Essential Travel Apps for Travellers in India: Travel, Commute, Stay and Everything Necessary

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If India is the foreign land you wish to visit any time soon here are the apps that will help get the best deals on all your basic needs from travel, accommodation and food. India is a large country with diverse locations to visit and travel through. So, you need the right aid to go along, we have brought right that for you.

You might have already bought a tourist package, a hotel stay or even hired a local guide beforehand but having one additional hand is not gonna do any harm. Compare the price paid to the actual cost in the apps we show and prepare yourself for the upcoming travels. These apps are not strictly for outsiders, many of the Indians also aren’t aware of the following apps that can fetch you the best deals for travel and accommodation.

List of Travel Apps for Travellers in India


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Goibibo is a multipurpose travel bookings platform that has almost all the services required for a traveller from flights, train, bus, car to hotels. What we found so good about them are the flight booking. You get every listing from all of the international and domestic airlines operating in India and hence you get a lot of options. The price too is very competitive among all other sites offering the airline booking service. The icing on the cake, it comes with various offers and promotions and combining the right offer with your ticket fare can save you a decent money that you can spend on something you love. The app is a bit cluttered but taking a few mins to figure out and you will understand.



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A start-up turned entity billions worth is one of the first platforms for universal bus bookings across India you will surely need if you are planning for a short travel or wanna travel to rural airport-less destinations. It has both private long-distance buses and State Government operated mofussil buses in all classes. Get going on the Mercedes or Volvo if comfort is what you want from the journey. Opt for a non-AC semi sleeper bus if you wish to feel the true essence of travelling in India. Redbus too is filled with offers of discount from 10 to 15% most of the times. The application is simple and very straightforward.

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Now that we have seen travel we will help you with the stay. Accommodation is where most of the foreigners get charged more if they happen to stay in a small hotel or mansion. So always seek the help of Trivago. Trivago lists every hotel and every suite with all its pricing from various sites. It is your choice to decide the best for you in combination with the offers various booking platforms provide. Trivago even offers a difference in money back guarantee in case we happen to book a hotel cheaper than the listed price in their own application. Like most other applications Trivago also works stutter free and gets the job done.



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Oyo is not just a booking platform but a network of hotels homestays. Being one of the largest networks of hotels they offer the best in class service and price for hotels. They even have tie-up with some Oyo exclusive hotels. So, make sure to have a check on Oyo for best deals.

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You must have the application already installed in your smartphone if you’re from the US. Uber serves the same purpose here. A taxi service you can totally rely on. They offer booking cab to pick you up exactly where you are, no need to go through the hassles of directing the cabbie in an unfamiliar land or reaching the receptionist for help. Moreover, the payment can be made easily via the app itself. Uber offers their services in many cities in India for both intracity and out of city rides.



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Ola is another Bengaluru born start-up turned million-dollar enterprise which has a wider reach than Uber in certain locations. If you don’t find Uber check for Ola and vice versa. The speciality about Ola is they also offer auto rickshaw services similar to cabs. Though autorickshaws operate only inside of the city, the bumpy rides on a three-wheeled vehicle letting in the air get you close to the real India road travel. The rates are cheap and you can hire any class of vehicle as per your comfort needs.



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I think Zomato too needs no much introduction. Popular restaurant and hotel listing platform that also runs a food delivery service which goes by the name “Zomato Order”. You can look for the best restaurants around you, know the menu, pricing, read reviews before deciding to go lip smacking on the local cuisine food. The wide user base for Zomato has made one of the trustable sources for reviews and information on restaurants.

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A dedicated food delivery service operating in major cities of India. The food delivery service offers its service within a 5km reach from the customer’s location from almost any restaurant registered with the service. Feeling tired after a tiring day? And crave for a different cuisine order food at your convenience and get delivered in a few minutes.


Big Basket

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A grocery and vegetable delivery service available in major cities. If you are wondering why this got into the list because they have got fresh fruits and every possible snack on their list that they promise to deliver within hours. Big basket is the go-to option if you wish to have something to munch on without the effort of walking into a supermarket.



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Finally, it is the PayTM (we saved the best for last) which started as recharge portal for mobile numbers now is a giant platform incorporating retails sales, mobile and DTH recharge, other bill payment services, bus and flight booking and a lot more. You can get a wide variety of services, even there are banking options with the PayTM.


Though these are essential, we have some honourable mentions like Amazon Pantry for fruits and daily use products, Google trip guide & Google Maps if you love going on foot, Tripadvisor for hotel and restaurant reviews.


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