Best Fitness Bands in India

Best Fitness Bands in India
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Our fitness journey is becoming more exciting day by day with the advent of a variety of electronic gadgets. It is prevalent and the best affordable option for people who wants to remain fit and healthy. The best part is every gadget has at least one feature which surely will benefit their lifestyle activities. Numerous brands are coming up with newly introduced gadgets technology as per the demand and fitness bands reviews by the users all over India. Here I am presenting you with some of the highly favorite fitness bands with different features. You can choose one of them as per your liking.

Best Fitness Bands in India

  • Amazfit Bip

Amazfit Bip
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Among the collection of all award-winning fitness bands, Amazfit Bip is the recent introduction. It accompanies with a spectacular more than 30 days of battery life with only sole charge, color touch display with refection, barometer, GPS, heart rate tracker, geomagnetic Senor, sleeps tracking, sports tracking and many more. It weight so light, just 1.1 ounces. There are other features like email, text and calls notification too. It is available in four fluorescent colors.


  • Garmin Vivofit 3

Garmin Vivofit 3
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The gadget is one of the best fitness bands in India. It comes with a one-year life battery. The band also depicts the number of steps, amount of calorie intake. Time distance you traveled and general time display with backlit along with sleep monitoring. Garmin Vivofit 3 also examines the type of activity you are involved. It also has the more audible alert and moves the bar to make you motivated to remain active. It is available in two sizes, one is of 0.92 oz weight, and other is large 0.99 oz.

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  • Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2
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The product comes up with the LED display, and it tracks your all-day activity. The product is popular due to its excellent feedback from other fitness bands reviews. It has favorable features of calls and messages notification with color-coded vibration pattern. Automatic wireless sync is available from every type of devices like android, ios and window devices. Other features are swimming workout tracking and track reminders. Also, style it with other band accessories.


  • Moov Now

Moov Now
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The product is the second generation of Moov. The best thing is its stylish design, small cute size and lighter in weight. The attractive feature which makes it different from other fitness bands is the in-depth data analyzer and recorder. It also provides with real-time assistance for betterment and motivation for the future workout. It has enormous battery backup and capability of storing data with the only single accommodated app. Automatic sync is also available with a single LED light blink.


  • Huawei Band 2 Pro

Huawei Band 2 Pro
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The product can be your best running coach and fitness tracker. Fitness bands reviews are where you can track the performance of a particular device. It has a good brand image with some pro qualities. Correct sleep tracking and GPS facility are available in it. The design of the watch is so elegant and appreciable with authentic sleep monitoring feature. The best exclusive feature of Band 2 Pro is REM sleeps tracking. You can also do a pairing with other devices.

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  • Garmin Vivosmart 3

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It is among the best fitness bands in India due to the presence of the smartest fitness monitoring tool and heart rate detector. The fitness monitoring tools are VO2 max, fitness age and strength training. An active 24/7 hours heart rate synchronizer comes up with Elevate TM technology. The tracking parameters are floors climbed, steps monitor, calories burned, sleep monitoring and intensity minutes. The product is safe in case of showering and swimming. Battery backup is up to 5 days.


  • Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR
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It is one of the most excellent fitness bands in India.  It comprises both standout features and essential features. Essential elements are calorie and distance measurement, auto exercise recognizer, battery backup up to 7 days with interchangeable bands. Some of the standout features are Pure Pulse heart rate detector, auto sleep mode detector, call, text and calendar alerts, and motivational reminders.


  • Tomtom Spark 3

Tomtom Spark 3
Source: Google

If you are a music lover, then this must be the best choice for you from other fitness bands available in the market. You would love to train yourself with the collection of up to 500 song’s playlist. It also has a heart rate detector with efficient readings. The best thing you can opt is multiple sports mode detectability. The product comes up with GPS tracking. The built-in music player is what you can have at best.


  • Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro
Source: Google

The brand quality and water resistance feature are what makes in one of the best fitness bands in India. The product includes full fitness tracking empowered by GPS technology. The best part is water resistance quality up to 50 meters limit. The product ensures smart connectivity with other devices and instant calls, text message notifications. The gear fit is fully equipped with some sensors like Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyro Sensor, and HR Sensor.


  • Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2
Source: Google

It is the upgraded version from Fitbit other products. Again it has various basic and advanced features with elegant design. The essential elements which are common among other fitness bands are tracking you all-day activity, automatic sleep tracking and sleep stages, auto exercise recognition, battery life up to 5 days. Some standout features are Pure Pulse empowered pulse rate monitoring, call, calendar and messages alert, multisport tracking with GPS connection and guided breathing sessions.


  • Mi Band 3

Mi Band 3
Source: Google

The all-new product comes with an OLED touchscreen. The latest technology makes it one of the best fitness bands in India. The pleasing feature is more prominent display, ability to display application messages, SMS, viewed and rejected calls notifications, real-time activity and sports workout tracking and auto sleep monitoring. The other eye-opening features are water resistant with 50 meters limit. The product is having a battery life of up to 20 days.


  • Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition

Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition
Source: Google

The best-fitted design with OLED screen display makes it distinct from other fitness bands in India. It is an adequate product for fitness pro-people. Just watch the time, step forward and start working out and burn calories. It contains an improved version of the pedometer algorithm to efficiently calculating the exercise and steps. The fitness band acts smartly by letting you know about the time of permanent work and makes you motivated to have a short walk.


  • Lenovo Plus Smartband

Lenovo Plus Smartband
Source: Google

The fitness band is powered by personal activity intelligence (PAI). Direct USB plug-in is available with interchangeable straps feature. You can get fitness bands reviews for getting a personal experience of people about the product. The device is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Pedometer calories and sleep monitoring feature are there making it user-friendly. It has notifications and dozes off the alert with water-resistant adaptability.


  • Fastrack Reflex Band

Fastrack Reflex Band
Source: Google

Fastrack comes up with a variety of Fitness Bands. It is a digital watch with an unusual rectangular modular shape. The battery life of the band depends upon the usage by the person. The calling feature is most compatible with the android devices only. The battery powers the way through which reflex bands keep the time. It is also known as reflex quartz movement. You can plug in the Fastrack reflex band with any USB portal for charging issues.


  • Myntra Blink Go

Myntra Blink Go
Source: Google

It is the first smartwatch launched by online marketer Myntra. The product is highly comparable these days with other fitness bands due to the increasing popularity of multiple bands in the market. If you are a fashion lover, then the watch is best to keep fashion and smartwatch features at the same level. With it, you can easily track your performance workout. It smartly monitors your heartbeat rate and also very quick in extracting notifications about calls, messages, and alerts.


  • GOQii Vital

GOQii Vital
Source: Google

The most promising feature of Vital gadget which makes it among the best fitness bands in India is the dynamic blood pressure and heart rate monitoring abilities. It comes up with an OLED touchscreen. The fitness band is waterproof and has a battery life of 7 days. It also shows your step count, amount of calories burnt, distances traveled and sleep activity. It also accommodates a new goqii play feature which assists in getting live videos from health experts.


  • Mevofit Drive

Mevofit Drive
Source: Google

Once see the entire fitness bands reviews, and you will be amazed to get Mevofit Drive for your workout journey. It is the best fitness tracker for both men and women. The motive is to promote fitness and health-based apps to create more awareness among people about health fitness. It is a unique combination of new and trendy fitness gear like gym bags, fitness tracker and sports sipper. It is the best opportunity for fitness industries to grow their business.


  • Honor Band 3

Honor Band 3
Source: Google

The fitness band is superb in the bluish look with the display of the PMOLED screen. It is light weighted with value just 18 grams. It shows time and date with a smart alarm clock. The product is having various other features of fitness bands like notification and alert, caller id and call rejection techniques, distance and continuous heart rate tracking and infrared sensors with charging time of 1.5 hours.


  • WEARFIT M2S Smart Bracelet

WEARFIT M2S Smart Bracelet
Source: Google

While looking at the fitness bands reviews, one must add smart band which you come across is Wearfit bracelet. The OEM brand makes it both Android and iOS compatible with the elegant metallic body. The product comes up with water resistant feature, so need not to worry about rain and showering. The other features are a heart rate fitness tracker, calories count, speed mode tracker, fatigue value monitoring, blood pressure measurement and many more.


  • Misfit Flash

Misfit flash
Source: Google

Misfit Flash is one of the best fitness bands for activity and sleep tracking. It also tracks the number of steps you walk a day, and the total distance traveled. It also notes the number of calories your burnt and for how long you walk. The fitness band comes up with seven versatile color options. It can be a perfect choice for people looking for all around activity tracker and sleep monitoring.


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