Using The Bottle To Feed Milk – Sensible Or Not?


How to Bottle Feed a Baby

Bottle feeding is an alternate method of breastfeeding and it is preferred by working mothers. Brest feeding is idle food for the newborn baby as it offers essential nutrient to the baby. Bottle feeding has many advantages and disadvantages over breastfeeding. Bottle feeding should be avoided as much as possible as it has many side effects such as a weak immune system, allergy and many more.

Everyone knows that breastfeeding is very beneficial for an infant for the first six months. But in cases such as working mother bottle feeding can be acceptable, but limit the used bottle as much as you can. It is totally a mother’s decision whether she wants breastfeeding or bottle feeding. The mentioned below are the advantages and disadvantages of bottle feeding.


  • Anyone can feed the baby

Bottle feeding is beneficial for working mother, as they are busy in office routine. Simply one should be there to care for the baby say, nanny, dad or any sibling. By using bottle feeding, they can provide the essential nutrients to the baby in the absence of the mother. In the case of working women, bottle feeding can be a better option.

  • Always available

Bottle feeding is beneficial for the women who do not have enough breast milk. Apart from convenience, it is available in the supermarket and tastes the same as that of breast milk. In such cases, we can consider bottle feeding as better options.

  • Convenient to Prepare

Sometimes the mother finds breastfeeding uncomfortable and painful, at that time bottle feeding can be done to provide the essential nutrients. It is easy to prepare, just by pouring water into the bottle and add the formulated milk. Shake it well and feed to the baby.

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  • Nutrition

For the first six-month infant should be fed through the breast, as formulated milk do not have essential nutrients. Bottle feeding may cause an allergic reaction and stop the development of the immune system. Poor preparation of milk accumulates bacteria and causes diseases to the baby

  • Cause Allergic Reaction

Bottle feeding causes allergic reaction, obesity, and diabetes in later life. The study had proven that breastfeeding improves the digestion system of the baby. On the other hand bottle feeding affect the stomach bacteria, which is important for digestion and causes the milk to convert into solid food.

  • Indigestion

Bottle feeding causes gas and indigestion problem in infants. In some cases,  these problems are so serious that it cannot be treated. So, on should avoid the use of bottle feeding as much as possible.

  • Expensive

Bottle feeding is expensive than breastfeeding. Apart from the formulated milk, you need to invest in the bottle. You need to keep a bottle clean and maintain to keep your baby healthy. Sterilize the bottle and keep them aside safely.

  • Brand deciding

Most of the parents get inspired from the hospital serving formulated milk. But is not always that they are serving the quality milk. Sometime it may be a marketing strategy that a company sells milk at a low price. Always go for the trusted brand before choosing formulated milk.

Bottle feeding can be beneficial in some cases such as working women or those who have insufficient breast milk. But bottle feeding should be avoided as much as it can, as it causes allergic reactions and digestion problems to the baby. Breastfeeding is an efficient way to feed the baby as it provides proper nutrients to the baby and helps in overall development of the baby.


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