Tata Harrier: Groundbreaking as It Sounds

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The long waited premium SUV from Tata with a lot of features form its sister company Land Rover is at the verge of release and the pre-booking has started already. Should you buy one? Has it got the everything right? We have got a few answers from the pre-release.

Tata as a car company started with manufacturing cars at very low budgets catering to the entry segment in the Indian market and was quite successful in the intended direction and stayed the same for a decade. The whole game changed after the acquisition of Jaguar, Land Rover, and Range Rover. They have been coming with great spec-ed and feature-packed cars in recent years with industry-leading value for money which also has got big sales numbers with the Tata Tiago and Tata Nexon.

They tried their hands on the SUV segment with the Tata Nexon and Tata Hexa and earned some appreciation. Tata H5X (code name of the Harrier) was started then and has made to most auto shows in the last two years. It is time we see the production model which has got many expectations from the consumer, seeing the companies track records and the leaks about the Tata Harrier itself.

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How Does Tata Harrier Look? Does It Carry All The Stunning Looks From The Concept Car?

Tata Harrier carries the stylish design from the concept in most aspects. The front grill is sharp at the ends converging to LED DRLs which looks trendy and adds to the overall style. Headlamps are moved further down and are placed right above the fog lamps. We have not heard any specific reason for moving the headlamps from the company but we guess must help with better visibility and light throw for highway rides. Coming to the sides you see almost the same from the concept, dual tone paint job with a different color for the roof that slopes to the rear.

Doors are massive and the platform is raised and hence getting in and out of the car must not be an issue. On the rear too, it is very much from the concept. The two sharp tail lamps pointing outward bleeding to the sides are connected by a piano finished black rail. The car has black cladding running all around with slip minor rails on the front and back bumpers. On the whole, the car looks something like a grown Tata Nexon added with modern aesthetics.

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How Good is the Performance on the Tata Harrier?

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Tata Harrier has outsourced engine from Fiat, a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine which produces around 140 NM of peeking torque. If that sounds familiar it is the same engine from the Jeep Compass, its arch-rival particularly in India. Having the same engine will place it equal in the performance grounds too an extent. However, there are other factors to make difference like transmission and tuning of the engine. Following Tata’s track records, Tata might have tuned the engine for better fuel economy by cutting off a little on the power and torque for the Indian market. The transmission options are 6-speed manual or automatic transmission whereas the Jeep Compass gets a superior gearbox for automatic.

There are no performance tests carried out on the production model yet, but going by specs on paper it must be competing enough if not equal with the jeep compass. For the first time, a Tata car is going to share a platform with the Range Rover. Omega Arc platform from the range rover which is much efficient, strong and will make great stability on the Tata harrier.


Tata Harrier Features and Interior

There is not much information on the interiors. Following Tata’s latest cars, they are gonna take design cues from another subsidiary company of Tata, Jaguar with plush interiors and stunning features. The car’s concept had a twin screen one for the infotainment on for the console and the interiors were dual tone, sophisticated and neat. The rear seat must have enough space and the boot must be large enough looking from the size of the car itself.

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Tata Harrier Price and Sale

It has already begun the production of the all-new Tata Harrier’s in its Pune plant and the pre-booking is on too. Tata boasts of taking less than 6 months’ time to set up the production line of Tata Harrier and having optimized the 90% process with robots should make production fast and more efficient.

The car is expected to come out with the price tag ranging from 16k up to 21k which is a minimum of 5lakh lesser than the Jeep Compass in every variant. Pre-booking with a minimal amount will get you early delivery after the release. The car is announced to go on sale in January 2019.


Should You Pre-Book The Tata Harrier Or Wait For It To Get To The Road?

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We have already got the external looks and information of machines under the hood. What we are yet to know is the interiors of the car and the feature set across various variants. Which is not expected to be let down by Tata. If you are already convinced with the specs of the Tata Harrier and trust the brand after its recent improvements in build quality and service go for it, it is a great value for money. If the price is not the top deciding factor and want to know the features and long-term factors of the car hold on for a few months till the Jeep Compass Trail Hawk is released.


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