only on the hands but various other body parts too.

In today’s world of fashion, most of the people do not go for a tattoo as you cannot remove them quickly. But, if you are also in the same run, then you can follow your passion by the mehndi tattoo designs which can get vanish with time and apart from that, you will not get any pain by these. If you are thinking to choose the perfect one for you, then you must have a look at the following designs.


  1. Amazing Flowers Tattoo

Most of the women prefer flowers tattoo, as these tattoo designs endow them with the feminine and delicate look. If you want to get the tattoo on your neck or shoulder, then the floral patterns are the best to choose.

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  1. Sun, Stars Or Moon Tattoo

The tattoo designs have sun, moon or stars are getting famous rapidly. Every girl wants to look cute and adorable, and these tattoo designs are perfect to allure their beauty. Apart from that, they do not need to visit any professionals to get these designs as these are not much difficult to carve.

  1. Breathtaking Art Tattoo

If you are visiting a professional to get the Mehndi tattoo of her choice, then she can use her talent of art to embed stars on your beauty. These types of tattoo designs can be chosen according to the body part on which you want to get the carving.


  1. Mind-Blowing Swirly Tattoo

Most of the girls or women use the swirly tattoo designs either for their hands or feet. The reason is that these designs do not cover the whole part entirely whereas these types of designs contain too much of barren spaces in between.

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  1. Incredible Arabic Tattoo

If you want to get the tattoo on your back or belly, shoulder or arms, then choose Arabic tattoo designs to define your look. Go to a professional designer and flaunt your beauty.

  1. Melody Tattoo

Melody tattoo designs are not much complicated to draw, whereas you can carve these tattoo designs very quickly. So, if you want to emphasize the beauty of your ankles, legs or neck, then you must get this tattoo done.

  1. Infinity Symbol Tattoo

The infinity symbol is only of the most classy tattoo designs, which can emphasize the beauty of every woman. So, try to get this tattoo especially if you usually wear western dresses. Otherwise, it can also go well with the traditional too.

  1. Naming tattoo

The best tattoo to carve on your body is the body is the name of your lover. The naming symbol can assist you in flaunting the love to your loved ones, so you can also get this one if you are on the same page.

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These Mehndi tattoo designs are unique and do not follow the old traditional circle designs. Thus, one can say that if a woman wants to allure her body with Mehndi, then these designs can act as the most ravishing options to opt. These designs have the efficiency to add the charm to your body. So, do not go back to the past and follow the trend to use the Mehndi designs as a tattoo too. Try these designs if you want to flaunt your body parts on the upcoming series of festivals. Add some fashion to the culture to enjoy it at the most.


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