What is Health is Wealth - Tips and Facts


Health is Wealth

It is necessary to understand the meaning of word health, before understanding about human body. In health means ease of body. A Man is said to be healthy if his body is disease free. Health is the most important in our life. A person can live happy without wealth but not without health. It is the ability of a biological system to acquire, convert, distribute and utilize energy with efficiency.

A healthy person can walk ten to fifteen miles in a day and can do normal work activities without getting tired. A number of studies and reports from many organizations it is examined that there is a linkage between health and different factors, like environment, lifestyle and daily routine. Human body’s inner working is wonderful.  In the Human body, there are all activities of the universe. The phenomenon which cannot be found in the body is not possible to find in the universe.

In today’s life, people are facing many issues with health, Caused by the activities of a human. Health depends upon your environment, your lifestyle and your eating routine.

Let’s Discuss the Factors Which are Responsible for Weaker Health: -

  1. Human is cutting trees to develop the areas for example to broad the roads or for the construction of factories and buildings, which makes an imbalance between oxygen and carbon-di-oxide, which is dangerous for health.

  1. Human is constructing factories, which release smoke and their waste material are sent into the rivers or canals, the same water comes to us for drinking purpose through Municipal Corporation, so we are getting affected by water and air pollution which leads to the weaker health.

  1. These day’s people’s lifestyle, access to eating junk foods and oily foods, using alcohol, drugs and the wrong foods are letting the people to illness. People kidneys and lever are getting damaged by using these.

  1. Using Mobile phone affects our brain, heart and other parts of our body, the microwave rays used to provide signals to mobile phones from network towers affect our health. It also affects eyes which also leads to dangerous diseases including low eyesight or etc.

  1. The Business men’s are mixing some bad things in eating stuff to earn some extra profit. Rice has been made from plastic which are really harmful to our life. Fruits are got forcefully ripped using chemicals. Which destroy our immune system.

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  1. People using pesticides on crops and using chemicals in more amount, so we are getting chemicals in our food like wheat or rice etc. If you don’t eat healthy food you can never be healthy. So the government should prohibit the usage of pesticides on crops. All human activities are carried on by means of the mind aided by ten senses. Sense of Action, for example hands, feet, mouth and the five senses of perception, for example nose, tongue, eyes, ears, mind. In health all the senses and the mind act in coordination.

  1. Using products to boost body and muscles. Some people eat products with the instructions of gym trainers. Which make our body stronger for once but after sometime, its side effects can be seen. Sometimes it leads to some asthma type diseases, because it directly affects your brain.


A good working of human body depends upon the hormonal activities of the various parts. If, all these work fine then machine runs smoothly. If, any one of the essential part is not working well, the whole body stops.

Factors which Make you Healthier: -

  1. One should take a proper diet to remain fit and healthy. One should follow a healthy diet plan. One Must be eat timely. The breakfast must be heavy but the lunch and dinner should be light. One should not use the pickles as it makes skin diseases and also destroy your lever system.


  1. One should go for a walk daily in the Morning; even he/she should use stairs rather than using lift. A walk after taking meal is also compulsory to digest the food .if your digestion system is not working fine you will fell ill. The issues with gas and acid start to arise,if digestion systems are not working properly.

  1. Eating green vegetables, pulses, fiber and Fruits leads to the healthy environment. It is common said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. One should also take 4 to 5 liters water in a day and should take juices of fruits and vegetables on regular basis. Usage of Soft drinks and tea should be minimized, coz these are harmful for our bones and tea is dangerous for our stomach.
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  1. Doing exercise daily and going to gym also makes you fit and healthy. So one should do exercise daily as per his age. Suppose someone is old, he/she should walk on daily basis, if the person is younger then he can do hard exercise, which makes his muscles more reflex able and makes his body more fit.

  1. Regular checkups should be done on monthly or quarterly basis. So if any deficiency persists in our body can be fulfilled if we get to know about it in the earlier stages. So if any issue occurs then one should consult a doctor immediately.


  1. One should take proper rest, should take a sound sleep. Minimum 8 hours of sleep is necessary for a human body. If your body is not relaxed you can’t do the required activities.

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Health is so important for the countries growth, if the country’s youngsters and children are not healthy, how can that country grow and fight with the difficulties. Even the unfit soldiers can never protect their country from external threats in war. So government has opened many hospitals at higher level in all the cities, districts and states. An organization which works on health is also there named WHO, The world health Organization, about one half the countries in the world are member of this organization and this organization works to keep the world safe from diseases.


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