The New Honda Africa Twin Dct 2018

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New Honda Africa Twin Dct 2018

Honda has arrived in the market with the much awaited off-road superbike New Honda Africa Twin Dct. The style and design of this bike are going to challenge the other companies for a tough competition. This bike is excellent in the manner as well as it is excellent regarding the powerful engine. The engine power of 998cc will make it more powerful for off-road driving.

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This bike will come up in two variants; One is dual-shifting auto clutch transmission and the other stands for manual transmission. The Engine will be equipped with a longer air-box with a lighter balancer shaft, and you can also see a slight revision in power and torque figures. This bike will be available in four riding variants with a 7-stage traction control system. The performance of the engine can be expected from the outstanding features of this superbike.

Design of Honda Africa twin DCT

The Honda Africa twin is a quite eye-catching bike, and this is not going to scream to get attention. This bike looks aggressive and with high spirit in its first look. The design and curves of this bike are amazingly attractive. It brings an all-terrain winner with a gentle pair of clothes, good enough to make it a wise choice for roads.  The bike brings it some good looks for its semi-faired design and golden front telescopic forks, extended for the all-terrain purposes.

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The seats are specially designed for long and fast drives. The seats of this bike are made with brilliant design which will make this bike look more attractive. The company has claimed that this bike can take you up the top speed of 190kmph. The bike can give you the fuel-mileage up to 19kmpl. These features of this bike make it an excellent choice for adventurers and explorers. Maximum controls of this bike are mounted on the dashboard or in the form of switches, to best class comfort to the driver.

Engine specifications

New Honda Africa Twin Dct is a dual-sport motorbike which stands for both on-road an off-road drive. The Company has designed the powerful 998cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled 8-valve parallel twin Uni-cam engine which makes this bike a mighty beast for both on the road and off-road drive. The engine of this ADV superbike can produce the power of 87.16Bhp at 7,500Rpm with a peak torque output of 91.9NM at 6,000Rpm. The six-speed constant mesh manual gearbox should be thanked for its basic variant and six-speed DCT  with automatic off-road and on-road driving modes.

This will also get two channel anti-lock braking system which will make it first choice amongst the adventure lovers. The Company has also updated the exhaust unit and air-box on the bike. This gives the most reliable performance and more pronounced exhaust note.

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Suspension and Brakes

This super bike has made for off-road hard drives. So, the suspension should be much qualified to raise up to its standard. The front suspension of this bike handled by inverted telescopic forks for the front with DF adjustment with 230mm of travel. Coming through the rear suspension, the rear suspension will be loaded with single pro link shock absorber which comes with preload adjuster which as 220mm of travel. The high performing suspension system makes it better for both on-road and off-road drives. The braking of this bike is as fantastic as the design and performance of this bike.

The front brakes on this bike are mounted with two-310mm floating discs, radial calipers hub and 4-piston and sintered pads and the rear brakes are with floating disc type 256mm two-piston caliper and sintered pads. One can enjoy the high speed and safe braking experience with the top qualified suspension and braking system of this superbike. The ABS on this bike is switchable for the rear brakes and comes with hand switched option which will be the best working in the off-road situations and can be easily switched off with a button on the dashboard.

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Wheels and Tyres

The wheels of this bike are made with aluminum rim with wire spokes. The Size of the front-wheel is 21 inches, and the size of rear-wheel is 18 inches. This bike is equipped with Dunlop trial max tyres. The front tyre of this bike sized 90/90-21, and the rear is 150/70-R18, which features best on both on-road and off-road patterns. The tube type tyres of this bike raise the grip and stability for on-road and off-road driving.


Weight and Dimension

New Honda Africa Twin Dct is a large sized bike and is specially made for long and hard drives. The overall length of this bike is 2334mm, the overall height and width of this bike are 1478 and 932mm respectively. This bike has the ground clearance of 250mm, and the height of the seat from the ground is 820mm. The total weight of this bike is about 242kg. This bike is heavy, to reduce the weight of this bike, the company has used the lightweight, it does not affect much of its weight, but a simple change can be imagined.

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Fuel Tank and Fuel Mileage

The fuel Tank of every bike depends upon the fuel-mileage of its engine. As this bike is made for off-road drives, and the fuel-filling station can be out of range in case of off-road trips. Taking this thing on priority the company had made the large fuel tank for this bike. The fuel carrying capacity of its tank is 18.8litres. This bike can ride up to 300km in one time, full-filling of fuel- tank. Using this massive engine, the company has set its fuel mileage to 19kmpl.


Electricals and other Features

This headlamps of this bike include 18W LED for low beam and 17W LED for high beam. The indicator bulbs and tail lamp are also united with LED lights. These lights are good resulting for the people, who have a passion for long distance night drives.  The safety system of this bike consists of HSTC dual-control ABS from which the rear ABS can be switched off when needed. New Honda Africa Twin Dct height of its seat and be adjusted to provide the better experience to the driver.

Service and Spare Availability

This (New Honda Africa Twin Dct) massive machine is engineered to provide fierce competition with other companies which are in the same business. Honda has always served best to its clients. Honda is also assuring its best service and spare availability in all specific stores of Honda bikes. The more attachable accessories can be added to make this more beautiful and stylish.


Color Shades and Price

This bike is vastly made for off-road drives, so this bike should look like a beast. This bike is available in two color shade, the darker rally and digital metallic silver, both shades are designed while caring for its aggressive nature. The top speed you can go on this bike is 190kmph. This price range of this superbike is Rs. 13,30,590 in India.

The company has decided to produce the limited count of this superbike. The looks, features, performance, and durability of this bike make it more attractive and eye-catching. You can consider getting this bike if you are willing to riding in off-areas.


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