Top Water Parks in Patna

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If you are hanging in the balance and befuddled over the thought of taking your family to some exciting place or hanging out with friends to have a whale of a time, then a water park is the place that you should be thinking of giving a shot. Such a place is suitable to the taste and convenience of both adults and kids. Just break the news of going to such a park and witness the off the wall reactions of your family members or friends.

Children are likely to get a kick out of the idea of frolicking in water and making the most of various activities here. It is always a good idea to jack in your busy schedule and finagle some time to indulge in fun activities with your family. Water parks are the best places to visit in Patna in 1 day. Summers are the best time to hit water parks and kill the scorching heat of the season. Plenty of water parks are available in Patna and the vicinity of the city. Following are the water parks that are likely to generate adrenaline rush in your mind while you slide down the water slides and much more:


  1. Funtasia Island Water Park

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Funtasia Island Water Park is in Patna, Bihar and is run and managed by Takshia Seas and Resorts. The park is situated at the distance of 9 km from the city of Patna. One can locate the park while driving past Sampatchak. The water park is the only one in Patna with such grandeur and features. With covering an area of 5 acres, the entire park is under CCTV surveillance to keep an on every corner of the park.

You will find your children jumping at the idea of making merry at the water park. It will only jazz up your prior experience of any water park. The more you undertake the water activities, the more it grows on you and you feel like never stepping out of the premises of the park. Among the activities that are going to take you on cloud nine include:

  • At the park, you will have 9 water slides and rides at your disposal. The wave pool of the park is spread across 1800 square meters and is operated with the aid of a pneumatic system to generate large waves of water. A separate swimming pool is also available for kids.
  • Have a blowout by turning the spray guns to the people knee deep in the pool. It is a great fun to hit the people in the pool with the water cannon.
  • To keep your valuables and electronic gadgets safe while you make merry at the park, you can utilize the locker service provided by the management.
  • One can opt for the swimming costumes that can be both purchased and rented. It is mandatory for the visitors to put on swimming costumes to enter the pool.
  • To replenish you with the lost energy, you can hit the coffees shop in the park and also shop for some souvenirs that remind you of the beautiful times that you spent here.
  • Adequate height is provided with different water slides and rides to offer both safety and fun.

Schools and corporate houses looking forward to organise trip for their students and employees respectively to render them with some time off working are treated with discounts. Considering the requirements for such arrangements, special services can be also provided.

Entry Fees

  • On weekdays, Rs. 350 is charged for every individual while on public holidays and weekends, the fee is Rs. 450 for each individual.
  • Service tax of 14%is also included in the entry fee.
  • Free entry is provided to the children with height less than 3 ft.

  1. Hungama World

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Hungama World might be falling second in the list, but it is second to none when it comes to rendering the visitors with joy and felicity.  The park is at the distance of 14 km from Shaguna More while 9 km from Danapur Station on National Highway.

  • Hungama world is equipped with 4 swimming pools which means never-ending playfulness for the visitors.
  • Wave Pool of the water park lets you experience waves while you are knee deep in the pool. The fun offered by the Wave Pool is inexplicable and one should not miss the chance to enjoy it.
  • Water slides and rides with different heights have been provided in the park, keeping in mind the safety and convenience of the visitors which include children as well.
  • Once you feel like that you had enough of getting spoiled in the pools and at rides which most people don’t think, you can step under the shower to enjoy some dance while the water pours over on your head.
  • For the people who are aqua phobic or have had enough of water activities, they can turn to other rides in the park. These rides are meant for both adults and children.
  • Special events and programs are also organised here to make festivals such as Holi, all the more exciting and memorable.

Special discounts and services are provided by the management of the park to corporate houses and school trips.

Entry Fees and Timing

  • On weekdays, Rs. 400 is charged for every individual while on public holidays and weekends, the fee is Rs. 500 for each individual.
  • Hungama Word is open for public from 10 AM to 5 PM every day.


Other than the parks that are mentioned above, some of the parks that are located in the vicinity of Patna are Bliss Aqua Water Park, and Sahil Water Park which means that you always have plenty of chances to enjoy water activities with your families.

