Top 5 Hacks Which Can Keep Your Skin Healthy During Rains

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Monsoon brings a lot of relief after being exposed to harsh sun rays and rashes. Everyone loves to enjoy the monsoon, but sometimes the dirty water of rain can cause skin infection. It is important to note that rainwater is more prone to microbes and bacterial attacks, which causes skin infections. Skin infection is one of the most common ailment that humans face during monsoon season. Extra care is required during this season as infectious bacteria and microbes are present in the environment and can infect your body.

The arrival of monsoon causes unpredictable changes in the skin, sometimes it becomes oily or sometimes it gets dehydrated. Appropriate skin care is mandatory during this season because the rainwater carries germs with itself that can affect your skin. During this season our immunity decreases, so it’s better to eat healthy food to stay fit and fine. Drinking more and more water keeps your skin hydrated and glowing, so one should drink 7 to 8 glasses daily. Enlisted below are 10 tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing in the monsoon season.


  1. Proper Cleansing

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During the rainy season, clean your skin properly twice a day to get rid of the impurities that invade due to dirty rainwater. One can use a mild face wash and body wash to remove all infection-causing bacteria and microbes. Avoid the use of oil base during make-up as it blocks the skin pores and trigger acne.

  • Toner

Use of toner is very crucial during the rainy season, as it helps to maintain the pH balance and keep your skin wrinkle-free. Use the toner twice a week this helps you to attain the radiant gleaming skin.

  • Moisturizer

Moisturizer avoids the skin detaching, as a humid rain makes your skin dry and detach. Gel-based moisturizer makes your skin healthy and glowing.

  • Sunscreen

On a cloudy day, UV rays damage your skin. Always use waterproof sunscreen while stepping out of the home, this helps your skin to resist the harmful rays of the sun.

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  1. Healthy Food

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Eat plenty of vegetable and fruit during the rainy season, this keeps your skin fresh and healthy. In addition to glowing skin fruits also help to boost our immune system, which tends to low during the monsoon due to infectious food.

  • Balanced Diet

Add vitamin D rich food in your diet plan as sunlight is less during the rainy season. Include mangoes, apple, and banana to a daily diet plan as they are rich in essential vitamins. Avoid sugar-rich food, as fungus readily act on sugar and causes food infection. Say no to oily and fried food, as they may cause infection and weaken your immune system.

  • Drink More And More Water

Humidity during the rainy season causes your skin to sweat, which makes your skin dull and pale. Drink more and more water as it keeps your skin hydrated and glowing. It allows to wash out out the toxins from the body. Prefer fruity squash and herbal tea over tea and coffee. One should drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily.    

  1. Proper Footwear And Clothing

Avoid wearing tight and wet clothes during the rainy season. Dry your clothes in proper sunlight and use the disposable wipes to clean body rather than a towel, to avoid the risk of skin infection.

  • Loose Shoes

Avoid the use of leather, canvas and plastic shoes as they accumulate dirty water and causes skin infections. Always wear waterproof shoe during rainy season as they resist the bacterial infections. If you’re comfortable only with a leather shoe, use candle wax on the surface as it makes them water resistant.  Regularly cut your nail and apply deodorant to the feet as they prevent skin infection. Extra care is necessary if your diabetic patients.

  • Avoid Sticky Clothes

Cotton clothes with loose fitting are best for the rainy season, as they allow the skin to breathe freely. Avoid use of tight and synthetic clothes. Do not wear tight or wet undergarments and socks, as wet areas are more prone to bacteria and fungus which leads to skin infection.

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  1. Personal Hygiene

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Prefer warm water shower and avoid sharing of handkerchief and towel, as it causes skin infection. Keep your laundry clean and dry.

  • Home Care

Home care is the best way to treat your skin during the rainy season. Use a homemade face pack, as they keep your skin glowing. Use lemon, honey, tomatoes, etc. as they naturally benefits your skin by providing it proper nourishment.

  • Avoid Artificial Jewelry

Humidity in monsoon season increases the risk of skin infection and acne. One can reduce this risk by avoiding artificial jewelry during the rainy season.

  • Avoid Over Makeup

Prefer mineral based or waterproof make-up during the rainy season. It can cause serious bacterial and microbe infection to the skin.

  1. Avoid Public Pools

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Public pools and water park should be avoided during the rainy season. Children should not be allowed to play in the rainwater and poor environment, as it can cause infections or sickness.

  • Hot Shower

If you can’t ditch the rain bath and pool party, then have a warm water shower as it removes all the impurities involved due to dirty rainwater.

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Some Addition Quick  Tip To Care Your Skin

  • Prefer alcohol free toner to avoid dry skin.
  • Avoid bleaches during rainy season as it makes the skin rough and dry.
  • Regular waxing, manicure, and pedicure keep your skin infection free.
  • If your lips are cracked use coconut oil or lip gloss.
  • Add fat rich food to your diet as it keeps your skin moisturized and healthy.
  • Wash your face twice a day to remove invade impurities.


The above-mentioned tips help to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Balanced diet plays a beneficial role in managing your skin during monsoon. Avoid the wet clothes and leather shoe during monsoon as they are more prone to infection. By following the above-mentioned tips you can enjoy your monsoon without compromising with your skin.


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