The CouchTuner and Its Alternatives Websites

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The trend of online streaming is on a hike these days. The reason being the prevalence of virtual streaming of famous theme based shows and thousands of movies from all time era. As per recent research more than 50 percent of people in USA love to watch shows and movies online. People are realizing that it is a more convenient way of spending time on recreation. The traditional TV style is somehow less favorable as the scope of a wide variety of programs, movies and documentaries are less. Talking about online streaming, we can watch and enjoy it at any moment of time anywhere.

Numerous websites are giving huge channels for online broadcasting and downloading. The next focus area for it is the quality of the service which these websites are offering. Everyone nowadays is crazy for excellent picture quality, and the craving for high definition picture quality let them search for an ideal site proving all in one benefit for users worldwide. People are more focused about selecting that website which is fulfilling their demand for own liking shows and keeping them safe for the future. Another focal point is the versatility of the site. The website must be something which can be assessable anywhere. One can judge the compatibility of the website by way of occurrence in different devices like as mobile applications with Android and iOS compatibility, desktop and other technological gadgets.

One such website is CouchTuner gathering large audience day by day with some exclusive features. It works brilliantly and seamlessly so that users can have the best quality experience. There are ample facilities that CouchTuner is capable of giving. Below are some of the characteristic features of CouchTuner.

What CouchTuner Brings for You?

Source: Google
  • Nil Cost Service:

CouchTuner is working successfully for eight years and has gathered a considerable crowd base in America. People love the quality of broadcasting the shows which is absolutely free of cost. The service of the website is for all TV shows that you watch on Television.

  • High- Definition Service:

You can make your video watching experience more relaxing one by letting it merged with high tech HD online streaming. CouchTuner is the leading platform for providing the highest quality HD videos.

How does it Work?

To access the unlimited entertainment, you need to do nothing but opening the CouchTuner and start watching your favorite HD videos. You don’t need to make an account or register yourself as the facilities are pirated one. The platform is full of high definition quality movies, TV shows, and reality programs. One can easily conclude that the CouchTuner is the most users friendly and the best option for you to explore. It is compatible with the web browser and also as mobile applications.

Constituent Features of CouchTuner:

  • It is an endpoint destination for users looking for a complete HD package with the least possible vulnerabilities. The thing which needs to get clear is that CouchTuner brings pirated services as TV shows which you are watching here starts and ends on time.
  • The best part is you can watch it anytime anywhere on your mobile or laptop. You will be glad to know that the high definition video comes with seamless and no buffering space.
  • Looking precisely at the website content, the videos on CouchTuner are HD and people can see different third-party videos too as the website is not legal and uses the links of other sites.
  • The video’s content available here is only watchable one as you are unable to download the videos due to piracy issues. But the best part is watching videos are joyous one due to seamless and no buffering shows watching experience.
  • CouchTuner makes you connected with other websites too. Here you can see any type of favorite program with massive collections of TV shows streaming at your hand.

Is CouchTuner a secure Network?

It is very significant to analyze as if the network you are accessing is safe one or not. The security of a website is a major concern these days due to the prevalence of online threats and hacking.

  • CouchTuner provides usage of external links and online advertisement as the website is not original. You must be alert to fraud advertisement while using the CouchTuner. The malware advertisement if accessed will harm your data and privacy.

Review of CouchTuner:

  • Overall, the performance of CouchTuner is up to the mark, and you can rely on its working for getting an excellent video streaming experience. You can take the adequate experience of watching HD videos, movies, shows and game surfing without any hassle.
  • The website is user friendly, and one can access it without any online hurdles with a high quality of content. You can watch the preferable Television program, reality show at any place. It is not necessary now to sit at home and watch on time Television.
  • Either you are out for some work or waiting a long time for someone, just view the app of CouchTuner on your mobile and refresh yourself. The app is sufficient to give you the best online video watching experience.

CouchTuner Alternatives

Couchtuner Alternative Website Name

As if the website is popular means of online user’s entertainment, but if you wish to see few other substitutions with almost same features and authenticity of the Video content, you can choose one from the below-mentioned list of websites which are equally able to provide you effortless online streaming.

  1. Hullu:

The American media service company is providing substantial scale benefits to people looking for best video service. It offers all-around TV service at a single platform. Hullu is available in English and Japanese language with ownership as per the country standards. So people of the United States and Japan with its territories can take the delightful experience of the quality content. The company has tie-ups with various Television content partners and broadcasters. It shows past and current TV shows and live streaming to the general public.

