9 Ways You Can Repair Your Smartphone Yourself


Repair Your Smartphone Yourself

Smartphones are an important part of life; thinking a day without a smartphone in hand is impossible. We cannot deny the fact that nowadays a large number of people are dependent on the phone. Smartphones are an essential part of our life by awakening us with a warning alarm to a good night sleep it is a single thing on which can we can rely on. Talking about one of the examples you must have observed that nowadays we all skip wearing a wristwatch and prefer smartphones to watch time. So slowly or steadily this gadget is ruling in all over the lives of people. This is not about personal life even in professional world smartphones is our first necessity. Instead of carrying laptop people mainly prefer to use smartphones for official use. Interviewing through video calls or conferences, are now possible with smartphones. Thus we can say we cannot survive without a smartphone for even a couple of seconds.

Sometimes your smartphone gets to hang, fall into water or broke down due to some issues. These are the conditions when an individual tries to resolve the issues by implementing certain efforts by own. Generally, we can say it’s human nature we try to operate the things instead of preferring others for functional support. And no doubt sometimes its work effectively; and on another hand sometimes the condition become worse. There are certain steps which we can prefer if want to repair a smartphone on own.

9 Ways You Can Repair Your Smartphone Yourself:

These steps are easy to perform one should not have to apply a hard or tough rule to eradicate the defect. Thus these are the steps which you can use for troubleshooting. You can follow the given steps if ever faces the problem of refurbishment.

  1. Reset:

There are ample reasons why we all prefer to reset our Android phones instead of any other operation. When the smartphone gets overloaded with abundant of apps; then the processing becomes slow, or it can happen due to downloading. You can reset the phone by going into the setting option.

  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Hit Reset options
  • Select erase all data

Thus you can access the options according to the model. If you want to save your files or want to create a backup option then can add your email id in the given options. Through this, your erased file will get saved automatically in your email is.

  1. Reboot:

RebootGenerally, this option is preferable if your phone gets hang continuously due to downloading heavy files or less storage space. Thus, one primary step which needs to be performed by yourself is “switching off” your smartphone while rebooting. This process is quite helpful if you have ever undergone from the problem of android phone lagging.  Through this you can encounter the problem and try to fix it by normal methods.

  1. Discharge Battery:

You can easily discharge the battery if undergoing from the issues of “ON or OFF” continuously. The important note which should be kept in mind when it comes to battery is “do not overcharge your battery; up charging it overnight or day”. So try to discharge your battery and switch it for short interval of time. And after some time again charge the battery for recovering the problem.

  1. Go To Setting Option:

Sometimes due to heavy files, the cache memory gets fill through which our smartphone start going through certain issues. Delete the cache memory or history of downloaded file afterward tries to erase the cookies. This can be due to virus related problems so it is important to restore the settings by choosing the options installed app, system app or system app updater. Disable the cookies option and keep your smartphone away from the virus.

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  1. Youtube Guidance:

The easiest solutions which we all prefer are youtube guidance. The most common approach every single individual prefer instead of consulting friends or family is youtube guidance or Google search. From this you can follow step by step instruction to overcome from the problem of your smartphones. The video displayed can help you to troubleshoot the problems by visualizing it. The practical guidance can be helpful to eradicate the unwanted errors. Through this your problems get sort out easily instead of visiting to stores.

  1. Company Assistance (Chats Board):

The customer care services can provide you the effective guidance regarding your smartphone. So you can easily get the company guidance by contacting to them on chat boards. The technical engineer can help you by providing support. You can easily share your Android problems with them to obtain reliable services.

  1. Delete Extra Storage:

You must have heard that while downloading the apps sometimes the unwanted files gets downloaded along with it. Either this can be virus or unwanted errors; so it is important to erase them from main memory. You can also face this problem when uninstalling the files from the display. While uninstalling the apps we normally forget to delete it from main storage area. Thus it can affect the problem in storage area, so it also considered as one of the easiest step which you can focus while repairing your smartphones.

  1. Uninstall App:

No doubt one should check the storage space while installing the apps. And try to erase the applications which are not used for a long time. Try to place the icons at the particular area so that can increase the space for other files. Do not overload your display by downloading the ample of files such as games, movies, songs or browsers etc. because these are the applications through which the virus can enter into your phone and can cause a problem in your phone.

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  1. Android Version Update:

Updating the Android version after a certain interval and rebooting it is an essential step which needs to be performed either you are facing any problem or not. And do not ignore the malware functioning.


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