7 Tips to Replenish Your Water Levels in Exhausting Summers

Replenish Your Water Levels in Exhausting Summers
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In the singing heat of summer when the temperature is too high, high liquid loss happens from the body. One feels parched over and over again and furthermore gets dehydrated likewise soon. Water averts fluid loss after exercise and lack of hydration. Furthermore, on a hot sunny day, water is a need, a lifeline. One should remain hydrated amid summers. Regardless of whether you don’t care for drinking ordinary water, there are sufficient approaches to keep yourself hydrated. So here are a few tips to replenish your water levels in exhausting summers.

  1. Get innovative:

Nearly no one appreciates swallowing down gallons of water. So you can simply attempt diverse methods for improving the water taste by including electrolytes, lime juice. You can even take a stab at tasting iced tea or herbal teas. Not only will they add minerals to water, as well as make it more delectable.

  1. Coconut water:

Coconut water

It is a natural hydrating drink that serves as a sure-shot way of getting the right minerals and vitamins in your belly while keeping you energised. But the only negative aspect is it’s not easily available in places other than South India and portability creates issues like decrease in water content.

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  1. Avoid packaged drinks:

Regardless of whether you do like such refreshments, one ought to lean toward maintaining a strategic distance from carbonated water, particularly in summers. Despite the fact that they may extinguish your thirst, yet they give excess of sugar and lessening craving. Hence it’s smarter to go for sports drinks that will enable you to stay energised.

  1. Go for buttermilk:


Very often people mistake buttermilk to be a blend of milk and butter. But it is prepared using a few spoons of natural yogurt mixed with water and blended well. It has fat content even less than a glass of milk. Spices can also be added to enhance its taste. The drink is consumed as a digestive usually taken after a piquant meal and in summers to keep the body cool. It contains all essential macro-nutrients. It is a very good source of calcium for lactose-intolerant people too.

  1. No harm in taking beverages:

Coffee and tea help in water retentivity in spite of the prevalent view. In any case, they shouldn’t be taken in overabundance; two mugs are adequate for a day. Caffeine found in them is dehydrating if taken in substantial amounts. Additionally you should attempt green tea, chamomile and lavender tea to give you the advantages of antioxidants. Such sorts of teas work wonders for the individuals who are endeavoring to shed a few pounds.

  1. Increase intake of fruits and salad:

fruits and salad

On the off chance that fluids don’t work out well for you, you can eat your way through as well. Guarantee a proper intake of seasonal fruits like musk melon, watermelon, litchis in your eating regimen. They have great water content that will serve your water needs. Working individuals can dice the fruits and carry them in lunch box. It’s smarter to crunch on them instead of devouring oily canteen snacks. But they ought to be consumed early as the summer heat affects their taste.

  1. Healthy soups with vegetables:

soups with vegetables

If you are one of the soup-lovers, you can definitely have such soups on a daily basis along with your meals to replenish water inside your body. This combination of fluid and salt help you stay hydrated for a long time. The nutrients in vegetables included in soups also have wonderful benefit for your body.

With these points in consideration, you’ll be prepared to sparkle amid the splendid summers and appreciate the season with extraordinary well-being.


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