9 Ways You Can Manage An Incessant Crying Baby As A Father

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Best Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

The only mode of communication for the babies is crying. Crying is essential for the babies to survive. According to many research, crying is also a way to increase the lung capacity of the baby.

When the new mother loses her sleep day by day she tends to get irritated because of certain facts and now it is time for the dad to take charge. Many fathers need the support of the baby care if the baby is crying at night. It is good but it must be at a certain limit as there are limits for everything especially in the case of babies.

This article may help the fathers to understand the various reasons behind the cry of your baby and the ways to console them.

The following are some of the topmost reasons why your baby is crying,

  1. If The Baby Is Hungry

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The main reason for your baby to cry is if your baby is hungry. When the baby is in the womb it gets the required nutrition from the mother, but once your baby is out he/she does not realize the hunger. The only thing that the baby feels is the pain. So it is necessary to feed the baby every 2-3 hours.

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  1. When The Baby Is Sleepy

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Another major reason for the baby to cry is when it feels sleepy. Until 3 months that is the initial stages the sleep of the baby will not be stabilized and hence the baby cries when he/she feels sleepy. So sleep is also the reason for your baby to cry.

  1. Your Baby Could Be Tired Or Scared

As we sometimes feel tired of the new guests to the home, the baby could also get tired. The baby could have a mild stomach ache or earache or the baby could be uncomfortable with the fabric that he/she is set to rest. This could make the baby get some pain.

The parents should understand that the world is very new to your baby and the arrival of guest can make it too worse. Their noise could irritate your baby. So it is strictly advised to maintain the peace for the baby and its surroundings.

How To Console A Crying Baby?

The following are certain things that a father can do to console a crying child,

  1. Recreate Some Familiar Sounds

When the baby is crying try to recreate some familiar sound such as the sound of a washing machine that the baby has heard many times when he/she is in the womb. So by making these sounds you can create a comfort for the baby as these sounds can give an illusion to the child as it is in the womb of the mother. Thus you the stop the cry of the baby especially at night when your wife is taking rest,

  1. Singing A Gentle Song Or Lullaby

This is an ancient and best way to console your crying child. You can just sing a song in order to console the crying baby. You can also try humming a lullaby to soothe the crying baby. This is one of the best ways for the dad to console the baby when he/she is crying at the night while your wife is resting.

  1. Cradle The Baby With Your Hands

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Another way of consoling your crying baby is just by cradling your baby gently with your hands. You can also gently sway from side to side in rhythmic intervals. This could comfort your baby with a smooth touch by this gentle touch you could console the crying baby.

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  1. Doing Some Silly Things

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While your baby is crying try to change the baby’s attention by changing your face with some funny facial expressions. At a certain time, your baby will stop crying and start to giggle, note that particular expression and repeat it again when the baby is crying. This could help the dad to have a strong and lovable bond with the baby and certainly, you could give some rest to your wife who is already tired because of the responsibility of the baby and also the responsibilities at home and also regarding the elders.

  1. Talking With The Baby

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Talking with your baby is also a good technique to console the baby when he or she is crying. Talk to your kid slowly makes a diversion in their mood and there are chances to stop crying. This could also help in the earlier development in the communication skills of the baby. You can also follow this to divert the mood of your child and stop the cry of the child.

  1. Fathers Can Take The Baby For A Walk

The fathers can carry the baby for a walk so that they can get a fresh air of the outside world and be calm. So when your baby is crying take him or her out using the baby carriers or the east strollers. This could relax the baby and also it could refresh the baby rather being locked within the four walls.

  1. Play Time

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It is necessary for a father to schedule a play time with your baby so that the bond between the dad and the baby gets stronger. Playing with your baby will also help you to reduce the cry of the baby.

  1. Chant In Front Of Your Baby

When your baby cries tap the floor with your foot and chant. Chant as long as your baby cries and gradually reduce your voce as your baby stops crying.

  1. Just Wait It Out

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The American Academy of Pediatrics says, the babies sometimes cry to get rid of the excess energy that are stored and to fall asleep so if your baby cries check for other possibilities and if nothing works wait until the baby stops crying.

Here are few points what you should not do when your baby is crying, Do not shake the baby in order to calm down because this may cause some side effects.

The first thing a father should do is to stay calm, a restless father will make the baby to cry more.


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