Types of Service Provided by Hullu:

Two kinds of service are available for users to want to have the best quality experience of video watching.

  • The free service gives the users access to limited content and TV shows. You can only watch on the website with PC mode and desktop compatibility.
  • In case of valid subscription, you can access unlimited video content. The paid subscription has other benefits too like you can watch the programmes on PC compatible mode and also as a mobile application. It widens the scope as you can watch it anytime and anywhere without any infrastructural constraints with easy handling.
  • Furthermore, there is an option for users to choose between advertisement enhanced services or without any ads service.

Products offered:

  • The significant stake of Walt Disney in the company is offering three kinds of products the netizens. The first one is streaming media. Other two services are a video on demand and TV on demand.
  • Streaming media is the delivery method of providing consistent streaming of the show or event. The other products are related as per the user’s demand for specific media and shows.

What are the services provided by Hullu?

  • The foremost service is related to the telecasting of current TV shows and also their past episodes which is the most flexible service for people who don’t want to miss a single episode.
  • The company is also giving services to provide gaming, software, and other videos facility.
  • There are also links to syndicate content with other websites.
  1. ALLUC:

The platform is specialist in providing the user’s video streaming links. It is also capable of delivering downloading links to people who want to save the content for future watching.

How does it work?

  • The way it works is too simple to realize. It takes research from the software and makes all the available links for downloading, viewing instantly available on the single web page of Alluc. The user can access any link he or she wishes to use.
  • It gives the latest search which people are searching which is a significant benefit for online surfing users.

The Scope of Search:

There is a broad scope of getting desirable results as per the search text. You can do search varied things like videos, TV shows, reality shows, movies, anime, and cartoon animated videos. The content linkage of Alluc is with different broadcasters like Dailymotion, Veoh, YouTube and many more.

  1. Putlocker:

The website is a web hosting site providing seamless access to latest videos and movies without much hindrance, as similar to CouchTuner. People are looking for getting an experience of online movies, and TV shows watching can choose this option.


  • The website interface is user friendly, and you can access different options for taking the best streaming.
  • On the left side of the website, there is an option of nigh mode. You can take this option while watching TV series and reality shows at night giving you proper feel of video watching.
  • You can also look at what other users are watching at the most viewed section and can enhance your streaming skills.

 Is it safe?

A website is currently facing some piracy issues as multiple copies of the website are reported. As there are some issues regarding the reliability of the website, but you can access the website for efficient video watching experience.


  1. Netflix:

It is US-based media service giver providing various live streaming services to a wide platform. The popularity of this portal is steadily increasing day by day which leads to a gradual increase in the number of subscribers to the website.

The Primary Service:

The predominant feature of online streaming is enrolling users in subscription-based services which gives ample scope for live video watching, movies, TV shows and a lot more.

Area of Occurrence:

The website is legally available all over the world except in certain countries like Crimea, North Korea, Mainland China, and Syria.


  • The website provides you free of cost one-month subscription.
  • The paid subscription is wonderful and worth. You will get elaborate access to movies, TV and reality shows, and much other video content.
  • The best feature of the website is their own production based content known as Netflix Originals. The company has expanded the Netflix original content as users like the theme based videos and documentaries. Netflix has produced numerous programs more than that of cable and other TV networks.


Taking all things into consideration, Netflix can be the one-stop solution for users who want to take splendid virtual media experience. You can opt for different services of Netflix if you are online video lover. It can be the best experience as they are also providing original and reliable content worldwide for user’s entertainment.


  1. 123 Movies:

The website is the one-stop solution for online users in the desire of rich streaming experience. The website is flooded with spectacular video movies content. Users can watch movies of any type online and also there are no charges for the same.


The website is available in various countries like USA, France, Germany, China, India, UK, Europe, Japan, and Australia. People of these are legally permissible to watch movies free of cost.


  • The genre of movies available for your entertainment is so many that you would find it difficult to access which type of movie to watch. These are action, biographies, documentaries, Comedy, drama, historical, romance, warlike and many more.
  • You can also access the website for watching old and new TV series. The web page has various options to choose for your TV series Desire.
  • There are other options too like the list of top 100 most popular movies. You can select anyone from the list. The list is arranged in alphabetic order for your convenience.


123 Movies portal is capable of providing not only the quality of movies content but also popular TV series which can be your best past time activity.