Following are the things that are strictly prohibited by all the water parks mentioned above:

  • No outside eatables are allowed as the parks have their own eateries located within the premises
  • Swimming costumes are must to jump into the swimming pool
  • Considering the safety parameters, pets are not allowed inside the premises of the park. However, separate place have been provided in these parks to keep the pets.
  • As such places are mostly visited by families, hence consumption of liquor is not permitted at any of the park

Any water park must be supplied with the basic services and facilities to look after the public in apt manner. Following facilities are provided by most of the water parks in Patna to make the visit of public a pleasant experience:

  • Medical Assistance

    Accidents can happen anywhere, even when all the necessary precautions are taken. To get the better of any medical emergency, instant medical aid is kept ready by the parks. Some of the parks even keep doctors on the premises to assist their visitors deal with mild problems as well.

  • Parking

    Parking is one of the deciding factors that judge the influx of visitors at any place. Water parks in Patna have spacious parking lots so that they can handle the crowd aptly on weekends as well. Adequate security is also provided in the parking lots to ensure the safety of the vehicles.

  • Food & Water

    To ensure that the visitors have food and water supplies available in the park itself, restaurants and eateries are run and managed by the water park authorities. Food items are available at eateries keeping in mind that people from almost all the age groups visit here.

  • Pets’ Place

    For those people who are visiting the parks with their pets, they need not worry about the same. Most of the parks have special places to keep pets so that the owners of these pets can enjoy without fidgeting over the safety of the same.

  • Security Measures

    Safety at any place should be the topmost priority of the management of the water parks. Working on these lines, water parks of Patna have world class security system. CCTVs and manned security is provided in the parks so that the visitors know that they can enjoy without getting willies for their safety & security.

At any water park, safety measures should be gone through adequately. Ensure that the below mentioned safety measures are followed aptly to make your trip to a water park, a pleasant experience:

  • Be a Responsible Parent

    Do not get too busy while making merry at a water park. The imperative thing that must be undertaken by parents while enjoying is that they must keep the children under your keen eye so that they are safe while playing in the pool. Safety should be the topmost thing on your to do list.

  • Keep Yourself Safe

    Ensure that you and your companions do not spend too much either in the water or under the sunlight. Both the things can affect the health adversely. Take a break of approximately 10 minutes after going through any activity at the park. It will maintain a suitable temperature of your body throughout the day.

  • Dress Aptly

    Dress properly to keep yourself from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Wear loose t-shirt or shirt, a hat, and keep a water bottle handy to keep yourself hydrated as you will be spending most of the day under the direct influence of sunrays. Also keep an eye on the children to make sure that children are spending too much time under the sun.

  • Apply Sunscreen

    To prevent your skin from getting sun burned or tanned, wear a suitable sunscreen. It should be done the moment you enter the parking lot of the water park and keep doing it after a certain interval throughout the day. Apply the same sunscreen to your children as well and advice your companions also to do the same.

  • Opt for Life Vest

    Though floaties are provided in the water parks, ones should not be too reliable on such stuff as far as the safety is concerned. No floaty can does the job a life vest. Children, irrespective of their age must be made to wear life vests to ensure safety. Also, it is the duty of the elders to supervise the activities of children in the park.

  • Follow the Rules

    Every water park has its own rules and regulations to keep the visitors at bay from harm. Follow the rules of the park and cooperate with the authorities. While going for any ride or slide, go through the instructions properly such as considering the height of the ride and medical conditions required for the ride.

  • Avoid Running About Pools

    It is pretty obvious that the area around the pool is a lot slippery owing to the presence of water; hence running along the pool is not a good choice at all. Please ensure that you, your family members, or anyone in your sight is not doing so.

  • Safety in the Pool

    As the depth of the pools in any water park varies a lot. A pool is shallow at the beginning while the depth increases as one goes moves further. While your children gambol in the pool, make sure that they keep themselves to the shallow are only.


The hale and hearty are likely to receive immense pleasure and weave unforgettable memories while having fun at the water park. A water park is the perfect place to indulge in activities that thrill your mind and send a shiver of excitement through your body. Any thought of holding over the visit to a water park means missing the chance to add another feather of merriment and ecstasy in your life. If it is summer vacation for your children, do not keep your children from indulging in the activities here which are going to bring and maintain side splitting smiles on their face.

So gird up your loins, pack your stuff and step into the premises of a water park to have nothing but visions of ecstasy with your family.


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