10 Stunning Long Hairstyles For Round Faces


Hairstyles For Round Faces

Take a deep sigh as you are on the right page. The styling of the hair can embed stars on the beauty of a lady.  Your way to get ready reflects you and speaks a lot about your personality. The merely combing of your hair can also be beneficial, but you need to know the perfect way to that too. You do not need to be a hairstylist for this, whereas simple steps can help you to get the mesmerizing look.  Either it is a function where you are going to be in the limelight, or you are choosing the hairstyle for going to college, you can get every type of hairstyle there and also find hairstyles for round faces. All that you need to do is that scroll down to go through those hairstyles.

  1. Top Knot With Bangs

Heading towards a messy and busy day can give you a trauma that which hairstyle will stay for so long. But, if you have a round face, then we have a perfect plan for you to make your day super easy and stress-free. Faking the bangs can assist you in getting the charming look. It is one of the easy-to-do hairstyles. Have a look at the steps mentioned below:

  • In the very first step, you need to blow dry your hair
  • Now, tie your hair into a ponytail
  • Comb your hair and twist your hair and give it a wrapping as a knot
  • Leave the ends of the ponytail by pinning up the knot
  • Those ends will appear as the bangs on your forehead
  • Blow-dry your hair to get undone touch

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  1. Slicked Bun With A Middle Part

Parting your hairs from the middle is a trend which is running since ages. This hairstyle goes well both with traditional as well as western dress. Apart from that, when you slick the hairs to make a neat bun, then everyone gets fascinated by your beauty, and then you can manage to become the limelight of a prom. Pay a keen eye to follow steps to adopt that hairstyle.

  • Damp the hairs with an invisible oil or a hair serum
  • Part your strands from the middle
  • Make a tight ponytail from the falling hair
  • Curl the ponytail with iron and twist them to make a bun
  • Secure the bun with bobby pins to get a classy look

  1. Bouncy Layered

Layers are a part of never-expiring fashion, and when you have long hairs and round face, nothing can be a rival to this hairstyle. Perfect for the parties and also for college-girls as this hairstyle can allure your look unique and can even define your features if done beautifully. You need to go through the steps to get this hairstyle.

  • Blow dry your hair by moving around brush into hair
  • Comb the hairs properly for smoothening
  • Use a boar-bristle brush and curl your hairs
  • You can also use a volumizing product
  • Then finish the look with a serum

  1. Sleek Straight Long Hairs

The super easy hairstyle can give you a super awesome look. If you want to bang in the party, then do not go for any other hairstyle and choose this. It can widen the eyes of the people around you. The illusion of length can be highly beneficial to define your features and look. So, give this hairstyle a try and follow these steps.

  • Divide the whole volume into two partitions
  • Now, blow dry your hair to get the smooth texture
  • After this, you will have to use your straightener to make the hairs perfect
  • Comb your hairs thoroughly, and you are ready to magnetize the people

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  1. Ballerina Buns

If you love having long hairs and do not prefer too many styles, then ballerina or high buns are perfect compliments to your look. Apart from that, if you have a round face, then you can welcome more charm your way. Scroll down to know the steps.

  • Make a ponytail of your hair
  • Lift the ponytail high
  • Spread the hairs and roll over the rubberband
  • Secure the strands and make it steady with a hairspray

  1. Easy Waves

Holding a hairstyle for so long is something which seems difficult to every woman. So, if you are going to get a busy day further, then natural waves can work well for you. The advantage of having this hairstyle is that you do not need to follow heavy and stressing tasks, whereas you can get it done by following simple steps.

  • Part your hair into two sections
  • Twist one partition and press it with a straightener
  • Comb your hairs afterward
  • Follow the same for another section
  • You are now ready to become the limelight

  1. Palm Tree Or High Pony

Being mature and looking mature are two different aspects and it is not hidden from anyone that most of the girls love cute and sweet looks. If you like cute looks, then palm tree ponies are adequate choices for you. Your round face shape can get allured by this hairstyle, so do follow the procedure to adopt it.

  • Brush your hair thoroughly
  • Tie the whole length with elastic
  • Add hairspray to upper length
  • In last, add volume to hairs

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  1. Heatless Or Soft Curls

For those with round faces, hot curls can accentuate the features and can compliment your look if appropriately volumized. If you have long hairs, then go for the total wild curls, but if you do not have many long strands, then soft curls can go well. So, choose the hairstyle according to the length of your hair by following these steps.

  • Wash your hairs and let them dry
  • Divide the hair into partitions
  • Twist your hair from the roots
  • Bind the twists into buns
  • Pins those buns
  • Repeat everything on another side too
  • Keep it overnight and open the strands to get the soft curls

  1. Textured Braids

Textured braids can give you an extremely alluring look with feathery baby hairs. It can add the height to your round face and can attract the people to praise your beauty. This hairstyle is great for women having finely textured hairs. Have a look at the steps to do this hairstyle.

  • Blow dry your hair
  • Section your hairs into two
  • Take one partition and make three subsections
  • Turn the hairs into a three-strand braid
  • Make it to the end and repeat on another side

  1. Center-Parted Low Pony

Getting late for any occasion, give a try to the center-parted low pony, which can embrace the roundness of your face. If you are looking to get a classy look, then this hairstyle is the one you are seeking. Move your attention towards the steps.

  • Comb your hair with a brush
  • Blow dry your hairs and part from the middle
  • Brush your strands to the whole length
  • Tie them with an elastic band
  • Spray any hairspray for steadiness

Try these hairstyles and let yourself enter into the world of glamor with proud. Be the limelight of the proms and showstoppers of the parties. Let the crowd follow you and become the head of voguish world with extra-ordinary hairstyles.


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