Top 5 Places Where You Can Celebrate New Year

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On the occasion of the New Year, there is a lot of excitement all around the world. Many people have mixed feelings on the first day of the year. Meanwhile, it is the day to welcome New Year with positive energy and with full enthusiasm. Some have beautiful memories for the last 12 months, and some have bitter memories.

There are some destinations which are well-known for throwing a great event on the eve of the New Year. Always make sure that you must decide the destination and bookings in advance.

Here are five excellent places where you can travel and celebrate New Year’s Eve that you will never forget and cherish memories throughout your life are as follows:

Best Places For New Years Eve

  1. Hong Kong

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If you are planning to celebrate New Year Eve at Hong Kong, there is very much one can do. In Hong Kong there is a place “dramatic skyline” it offers a sight that visitors never forget. It is a very fantastic place. Moreover, fireworks just up the ante on the eve of the New Year.

You might choose a fantastic display from one of Hong Kong’s ample hotels with awesome views. The Crowds collected for a couple of hours early at Star Ferry Pier for some theater, dance and circus performances.

While you are in Hong Kong, you may also want to take in Ocean Park, a favorite entertainment area. People enjoy a lot the last evening of the old year and happily welcomed the New Year with great passion and have quality time with their loved ones.

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  1. Bangkok

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Bangkok is among one of the most beautiful cities in the world. One must travel to Bangkok, once in a life. It is one of Asia’s best nightlife cities. You can never forget the time spent in Bangkok, as it will give you the amazing memories for the lifetime. It is a natural place to ring in the new year if you like crowds, noise, and entertainment, it can give you a memorable day.

In Bangkok, Times Square, CentralWorld Plaza is one of the best meeting spots for celebrations. Moreover, there is another well-known gathering spot is the Asiatique shopping and entertainment area along the Chao Phraya River.

You probably want to continue the celebration at one of the bars of the Bangkok such as Red Sky or a sky-high restaurant such as Sirocco.


  1. London

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London is one the best place to celebrate New Year Eve. It is also famous for the New Year celebration as there is a boat line up in the Thames, after seeing New Years Eve fireworks in London, England.

Stately London along the Thames always offers a noticeable backdrop for New Year’s Eve fireworks. The booking of the tickets is usually very fast. So decide quickly and book your tickets also. Tickets sell out quickly for the official staging area mainly, but you may be able to see the fireworks for free from hilltops such as Primrose Hill, Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath, Greenwich Park and Alexandra Palace.

There is also a popular place known as vantage point is a river cruise on the Monsoon Clipper or other boats.

The perfect way to celebrate the eve of the New Year in London is to join London’s oldest pubs, such as the Old Bell Tavern, serving up adult beverages since 1670. On the hand, if you are looking for a recent trendy celebration, then you must check out the Southbank Centre’s themed parties from the 1920s to 1990s. On the other hand if you a fan of the British royalty may want to visit sites like Kensington Palace, where Queen Victoria was born.

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  1. New York

New York is one of the well-known destinations for the celebration for the New Year. There are eight rooftops bars you can go to for New Year’s Eve in NYC. There are so many famous clubs and concerts for the celebration of the New Year. There is one the best place known as Times Square in Manhattan. New York can be the best place to celebrate the eve of the New Year.

  1. Dubai

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There’s no better spot to celebrate the biggest New Year’s Eve in Dubai than from the footsteps of the Burj Khalifa, itself. Ample people gather in the waterfront of the Dubai Fountain to catch the spectacular light and water show at midnight so make sure to head down there if you are staying in Downtown Dubai. Try to reach there on time as early as 6 pm to hold a top spot, or make a booking at one of the many restaurants. Plan advanced as roads and access to the Downtown area are curbed on the night for crowd control.

On the Eve of the New Year, there is Fireworks explode from the Burj Khalifa, as it is the world’s tallest tower, in Dubai. It will be the wonderful experience you ever had in your life. It can make a great starting off the New Year.



Many people think about the resolution they want to make on the eve of the New Year, they want to follow that resolution throughout the year. Some people love to celebrate special occasions at special places. Like a group of friends, couples, family time, etc. There are so many places where one can especially celebrate New Year and make that day a memorable day for life. So you can choose the destination according to your likings and comfort. And make your New Year a great year ahead!


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