  1. MegaMovies:

The website is the perfect destination for people looking for downloading movies and streaming too. It offers a different genre of movies which users can access right from their PCs. All the facilities are available without any intention of making a private account.


  • There is a search bar to find the movie you are interested in to watch.
  • As there are thousands of movies available to watch, one can also use the genre-based search to know particularly about what you are looking at.
  • You also have the option for downloading latest on theatre movies.
  • There are multiple links available for users with a specified format while downloading. You can choose one of them as per the requirement of your window operating system.
  • The website service providers do weekly updates so that you can get the best HD video streaming with the latest movies on your homepage.
  • You can also download specific TV shows and reality series.


MegaMovies is a unique platform for online users as it is providing multiple benefits to people for comfortable movie watching experience. The website is foresighted to grow on fast pace due to wide popularity. It takes into consideration the copyright breaching issues seriously and always work to make the video available for users. It also considers the demand of the general public about what to show.


  1. Sony Crackle:

It is the entertainment-based company and one of the subsidiaries of Sony Pictures. The main focus of the website to provide online advertisement based video streaming content. At somewhere website is similar to Netflix providing both original Sony production content and also from other production enterprises.

Serving Area:

The functionality of the website is available on limited areas of United States only. These are North America, Central America, and South America. Overall, it is covering 21 countries throughout the continent. The languages in which it is available are English, Portuguese and Spanish.


  • Sony Crackle refreshes the content and keeps you updated with latest movies and shows.
  • It is free of cost to register you on Sony Crackle. The TV shows and originals are available; those are also with nil charge.
  • The type of content one can watch here is limited to movies, shows, and originals from Sony Crackle.
  • It is compatible with multiple devices and gadgets like PCS, Smart Phones, Smart Television, Gaming Players and others.


As if the online service it provides you is along with advertisement, but the extent of ads on it are less than the traditional TV ads and other platforms. It is the best option for users who are new in the field of online streaming and want to kick start from traditional TV style of watching.


  1. Movie Watcher:

The website is giving you wide choice to rely on for efficient streaming process. You can access the latest movies and Television series free of cost. They will charge nothing but what you need to do is register yourself and instantly enjoy the unlimited video content.


  • The most spectacular feature of this website is that it has mentioned the movies year wise. You can click on the year of release of your favorite film and make it very easy for you to search.
  • With the option of both downloading and online watching, you can use it as an intermediatory website to keep to linked with an authentic source.


It is legal to use the website as it provides the external links to watch videos and movies. It only relies on a legitimate source to let it available at their space. SO you need not worry about the authenticity of it. You can quickly start watching your favorite shows and best movies with good quality.


  1. Movie HD:

Movie HD application is getting popular nowadays so that you can have the best quality experience of online streaming. The app is powerful media service provider. It is providing all the hidden features free of any charge. Make registration with necessary details to unfold the exclusiveness of this app.

Basic Features:

  • The application enables you to download the TV series and all your favorite movies without any external difficulties.
  • The interface is user-friendly, and you would see four options of Movie, TV shows, Downloads, and favorites.
  • You can also rate the episodes and watched movies for feedback purposes.
  • The quality of the content varies as per your requirements and the internet space. There are three options for you namely, 360p, 720p, and 1080p.

Mode of Accessibility:

You can use the app for Android supported systems and also you can connect it to your Television with Google Chromecast.


The application is reliable to use, and easy handling interface makes it famous among online movie watchers. However, it takes time to update new content on the website. Also, in case you want to watch videos in High Definition quality, at 1080p it will let your video on the buffering zone.


  1. Philo:

Philo is a San Francisco best internet entertainment provider giving video content of high quality. Once you register in it, you can access to the free trial of 7 days after that to watch on it, and you need to take the paid subscription.


  • The channel focuses on entertainment and lifestyle related shows.
  • It provides one of the cheapest live streaming services with comprehensive streaming support.
  • The website also provides exclusive DVR facilities. One can save any show and also view that one for 30 days period.
  • The application is compatible with PCs and Mac devices. Also, if you are using Apple devices or Amazon Fire TV, you can access it.


Overall the application is adequate for people looking for numerous channels availability. You can also cancel the subscription if you don’t want to take the service at any time. However, if you are interested in watching sports related channels then the platform is not for those as sports channels are unavailable.

CouchTuner can be a good option for users to enhance their video watching experience. Also, as you have seen all the outcomes and also the limitation of the other particular video streaming websites, now you can relate all the aspects for making an appropriate comparison about which web portal to choose.


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