The KTM 390 Adventure-Motocross Bike


KTM 390 Adventure

The off-road motorbike company KTM has to bond with the Indian motorbike company Bajaj autos. Both are working hard to reach the top in the category of sports bikes. The company has launched many new models recently to provide a tough competition to the other motorcycle making companies.

KTM has launched its new model KTM 390 adventure in the July month of 2018. This is the advanced model of KTM 390.  The company has added more features and power to make it more thriller and adventurous. This bike is expected to come in the market with advanced features and benefits. Bajaj Auto has informed that the KTM 390 adventure will be available in the market in the first month of 2019.

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This bike is one of the top awaited bikes. People will love to buy this motocross bike, as it is loaded with the much features and high performance. The KTM 390 adventure will be offered in two variants, the first one will be a highway typed, and the other will be off-road typed super adventure model, Which will equip the more expensive excel rims and aggressive face. The luggage rack can be added to this bike if you are planning for the long drive.

A survey shows that the motocross bike lovers were expecting some extra features and more high performance from this bike some of the reviews of people and surveys are little disappointing. People were expecting something unique and more from this bike. You can look up the features and specification of this bike and also give your reviews about this motocross bike as well as our article.

About KTM 390 Adventure

The Austrian manufacturer made a good step of forming this middleweight motocross bike because the ride lovers of our country were demanding and expecting advanced features and higher performance than its younger model KTM390. The KTM 390 adventure will follow the same semi-naked look as younger sibling KTM 390.  It is a street fight version of KTM. It will develop the same traits of KTM 1190 adventure in terms of design.

This bike will equip the more extended and stronger suspension system, also will have the larger fuel tank to ride for a long time without interruption and the tyres will be used are dual purpose tyres and will provide high durability. The driving seat of this bike will be adjustable to provide a comfortable experience while long drives. The kerb weight of this bike is expected about 160kg.

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The Engine Of KTM 390 Adventure

This motocross bike will follow the same engine of its younger sibling KTM 390, which is 4-stroke, single cylinder, a liquid cooled engine with the displacement power of 373.2cc. The powerful engine of KTM 390 adventure will produce the power of 43Bhp at 9500Rpm with the peak torque of 35Nm at 7250Rpm.

This power of this engine will be transmitted with the 6-speed gearbox in which anti-lock braking system will be offered as standard. It is expected that this massive machine will be best able to ride for long distance at the speed of 120-130kmph.  This speed will be relaxing and comfortable and also will be safe.

Brake And Suspension

This is a motocross bike which is high in power and performance, and this bike needs the higher performance of brakes and suspension, On the off-road driving the brakes should be in instant action and also should be safe, So the company has added disc brakes with the anti-lock braking system on both front and rear wheels.

The brakes will be able to handle the instant braking and high stunting impact while driving off-road. The suspension of this bike will be little more than its younger model KTM 390 which will be heavy-duty for more play, durability, and adventure. The suspension has made of taking the high stunts and high impact off-road drives on the priority. The ground clearance of this bike is


Features And Specifications

  • Multi-ride modes.
  • Tall riding position.
  • Engine safety guard.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Carrier for tying luggage.
  • Anti-lock braking system.
  • Maintenance free battery
  • Ground clearance of 185mm.
  • The fuel tank capacity of 13.5 liters.
  • GPS navigation and riding mode.
  • Digital speedometer and tachometer.
  • High ground clearance for off-terrain riding.
  • Wider and comfortable seats for driver and pillion.
  • Wider dual purpose tyres for more grip and durability.

Safety Features

This superbike has added with the Anti-lock braking system to provide the safety to both driver and pillion. The high-performance suspension has also built to offer more than expected safety form the shocks and jumps while on off-road drives. Both front and rear brakes are added to provide better control and safety while off-terrain rides. The crash guard and sturdy plate are also mounted before the engine to resist the impact of crash and damage.

The KTM 390 adventure is a solid and durable bike for both off—terrain and on-road drives. This motocross bike is added with more features and high performance. The audiences are waiting for this bike to enter the market. This motocross bike can get you at the top speed of 167kmph. The fuel mileage of this bike can be expected from 23-30kmpl. The production of this bike is in the process in Bajaj autos plant which is situated in Pune, Maharashtra. It is likely that this bike will enter the market with the price range of 2.4Lakh.

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The motocross lovers were waiting for this bike after hearing the launch date of this bike. They were in a hurry to see the advanced features of this bike. But after the launch of this bike, people are not looking satisfactory from this bike.

The reviews and response of the audience are essential to take any product on the top. So after noticing the disappointment on the face of motocross lovers, we started collecting the reviews of people to know, what as their expectations from this bike. We have compiled these points, and it will be our pleasure to share these things with you.

  • The followers were expecting more power added in KTM 390 adventure than is younger model KTM 390. But, the company has added the same engine of this younger model.
  • The people were expecting to add more features to the dashboard, but the dash of this bike is the same as its old sibling.
  • Audiences were expecting that the company will add more features and accessories to its look, but the look of this bike is almost the same as KTM 390.
  • The KTM lovers were expecting the more aggressive and thrilling face of this bike, but the front of this bike is not much attractive.
  • People were expecting more flexibility in suspension and braking of this motocross bike, but these features not added with the expected power.

These are the reviews of the audience which we collected from the social media and auto websites. The real conclusion of its features will come out after availability and ride of this bike. Till then we should wait and watch the reviews and, we can believe these things after getting a ride on this bike. We wish that this bike will accomplish the dreams of off-terrain lovers who were waiting for this bike.


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