10 Essential Items Which are Necessary for Solo Travelers

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Solo traveling means to travel the various places alone for experience or any other purpose. Travel solo for various places is for a short time or for a long time. Some choose solo traveling to know some new places or to find something which has any relation to history. Some solo travelers travel many places to achieve their target. All the solo travels either they travel for a short period or a long period, they have some essential things in their bags. These things are necessary to every solo traveler that makes their traveling experience comfortable.


1: First Aid Kit

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First aid kit which is the first thing you should pack in your traveling bag. Sometimes you met in a small accident or injuries. At that place where you injured the doctor is not available, that time the first aid kit helps you to cover the wound. So buy the first aid kit from the chemist shop and customize it with the instructions of your doctor. The first aid kit ensures you that you are prepared for any unhappy happening incidents.

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2: An Emergency Contact Card

It doesn’t matter that you should travel near or far to your, but you have an emergency contact card in your wallet. If you have some allergic problem with some conditions or things; then somebody can inform your family about your health by using the emergency contact card. You can also use the health app in which you can fill the same things.


3: Copies of Your Documents

Sometimes you lost your original documents while traveling, so make copies of every document that you are taking with you for example license, id, passport, visa, travel insurance, hotel reservation, etc. the extra copies will help you in any unfamiliar situation if you keep it with you. Sometimes you need a new one so you should also include the extra passport size photos with you. All the physical copies keep in the safe and waterproof place and also make the electronic backup of all the copies.


4: Safety Whistle or Alarm

In solo traveling, there is no one with you for helping you in the unfamiliar situation. If you are going on a foreign trip, then the things like pepper spray are not allowed in the planes. So set any loud alarm or whistle for the help when you feel unsafe. The whistle or alarm draw attention towards you and prevents you from attackers.


5: A Portable Charger and Adapter

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Nowadays everybody has phones, which needs charging after some hours. So always keep with you the portable power bank with you that can charge the mobile while you are traveling. The mobile power bank is a handy charger, and there is no need for an electric plug to charge the mobile. The power bank charges your phone in all traveling situations. Your phone is always charged if you have a portable charger with you. Sometimes your hotel room socket is not according to your charger pin. To overcome this situation keep universal travel adapter with you. This charger helps you to charge your mobile easily.


6: Travel Towel

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While you are traveling, keep a towel and torch in your bag because sometimes you cannot find any hotel for staying. Then either you choose a hostel or small hotel, where they did not you the towel facility. Some people have health issues like an allergy because of their sensitive skin. You should purchase a travel towel whose weight is very less in comparison to house use towel. Travel towel did not exceed the weight of your bag.


7: Travel Torch

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Travel torch helps you to finds the way at night time, and it is very portable. Travel torch is available in various sizes in the market with LED light. Some torches are chargeable, and some are available with batteries. So don’t forget the travel torch to keep with you while you are traveling.


8: Travel Jacket

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Travel jacket in which we keep essential little things like a torch, phone, passport, iPad, cash, goggles, earphones, power bank, torch, pen, camera, and many more things. Travel jacket makes easy to carry some small things in traveling. You should purchase the lightweight travel jacket so that it makes you easy to keep more things in your jacket.


9: Plastic Travel Bags

Plastic travel bags in which we keep some toiletry things like brushes, tissues, bathing material, cosmetics, etc. so that all things in the bag keep dry if any toiletry thing is wet. Plastic travel bag keeps all toiletry things separate to other things, and you should find them easily.


10: Spare Cash

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Everyone makes the budget if they plan to go anywhere. Nowadays credit cards or debit cards are easy modes of payment. People use cards more as comparing cash because cards make pocket lighter. But cards are not acceptable in the buses, and there are some places where the card machines are not available. So keep extra cash which helps you make the payment.



Traveling is a common thing, and solo traveling means that one should travel alone at various places. But traveling alone in various places is not an easy task. You should keep various things in your mind before starting the journey. While traveling, travelers need some essential things which are very necessary for him. So do not forget these things to keep with you because these necessary things make your traveling experience comfortable.


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