The Racing Stud-KTM Duke 790 Is Getting Ready For A Ride

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Looking ahead, the year 2019 is going to be very exciting for bikers. There are some fantastic motorbikes which are awaited to be launch in next year. With the of upcoming bike models, among these, there are some street and dirt bikes as well. The bikes with bigger displacement power and massive bodies are getting their presence in the market.

The KTM Duke series has become popular in Indian Motorbike Industry in a short period. It has given economy and challenge to Indian motorbike companies to run through the latest designs and models.

With the flattering dates on the calendar, the company is launching new models and designs of motorbikes to achieve a high position in the Indian motorbike world. Now, the KTM is coming up with the launch of its premium featured, street fighter and naked sports bike KTM Duke 790. This super-special was showcased in November 2017 in EICMA. The KTM Duke 790 will be the latest model in the series of KTM Duke.

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Introduction To Design

This is the futuristic styling bike with extremely aggressive nature which has always been short in size.  The minimalist panel is being used for body and a short wheelbase id added to make it complete street fighting bike. The company has claimed that KTM 790 will be having best engine in this category and the technology used in the engine is revolutionary. So, it is expected the KTM 790 will be delivering the best fuel economy, power and torque to make this bike more comfortable and reliable.

The flat headlight with an aggressive face will fill more spirit in the heart and soul of its rider. This bike will get superior handling as compared to its younger version Duke 690. This aggressive street bike will get the unique identifier in the same levelled segment sports bikes. It will be more intrusting for us to let you introduce with the thrilling KTM Duke 790.

Source: maxabout

Engine and Transmission

KTM Duke 790 is a Twin-cylinder motorbike with the displacement power of 800cc which will make the other brands feeling shy concerning engine performance coming in the same segment. This bike will achieve four-stroke, liquid cooled, DOHC engine which has the potential to produce the maximum power of 105HP at 9000RPM at peak torque of 86NM at 8000RPM. A six-speed manual transmission system is mated it power very frequently with quick shifting technology.

A PASC slipper clutch is added to prevent destabilising rear wheel chattering while de-accelerating or braking sharply with minimal efforts. This super-powered twin cylinder engine can reach up to the top speed of 250kmph. The fuel-mileage of every vehicle depends upon the driving condition and also the condition of the road, it is expected that this massive machine will provide the best fuel mileage in between 22-27kmpl.

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Suspension, Wheel Travel, And Brake

The suspension is the most significant part of sports or a dirt bike. This 800cc super stud will need the higher handling of suspension to achieve the expectations of its riders. The company have added 43mm telescopic suspension in the front and WP mono-shock suspension in the rear for the better riding experience for both on-road and off-road drives. The travel of both front and rear wheel will be 140mm and 150mm respectively.

While coming through braking, this high powered bike will need the high braking impact for instant braking and stunting experience. So, this bike is added with the300mm dual-disc brakes in the front and 240mm single disc brake in the rear wheel. Both brakes are equipped with standard dual channel Anti-lock braking system.

Source: maxabout


  • GPS navigation.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Traction controls.
  • Multi-riding modes.
  • Gear shift indicator.
  • Clock and RPM display.
  • Anti-lock braking system.
  • Ground clearance of 186mm.
  • LED headlights and tail lights.
  • Low oil and battery indicator.
  • Digital speedometer and tachometer.
  • Wider Dual purpose tyres for excessive grip.


Safety Specialties

This streetfighter will get the anti-lock braking system to give he more safety to both driver and pillion. The suspension has also added with high durability for offering more protection from jumps and shocks coming in off-road driving mode. Both front and rear brakes are combined to provide better control and handling while on-terrain off-terrain riding.

A wide handlebar made of aluminium is comfortable enough to put the ride in full control. The casted footpegs are mounted to give maximum ground clearance which allows the high lean angle while driving. A crash guard plate is added to cover the engine to resist the impact or crash and damage to the engine. These are the features which allow this bike to perform on both on and off-terrain rides with high performance and durability.

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Wheels and Tyres

The alloy wheels are mounted to make it more stylish and attractive. The tubeless tyres are added to provide more stability and grip during off-road driving. The size of both front and rear wheel will be 17 inches, which is short to give a better riding experience for street-level riding. The supermax ST tyres are being used to make the driving experience more thrilling and adventurous.

Source: maxabout

Weight And Dimension

KTM Duke 790 is naked and small sized bike which is made for the adventure and speed loving people. Coming through the aspects, the ground clearance of this bike is 186mm with the wheelbase of 1475mm. Generally, the speedy and sports bikes have heavyweight engines and bodies which reduce the outcome of the engine due to its heavy weight engine and broader body. So, the company has reduced the weight of KTM 790 while minimising the accessories or limiting the weight of the engine. The remaining mass of this super stud is only 169 Kg, which will be having the potential to make it run freely even for the off-road driving modes.


Price And Availability

There are a lot of passionate people who do don’t cares about the cost in front of their passion. This bike is made up for the speed and performance lovers. The price of KTM Duke 790 is not revealed yet in India; it is expected that this bike will be coming in the price range of 7-9Lakh. Many KTM lovers are waiting for the launch of this stud-bike, as per the announcement, it is expected that this bike will be available in the starting of 2019.


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