5 Beautiful Gifts Which You Can Plan For Your Wife On Your First Wedding Anniversary

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1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Falling in love for many times with the same person is the secret of marriage. The happy marriage is when you find the right person for you. Marriage is the official and public bonding between two persons. The marriage life is overloaded with a lot of fun and happiness.

As time passes the marriage life will give you lot of new experience, and you don’t realize how time had passed. Your first anniversary is the best of all you experienced. It gives you the memory of the year that had passed through. Your day will be filled with lot of memories and surprise by your husband.

As the year passes it is time to get an exciting and romantic gift for your wife. It is time to remember the epic movements that you have spent together and reflect the vows of the love between each other. It’s time for you to celebrate your love for each other. There is some traditional way for gifting your life partner on your first anniversary. According to that the first anniversary is the year of paper. You can surprise to your wife with some gifts that are made of paper. That could make the best gift for your wife.

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For a month before your anniversary plan for the gift, start thinking about what would be the perfect gift for your wife. If you are thinking about something write it down as it may help you to select the best gift for your spouse so that you could make your day the best day in your life.

Here are some suggestions that could help you to choose the best gift for your wife on your first anniversary and make your day fun-filled,

  1. Recreate Your First Meal Of Marriage

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It is one of the best ideas to surprise your wife on your wedding day. You can create a meal similar to the meal on your marriage day a year before. If possible you can recreate your meal on the place where you had your meal together on the day of your marriage.

To recreate your first married meal plan it along with your wife, take her for shopping and help her to cook. Cooking along with your wife also gives a pleasant feeling for each other. Also during your meal gift her with a ring that could make her happier. Ring is always known as one of the symbol of love, gifting it to your loved one on the day of your wedding adds an unknown pleasure to it. This could make and your wife the happiest couple in the world.

  1. Relive Your First Date

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Your first dates are the inexpensive ones in your life so you can relive your first day at a reasonable price. Take your wife to the place where you had a first date and recreate the things that happened on that day. This could make your wedding day the most romantic day.

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Present your wife a bouquet full of flowers and express your love for her, you could never create a wonderful date for your wife on the day of your wedding anniversary. Your day will be filled romance and you could remind all your memories for the past year.

  1. Have Your Own Personal Photo Shoot

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First, make a list of some of your favourite places in the city and load up your camera for your photo shoot. Visit the places that give special meaning to you and your wife. You could stop in the place where you met first or the church you got married and take some pictures.


Visit the places as much as you can and take your memorable photos, or you can ask a passerby to take some pictures of you both together. You can also take a photo for each of your anniversary and make it as an album so that it remains as a beautiful nostalgia.

  1. Make An Anniversary Mix CD

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Make a CD of all the songs that you think that it has a meaning related to your life and gift it to your wife. Go to some place relax yourself and listen to those songs and discuss about the memories that you get when you listen to those songs.

The best thing is to spend your time together, and watch out your marriage CD as it may contain lots and lots of memories. Your wedding anniversary is the right day to recall all your memories and remember the highlights on your marriage day. You can also watch your vacation DVDs and albums and send a happy time with each other.

  1. Give Thoughtful Gifts

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You can select some thoughtful gifts rather than selecting the costlier gifts. Instead of following the same ideas you could go to some other places and spend time in some other adventures. You can spend your time in the air balloon ride that could give you an adventures ride and make your day thrilling.

If you are an artistic person you can go for art and craft items that are created by you to impress your wife and make the rest of your years happy and romantic. Consider about giving your wife the stationeries that you have customized it maybe your notes or the love letters that you may be having for your wife as a secret surprise.

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The first wedding anniversary is one of the most memorable days of your life so enjoy each and every minute of the day. Collect all the memories on that day to make it as nostalgia. You could also make a cake that contains your personal photos and make your wife to get surprised.

The above ways are some of the easy gifts that could be presented. They are not much expensive and could be done by anyone who really wants to make their wife happy and surprised. It is also the romantic way to express your love.


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