Top 7 Gadgets of 2018

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Gadgets have always been an important part of our everyday life. They play an important role in a person life. With the development of time, people and technologies the gadgets have also been developed a lot. As time is going on more and more gadgets, have been getting invented to make the life of people easier and develop them. Gadgets have become an important part of fashion, lifestyle, and standard. The gadgets version and model directly impacts the first impression of a person on another. Every year some new gadgets are launched with new and advanced specifications from last time, and this is being carried on from years.

A person needs to be updated about the latest gadgets and their specifications that are on trend in the market. Gadgets are important to a person as they make their life much easier and convenient. Gadget word is typically originated from a French word named Gazette. God has gifted our life, water, air and food to live our life easier and technology has gifted us gadgets such as televisions, mobile phones, Laptops, ACs, refrigerators to make life more convenient. Everything comes with advantages and disadvantages, but gadgets have more no. of advantages than disadvantages. Here are 7 top gadgets of 2018:


Samsung Galaxy S9

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Samsung had a whiz-bang of 2017, thanks to Galaxy S8 range with the successful establishment of its Galaxy Note 8 phablet. The Korean enterprise is expected to launch its substitute this year in the mode of the Galaxy S9. And to keep away the likes of the iPhone X and Pixel 2 from tieng-down all the eye of public, Samsung is expected to come up with its game with next flagship.

Oculus Go

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It is Facebook trial to come into mainstream VR. The Oculus gap couldn’t penetrate in the market mainstream because of its expensive price tags and other low points. But this gadget can change all that when it launches early this year with its cheap $199 price tag. It is much easy to set up, lightweight, and do not require a PC or smartphone to run.

Google Home Max

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Google proclaimed its Home Max speaker during the Pixel event in answer to Apple’s launched Homepod. This smart speaker is a bigger version of the Home Mini and provides much –improved capabilities of audio to meet the needs of hard-core audiophiles. For case, it comes with an input of AUX so that its users can connect their stereo system with the device. It also provides a smart audio optimization dimension that itself reconcile depending on sound on the room’s surroundings. Besides, it also allows pairing between two Google Home Max speakers for an excellent audio experience, which can move out something kindred to Sonos Play 3 speakers.

Samsung Galaxy X

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It expects the handset could finally make its debut in 2018. Sources recommend that the smartphone will be called the Galaxy X, and it can fold out into a bigger tablet. Also, it could contour a hinge in the center that makes it foldable and let users connect with two OLED screams at the same time.

The Galaxy X is said to feature a 4K Super AMOLED display with the resolution of (2160 x 3840). It is known that the device will be specified by a 6GB RAM. The size of the screen can be somewhere around 5.5 to 5.7 inches. It can come packed with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor, or Samsung can also use its inbuilt Exynos processor.

Fitbit Ionic

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The company claims that their made Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is their first ever smartwatch designed entirely by the company. The smartwatch’s main specification includes 4 plus days of battery life, On-watch personal training, GPS, contactless payments, 50 meters water resistance, improved heart rate tracking, as well as music storage option also provided.

The smartwatch comes with pre-installed apps from Starbucks, Strava, Pandora and AccuWeather. Expert assumes Fitbit Ionic to give the similarity of Apple Watch 3.


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The manufacturer usually changes its G-lineup every year, and it is expected the LG G7 for coming in 2018. Not much is known about the gadget now, though, what is known is that LG is efforting to get Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon 845 processor as its next flagship. Also, said that the LG G7 would reclaim an OLED display, just like the recently LG V30. This handset is also known to come inserted with a dual-lens front camera setup.


Apple Homepod

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It has been seen that many companies were launching smart speakers in 2017, and they’re assumpted to get all guns on fire in 2018. Earlier it was just Amazon and Google, and now, Apple makes its debut in this category of hot products with its Siri-powered Homepod smart speaker.

The Homepod is not just a smart speaker, but it is also a speaker specially designed for audiophiles for taking the sounds likes of Google HomeMax and Sonos. The Homepod comes in store shelves in December 2017, and it is known to be one of the most famous products in 2018.


The top 7 gadgets will be quite useful for a person. The information will help them to choose between similar products.


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