Upcoming Two-Wheelers for Ladies 2018-2019

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When it comes to comfort and style, the best thing you can get to suffice it is a branded two-wheeler. The increasing traffic congestion problem has lead to demand elevation in only bikes and two-wheelers in towns and big metropolitan cities. The best thing about buying a two-wheeler is that one can keep moving in any situation with fewer chances of being struck down

The scooter market of India grows imposing volume in the past few decades. New models of the scooters are launched with a high capacity of engines like 100-110 cc. in the upcoming year, the scooters are initiated with the 125 cc engine with new features and concepts. The production is ready to offer the new launches of the scooters that will hit the shelves in next one year. There are some upcoming scooters in India that are launching in the next year.

Two-Wheelers for Ladies 2018-19


1: Hero Duet 125

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Hero Duet 125 launches next year, it comes with metal body with advanced performance and features. This two-wheels will launch in four colors, i.e. red, silver, white, grey and black. The engine has 4-stroke cylinder OHC, and its maximum power is 6 kW per minute. It has automatic clutches and gearbox is the variomatic drive. The first suspension is telescopic, hydraulic shock absorbers and rear suspension is the unit swing with spring loaded hydraulic damper. The battery of this scooter is 12V-4Ah. The expected price of this scooter is 57,000.

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2: Hero Maestro Edge 125

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Hero Maestro Edge 125 launches with new look and design. The wheels of this scooter are large with alloy. The seat size of this scooter is large which gives a comfortable ride. For tall people this scooter is comfortable. In the boot compartment of this scooter, there is a port of USB charging. The price will be expected between 55,000 to 60,000 of this scooter.


3: Suzuki Burgman Street 125

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Suzuki Burgman Street has of 125 ccs, 4-stroke air-cooled engine with two valve single-cylinder. This bike design follows the European style that gives a luxurious look. The front brake is on the disc, and the rear brake is the drum of this scooter. This scooter contains LED headlights with maintenance free battery of 12V, 3Ah. The footrest of this bike is made of aluminum. With the storage box, it also has glove box as well as an extra rack for storage. There is a USB charging port in the glove box for easy charging. This scooter launches in three colors, i.e. white, grey, and black. The expected price of this scooter is 67,000.

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4: Twenty Two Flow

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Twenty Two Flow is the electric scooter that has 60kmph speed. The Li-ion battery of this scooter exceeds the speed from 60 to 80km. Twenty-Two flow uses energy regeneration which means the battery recharges when the scooter is coasting underhill and under braking. Twenty-two flow scooter has Bluetooth connectivity also. The weight of this scooter is just 85kg. This scooter also has a geofencing system that gives the alerts if you move out of a designated area. The expected price of this scooter is 74,740.


5: Hero Electric Scooter

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The Hero company launches the electric scooter under its sister brand Hero Scooter. The power of this scooter came from the electric motor that can belt out 5 KW and 14  Nm of the peak torque. The battery of this scooter is charged to 80 percent within 60 minutes. Soon this scooter is launch in the market, but the company in the market does not reveal the expected price of this scooter.


6: TVS Creon-Based Electric Scooter

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TVS Motor Company also comes in the market with the electric scooter. This scooter offering the performance oriented, and electric scooter concept. The battery of this scooter is charged up to 80 percent in sixty minutes. There is hope that TVS company launches this scooter next year. The expected price of this scooter still not revealed in the market.



With the technology expansions, the two-wheelers launch with new features and styles. Nowadays the bog jams are the common problem of every city. So the people demand more two-wheelers rather than four-wheelers. The two-wheelers consume less space, and it will quickly drive on narrow roads. The upcoming year comes with 125 cc engine and electric bikes. The people demand scooters more because they have some benefits also, for example, enhance the core strength, burn more calories, improves the mental health, increase the brain power, etc. in few past decades no one wonders about the 125 cc scooter, but soon they are on roads with advanced features. The companies complete the demand of the people which will be nearly to end. The host of the launches as manufacturers whose aim is to capture a major of the chunk of the 125 cc scooters whichever high the demand in the upcoming years.


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