Top 10 Weight Gain Products Available In India


In this busy schedule, every single individual tries to follow a strict diet for a healthy lifespan. Thus for this, they follow strict diet through which you can increase your stamina. Reducing weight is not much daunting as it seems, but gaining weight is quite tough.

It is not just about the healthy body, but there are ample of things on which one has to concentrate. If you are underweight, then you are compromising with your internal strength. At the end every single activity is affecting muscles, immune system and quality of life. The very first thing on which we pay attention to is a healthy diet which contains nutrients that are essential for maintaining a healthy diet.

There are numerous products in the market through which an individual can gain weight by following a balanced diet such as high quantity protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and dairy products, etc. This can help you to stay away from lack of calcium, iron-deficient anemia, and other disorders.

Best Weight Gain Products In India

You can easily prefer the protein supplements such as creatine including a healthy diet, along with daily exercise program. It helps in gaining muscle strength and increasing stamina.  Regular exercises, as well as a healthy diet, are a routine process which is more advantageous if taken along with best building supplements. Thus it is important to follow the strict schedule if you want to achieve target weight.

  1. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

It is an ultimate product with extreme weight-gain formulas. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass contains the essential nutrients which include effective goods that are useful in developing a healthy physique. This is an effective product for those who are looking for highly-active metabolisms, along with weaker appetites to sustain a healthy lifestyle. It consumes a sufficient amount of calories which are not available in food alone. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass contains 1,250 calories, 250-plus grams of carbohydrates, 50 grams of protein, as well as 25 vitamins and minerals along with glutamine or creatine. So this is an effective product time which is safe if you want to gain weight.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass For Weight Gain

You can prefer its chocolate flavor in milk and intake it twice a day.


  1. Musashi Bulk Mass Gains Protein Blend

Musashi BULK Mass Gain Protein Powder is the best supplement for hard gainers as well as fast metabolizers. Therefore if you want to increase the mass of the body, then proteins or energy vitamins are effective for your muscle growth and repairing certain defects.

This nutrient profile is helpful for growing adolescents, sportspersons, and active older adults and for the people who require the bulk of protein.

Musashi Bulk Mass Gain Protein Blend Dosage For Weight Gain

Add 60 g of powder in approximately 500 ml of milk and drink it twice a day.


  1. Healthkart Weight Gainer

HealthKart Weight Gainer is a rich supplement which contains 11.25 g protein, 4.5-gram fat, 75-gram carbohydrates, and near about 1.5 g fibers. Thus it is considered as a simple or effective method to gain weight. This product is used in building lean body mass. The 56.25 g of high-quality complex carbohydrates are used for gaining healthy muscle. And approximately 75 g of HealthKart Weight gainer along with 1.5 g fiber helps to improve digestion.

Healthkart Weight Gainer Dosage For Weight Gain

The delicious chocolate flavor can be simply drunk by mixing it in milk. 5 spoons of 75 g of HealthKart weight gainer can be easily mixed in 180 ml of milk.

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  1. BSN True-Mass

It is an essential nutrient which can be consumed in the form of everyday nutrition. The athletes mainly prefer this BSN True-Mass for building lean body mass. It is composed of high as well as low glycemic, proteins, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients, such as vitamins or minerals. Hence if you are concentrating on the bodybuilding process or athletic strengthening then can follow this product.

 BSN True-Mass Dosage For Weight Gain

Drink 1 scoop daily to satisfy your protein or mass-gaining requirements.


  1. Muscle Blaze Weight Gainer

Muscle Blaze Weight Gainer is a well-known health supplement which contains quality protein as well as carbohydrates. It contains around 12 g of rich protein along with 72 g of carbohydrates for weight gain and fitness enthusiasts. Muscle Blaze Weight Gainer is a formulation of different ingredients such as DigeZyme, and 5 digestive enzymes, i.e., protease, amylase, lactase, cellulase, and lipase.

Muscle Blaze Weight Gainer Dosage For Weight Gain

Add approximately 100 g of Muscle Blaze Weight Gainer Chocolate flavor in 300 ml of milk. Blend it by using a blender or shaker for near about 45-60 seconds for rich as well as a creamy shake.


  1. Optimum Pro Complex Gainer

Optimum Pro Complex Gainer is the best product which is used to increase the level of calories for healthy muscles and to gain weight. You can prefer the pro complex gainer for consuming proteins, fats, carbs, minerals, and vitamins, etc. This is the best supplement through which you can gain weight and strengthen the muscles mass by following adequate exercise.

Optimum Pro Complex Gainer Dosage For Weight Gain

It is considered as a calorie-rich food in order to strengthen the muscles. You can add it in your meal if want to recover from tired muscle strength.


  1. Universal Nutrition Real Gains

The Universal Nutrition Real Gains is one of the best supplements which you can consume for a healthy lifestyle. Talking about 6.85 lb Vanilla Ice Cream is an ultimate supplement which you can consume for proteins along with calories. The enriched amount of protein, amino acids, micellar casein and other essential nutrients are available in adequate amount. This supplement contains an adequate amount of nutrition which provides you instant energy.

Universal Nutrition Real Gains Dosage For Weight Gain

This dietary supplement can be consumed by an individual twice or thrice a day.

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  1. My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme

You can prefer this supplement at any time according to your requirement. This product is used to enhance the consumption of an adequate amount of calories daily. Myprotein is blended with multiple benefits and with unique protein that further consists of high-quality protein sources.

My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme Dosage For Weight Gain

You can add 3 ½ large scoops, i.e., 125g of Myprotein Hard Gainer Extreme with 5.5 lb Vanilla in 500-1000 ml of water along with full-fat milk. Shake it well for at least 30 seconds and drink after or before 30 minutes of workout.


  1. British Nutrition Xtra Mass

Xtra Mass is a supportive supplement is a source of energy during the building of muscles. The adequate amount of amino acids helps to overcome muscle damage. It also enhances protein synthesization which is responsible for fat-free muscles mass, i.e., up to 16 kgs of muscle mass in approximately 60 days. It contains the essential ingredients which are rich in protein, and carbohydrates, to enhance the muscles tone by following biological processes.

British Nutrition Xtra Mass Dosage For Weight Gain

You can easily consume near about 2 scoops of Xtra Mass 2-3 times in a day. An individual can prefer 1 serving instantly after a workout and another one at any time throughout the day. It will surely boost your calorie count.


  1. Matrix Nutrition Mega Mass 4600

Matrix Nutrition Mega Mass 4600 is available in different flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. It contains special ingredients which are rich in proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins.  It is a complete package which provides you with an adequate amount of glutamine, taurine, and creatine. In 100 g of Matrix Nutrition Mega Mass 4600, an individual will get approximately 21 g of protein. This is used to provide efficient energy during a workout to gain an adequate amount of growth, weight, and recovery of muscles.

Matrix Nutrition Mega Mass 4600 Dosage For Weight Gain:

Two spoonful of Matrix Nutrition Mega Mass 4600 powder with a cup of water is an essential supplement for your muscle strengths.

You can easily prefer the weight gain products along with your exercise. These products can be helpful for maintaining a good physique and can also regain the body strength. The weight gain products are used for strong muscles or increasing stamina. So, it is important to prefer the supplements after understanding the properties or ingredients.


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