7 Men Fashion Trends Which Never Get Old


From the ancient times, humans had changed their lifestyles with the change of culture and society. Fashion has always been an essential part of human culture. The history of fashion has been fascinating and complicated. The fashion has concerned with our dressing style, hairstyle and footwear and other wearable items also. Fashion trends had been changing with the change of thinking and modification of our thoughts.

The woman has always been in touch with the trend to get modified and attractive appearance. Not only with dressing and hairstyles, but they have also embraced nail arts, tattoos, and cosmetics to look more attractive and appeared.

Likely woman, Men are also in the same queue of fashion, they had always tried new fashion trends to look attractive and moderate. Styles like, dresses, shoes, wrist watches, hairstyles, and mustaches are the listed fashion trends which men are keeping forward. The latest fashion launchings are very attractive and less costly. So, it is effortless for us to achieve these things in our regular life.

There are some fashions which had been in trend yester-decades and also moving in present time. Our article will introduce you to the old styles which are still in the trend and running successfully.

Western Coat Suit

Western coat suit is a traditional formal dress which we generally use for official purposes. The history of coat suit has come from the culture of the west. Coat suit has been in use from many decades, and these are also in use presently and running more than the old times. It is a three piece suit which includes a Formal pant shirt and a coat mainly, which can be selected in the range of colors.

Matching necktie, bow tie, pocket square and formal shoes are the addable wears to make it more attractive. Instead of official purpose, these are coming in the trend of wearing them on occasions and functions. Coat suits are being the status symbol for people. The person wearing a coat suit is considered standardized and classic. Fashion designers are modifying and making it more attractive and fashionable. So, it obvious, the trend of western coat suit can never be eliminated.


Necktie And Bow Tie

Necktie and bow tie are the part of formal dress codes. These are being in use from the last decades to wear with a suit and formal dress. These are the added wears which can be added in the dress to raise the standard level of the person. The necktie can be best suited with the coat suit, and it looks better only with formal dresses. Bowtie is flower-shaped wear which can be worn with the collared shirt just. Bowtie comes tight and fit inside the collar, and the flower comes on the front if the neck and it looks very nice. These are the added wears which are being in regular use with suits, the person wearing necktie or bow time seems reasonable and fresh.

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Plain Shirt

The plain shirt is formal wear which is the significant part of the formal dressing. Plains shirt has been the center of attraction from all times, and also in the top queue of present fashion trends. Generally, the plain shirts were made to use for the official and work purpose. The plain shirt is a single colored shirt which can be worn with formal trousers as well as jeans. White, black and grey shaded shirts can be matched with any colored trouser.


There are lots of accessories that men have been wearing to look attractive. The wristwatch has been in the trend from the times it comes into use. These have been the center of attraction for both men and woman. Most of the gadgets run out of time, but this has been in trend from all time. They were made of chains and metal materials in the last decades. But now, these are being made of plastics, rubber, and synthetic materials. Makers are adding more features and designs to make them attractive and heart touching. Most of the people are using this gadget, so it is expected that the fashion on wrist watches can never be ended.

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Leather Shoes

The shoe has been a significant part of our dressing. Especially, leather shoes are the worth expenditure of all time. From last some decade, leather shoes are being used to wear with formals and coat suit.  Before buying a pair of leather shoes, one should investigate the quality. The leather shoes you are buying should be waterproof. Wearing leather shoes with jeans and a three-piece suit can be comfortable and can add glam to your appearance.


Body tattoos have been in the trend of men’s fashion from all time. With the change of time, the shapes and designs of have been changed. Making tattoos varies with the mentality of people, some people love to make tattoos on some significant parts of the body, on the other hand, some people love full body tattoos. Making tattoos on the body has been very painful in yester-decades, but now, with the change of technology creating a tattoo is being straightforward and painless. New designs and colors are also introduced for men, which have the potential to make the men look attractive. Most of the tattoos remain permanent on the body. But, you do not need to worry about being out of fashion while making a tattoo. Because the trend of tattoos is stable for decades and it will stay forever.

Long Coats

Long coats had been in the trend from last decades. These were being worn by the high-class people to shoe their standard and class. These coats are made of khadi-material which is best in quality and costly also. But now, these coats are being the choice of ordinary people. The person wearing a long coat looks essential and handsome. The long coat comes in trend in winter seasons because these are warm.

These are some of the fashion trends which have been at the top of the fashion industry from all time. You can adopt these fashion trends without agitation of being old-fashioned. We hope our article will prove helpful to you.


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