Yamaha Aerox-155 Maxi, Scooter for Adventure

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The automobile companies are on fire for growing up to be the face of the automobile market. They have changed the face of life with the launch of new products and designs for the comfortable and thrilling driving experiences. People are always in search of fuel, and performance oriented vehicles and companies are doing their well to fulfil the requirements of their customers.

The gearless bikes have come with the new economy which has changed the comfort of driving. The gearless scooters were specially made for the women because it is comfortable and effortless to operate. Gearless scooters are in trend because they are added with a lot of storage space which is very beneficial for everyone.

Automobile companies are adding more features and power to the scooters to add more thrill and adventure in the driving experience of people. They are in the tough competition with one another to make their vehicles on the top priority.

Source: drivespark

Yamaha is a Japanese Automobile company which is known for best performance oriented bikes. Yamaha has now come up in the market with a new concept named “Yamaha Aerox 155”. It is a stylish scooter loaded with a powerful engine to provide the more power while driving. The looks and design of this scooter are beautiful.

This scooter will have the larger wheel than the standard scooters to make run fast on lower RPM. If you are planning to buy a new scooter for your family, then Yamaha Aerox 155 can be a best. This article will help you to know all the features of Yamaha Aerox 155.

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Design and Overview

It would be the best looking scooter in India after its launch. This scooter has the sportbike styling with the sharply curved body which makes it more attractive. The dual LED headlights are added with turn indicators. The seats are made for the comfortable and classic drive.

The pillion seat is slightly higher and more extensive than the front seat. The height of this scooter is increased with the addition of 14 inches wheels in both rear and front ends. The LED taillight will add more attraction and attention from the users.  This scooter will be combined with the mobile charging port, smart key and 5.8 inch LCD with the digital instrument cluster.

Source: drivespark

Engine and Transmission

The Aerox 155 will prove itself the most powerful and featured scooter in the same segment. This scooter will be powered by four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid cooled 155cc engine. The engine flashed out the maximum power of 14.8BHP at 8000RPM at peak torque of 14.4NM at 6000RPM.  This is the only scooter in India which will get liquid cooling and fuel injection system.

It also features a VVA system to ensure the optimum power delivery from th engine.  The automatic V-belt gear system is added to transmit the power from the engine. This is the first scooter which is attached to the automatic transmission system. It is expected, this scooter will get the magnetic attention from scooter-lovers.

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Highlighted Features

  • Smart key
  • Digital meters
  • Mobile charging port
  • 8 inch LCD panel on the dash
  • Front fuel tank with Lid
  • Wide tubeless tyres
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Large storage capacity
  • Dual LED headlights and taillights
  • Blue core technology from Yamaha

Suspension and Brakes

This model of Yamaha will be added with the telescopic front forks and unit swing suspension system in the rear. This scooter will be able to handle the socks while riding this in th harsh road conditions. Braking is another feature which is significant for the vehicle. The front brake is hand over to the single disc with ABS, and a Drum brake is added in the rear wheel. The standard ABS is added for the safe and comfortable drive.



The Yamaha Aerox 155 measures its height in 1125mm, 700mm in width and 1990mm of length. The ground clearance of 142mm makes it perfect for the Indian roads.  It offers a seat height of 790mm and a 1350mm of the wheelbase. The kerb weight of this scooter is about 115Kg, and the fuel tank capacity is 4.6 litres. The 25 litres of storage space is added under the seat.

Source: drivespark

Fuel-mileage of Yamaha Aerox 155

This scooter is added with an automatic start-stop system with latest liquid cooled engine technology. When the scooter is stationary, the engine turns off automatically, and when the brake or clutch gets released, it starts automatically. This technology tends to reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle. fuel-mileage also depends upon the driving conditions. The maximum fuel average this scooter can provide is 60kmpl.

Safety Features

As the company has added more features in the engine and overlooked o the vehicle, the company has also thought about the safety of both driver and pillion. The wider seats are added for the maximum grip and control over the scooter. The suspension system is developed to provide much safety on the harsh roads. Braking has also done well in terms of safety; A single disc brake is in the front is enough for the secure driving. The anti-lock braking system is added for the smooth braking impact on the scooter.

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Price and Service

With the full features and specifications, this scooter is going to rule on the market in the same levelled segment. After looking at the engine modification and features, it was expected that this scooter would have much cost. The price of his scooter varies with the features added in the scooter. The base and top model of this scooter are available in the price range of Rs. 68-75,000 /-  in the market.

Yamaha has always done well for the customer’s satisfaction. With the satisfactory services and quality materials, Yamaha has come in top priority for people. The spares and function of this scooter will be available in all major agencies of Yamaha.

Aprilla SR150 is a solo model which will be the strongest rival against the Yamaha Aerox 155. It is expected that this model is going to change the direction of the scooter market.


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