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Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is the name of a brand under which The Enfield Cycle Company Limited sold various stationary engines, motorcycles, lawnmovers, and bicycles ever since its inception. It was in the year 1901 when the first Royal Enfield motorcycle was manufactured. The Company is known for its specialization in the original production and designing the Royal Enfield bullet that is till date longest lived motorcycle. It is the most adaptable and multipurpose bike which is fit for all the riders either they have to go on-road or off-road. The interesting fact about the Royal Enfield is that there is a great diversity in the designing and availability of different models of the bike. Given below is an important information about the Royal Enfield bikes that will serve as an answer to the questions of those who are in double thought to buy the model of Royal Enfield motorcycle.

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Reasons For Buying The Royal Enfield Motorcycle

Royal Enfield now aiming for widening the footprint at the global level, the outstanding features of the various models of the Company will serve for the moto. Listed below are the various amazing features which will glad you to buy the model of Royal Enfield:

  • Amazing Designs

    There are various models of the bullet that has been launched till date. The excellent feature about the models is the amazing and unique designing which gives an extra edge to the buyer for choosing the Royal Enfield.

  • Horse Power Engine

    This is the outstanding and amazing feature of the Royal Enfield that the engine is much efficient. This feature is the breakthrough to overcome all the minorities in the various models of the bullet. Moreover, the engine is available in different and various cc categories which offer the wide range and variety of options to the buyer.

  • Efficiency

    The Royal Enfield stands at peak level if one is comparing the efficiency level of its engine. It is the mind-blowing feature which every bike rider wants. No matter where you are riding the bullet, you will never be disappointed about the working mechanism.

  • Quality

    If one is considering the quality products in the range of around 1 lakh, the Royal Enfield has the place at top of the list. From the time of launch till today, there is not any quality issue related to the various parts of the bullet. One can choose it without any second thought ifr he is considering the quality as a priority.


Reasons For Not Buying The Royal Enfield Motorcycle

  • Too Much Noisy

    Bullet lovers may find this vehicle extremely exciting, but in reality, you cannot face the irritating sound of the bullet. Where the world is seeking the vehicles and other mechanical equipment which do not create any disturbing noise, the bullets seem to belong to the museums or to the archaic times. The old-fashioned machines used in the manufacturing of this vehicle may sound antique, but everything gets disappeared when the people get annoyed by its noise. Even this creates the vibration in the handle due to tow which driving also becomes difficult.

  • High Maintenance Cost

    The bullets are getting voguish and trendy among the youth as it holds a quite impressive look. But, it does not mean that these do not have any limitations, but bullets provide very less mileage, which is the most important disadvantage of this vehicle. It is something that needs fully loaded pockets because it needs high-cost maintenance. Only the people who can afford the maintenance should spend the money on buying it. The luxury is easy to buy but difficult to maintain, so one should buy accordingly.

  • Mileage Issue

    It is the very common issue of the various models of the bullet that these do not give any mileage like the other present-day bikes where good mileage is a great quality, this is the reason that many people don’t even think to buy it and choose the bikes which give high mileage.

  • Heavy Weight And Brake System

    The other important issue with the bullet models is that these are heavy in weight which cannot be controlled by every person. Moreover, it is a sports bike and there is the problem with the brake system. The brakes system of the old bullets that are still in trend is not efficient. Almost the large number of models lacks the disc brake system which is the feature required in sports bikes.


Listed above are the various facts which will help you to compare the key qualities and lacking features about the Royal Enfield. Still, there are various key features that can be there in the coming models of the bullet, but the bullet lovers will continue to accept the antique features of the Royal Enfield and will choose it among the various available sports bikes.



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