7 Wearable Tech Gadgets Which Are Made For Smart People

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Technology and our life can never be separated. The need and demand for technology are regularly rising. We are using new technology gadgets for our business, for traveling, marketing, communication, and learning. In the beginning, the technological things were significant, and then it becomes smart, and now it is changing to micro and nano.

The technical items such as a computer, laptop, mobile, and gadgets are affecting our lives positive as well a negative. Is can’t be explored how technology has impacted on our lives and how it will affect in future. It also affected the people society and environment as well. The ease of gadgets has reflected us in such a manner that we are always in search of new devices and experiments so that our life can become more comfortable and luxurious.

In this era, people are passionate about using small gadgets seeking the features for their personal and well as professional use. The devices become so much small that we do not need to carry them in our bag and pocket. We can wear them as they are very light in weight and easy to use. Our article will help you to let you know the top wearable gadgets which can make your life easy and smart.


Apple watch series 3

Apple watch series 3The Apple watch series 3 was launched in September 2017.  This small watch can be connected with the mobile and also able to perform all the functions of mobile. This mobile also functions as the cellular; you can stay connected with your phone while the phone is away from you. All the function like calling, SMS, E-mail, internet, multimedia, are the mobile functions.  It especially has added function for health conscious persons which features the sense of your energy used, energy remaining, count of your running distance and steps. Your heartbeat rate and blood pressure as well.

This smartwatch is touch screen and made up of stainless steel. The size of the screen is 1.65 inches with the resolution of 390×312 pixels which is fully waterproof. This watch has features with Dual-core processor and Apple S3 chipset. With the fastest RAM of 768MB, the internal memory of this watch is 16GB. It also features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS regarding connectivity. The sensors including accelerometer, barometer, heartbeat rate and Gyro meter are present. The command system SIRI has added to its features to access the command in talking mode. The 279 MAh Li-ion battery is included which can run up to 18 hours of mix usage.  The price of its base model is Rs. 32,380 in the Indian market.

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Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2Samsung Gear 2 is a smartwatch which was launched in the April month of 2014. This is an entirely touch screen wrist watch with dust and water resistant quality. This watch includes a dual-core processor with 512MB of RAM and internal storage capacity of 4GB. The display size of this gadget is 1.63 inch with the resolution of 320×320 pixels. It also includes a primary camera of 2MP for making the moments memorable with the video making the quality of 720P.

It consists of a lot of features like audio and video calling, multimedia and music, SMS, E-mail, and internet connectivity via mobile phone. The 4.0V Bluetooth system is used to connect the watch with mobile. This watch has the feature of caring for your health because it has added with the accelerometer, gyro meter, and heartbeat rate sensor. It includes non-removable Li-ion 300 MAh battery for making it run for up to 72 hours.  You will have to pay Rs. 21,900 to own this multi-feature smartwatch.


Bpay Wristband

Bpay WristbandTechnical companies are making smartwatches and gadgets to secure access to your phone and social media accounts. In this era, the banks are willing to focus on contactless and wireless payments. Taking this thing in the notice, the Barclaycards has made Bpay wristband which has the feature of getting access to your bank accounts. You have to download the Bpay app on your mobile, and you can access it in your wristband with the help of Bluetooth. You can pay or receive payment in a single wave of your arm. This band does not need any battery, and it is wireless and Water resistant. It is durable and comfortable to wear. This gadget is best suitable for contactless money transfer, and it costs only Rs. 2800 for an Indian buyer.


Snapchat Spectacles V2

Snapchat Spectacles V2We have seen the wearable gadgets on the wrists. Let us present something which suits your face. Snapchat is now releasing the second version of its spectacles which is wearable on eyes, and it has a camera on its both edges to click pictures and record videos. The camera quality of this gadget has improved from its last version. The resolution of capturing photos is 1642×1642 and for videos 1216×1216 pixels. The spectacles have dual-microphone which results in better audio quality.

These spectacles are water resistant, and this can click up a lot of pictures in a full charge. The battery of spectacle get 90 minutes for a full charge, and you can enjoy the hands-free camera fitted in your eyes. These are easily wearable and also easy to connect with social media. You can see your pictures and videos by projecting on your phone. The price of these spectacles is around Rs. 12000, and these are available on online shopping stores.


Mi band 3

Mi band 3Xiaomi Mi band 3 is a fitness tracker band which is low in price and high in features. The Mi band 3 has the function of connecting it with mobile with the help of Bluetooth 4.2.  This fitness tracker has NFC chips which mean you do not need to go wired with it. This band includes 0.78 OLED Panel with 80×128 pixels of resolution. The battery power of 110MAh gives it the ability to run for a long time. battery of this band can be long up to for 20 days. The battery of this band has double power than its older version. Its has all the features for taking care of your health like, counting your steps, measuring your heartbeat rate and counting the energy level of your body. It also features for answering calls. It is available in multiple color variants and prices up to Rs.2400.



WhistleWearable technology is not just limited to humans. The company has made a wearable device for your pets which can track the location of your pet and also check the fitness level of your pet. It is a very first step of this century to take care of the health and fitness of your pet. The GPS device of this collar helps you to get access to the location of your pet. The tracker on the collar can access the health and illness warning of your pet and can inform you on your accessed device. The battery of this device gets one hour for getting charged and long lasts up to 10 days. You can get this device for your pet by utilizing Rs. 11,400 once.

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Loreal UV Sensor

Loreal UV sensorThe cosmetic and beauty product company loreal has made a small device which can be patched on your thumbnail and can be accessed via your phone. It measures the data of ultraviolet rays from the sun and records the data in your mobile. You can place it on the top of your glasses and watch. It needs the IOS and Android device with NFC to transfer the data to your phone with a single click. This color of this band changes with the change of wave of ultraviolet rays projecting on you. This device can store the data of three months inside it.


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