5 Ways To Pedicure And Manicure At Home

How to Do Manicure and Pedicure at Home
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How to do Manicure and Pedicure at Home

Manicure and Pedicure are the beauty treatment to replenish your fingernails and hands. The manicure is the word driven from Latin where “manus” means hand and “cura” means care. The procedure involves filing, shaping and clipping. In some treatment painting of nail is also involved, as it is an optional step to enhance your nails look. In manicure shaping of nails are initial steps, as their various shapes are nails, such as oval, round, square, squoval and square round by oval corner. The most common are highly recommended shape is square and round. The squoval is best and effective shape for those who regularly perform the domestic work.

Manicure and Pedicure are just not about beautiful hand and feet, but about the health also. It promotes the greater health of your finger, nails, feet and toes by increasing the blood circulation and mobility of joints. Regular manicure and pedicure provide the huge benefits to skin, especially in winter the skin gets dry and rough. They keep our hand and feet to look young by hydrating them. The massage involved in the treatment is a great way to lighten up the body. Manicure and pedicure have a lot of benefits, but a regular visit to saloon become trouble in this hectic schedule. No need to worry here enlisted are top 5 ways to perform the treatment at home only by using the natural products. All these products are easily available in the kitchen and the additional advantage is it has no side effects.

The essential elements are required to perform are:

  1. Moisture

  2. Sugar scrubs

  3. Nail polish

  4. Warm water

  5. Nail filer

  6. Tub

  7. Nail paint remover and cotton balls

  • Shape Your Nails

Shape your nails
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Before starting with a manicure, you need to remove your old nail paint and file your nails in the desired shape. Before trimming your nail soak them, to avoid the breakage. After trimming gentle file your nail in the desired shape and size. It is highly recommended to shape your nail in round or square form. Avoid the metal material for filing as they cause nails to splinter and the best idea is to use crystal nail filer. Once you have shaped your nail,  use a buffer on the sides and top of the nails as you are aiming to get the even surface.

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  • Soaking And Scrubbing

Soaking and scrubbing
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Soaking your hand and feet in warm water helps to clean the feet and lose the tighten skin. One should soak his/her feet and hands twice or thrice a week for three to five minutes. If your skin is dry and loses a lot of moisture, add some drops of olive oil to warm water. You can add cleanser or sugar to get added benefits such as glowing skin and nourishment. Soaking is an extremely important but ideal timing for soaking is 15 to 20 minutes as over soaking may cause damage to skin and nails.

This is the longest and a very vital process in manicure and pedicure. Scrubbing is a process of removing dead skin. Use a brush to clean nail and remove the dead skin. Wash your hand clean and warm water and pat dry them using a towel.

  • Cleaning And Trimming Of Cuticles

Cleaning and trimming of cuticles
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There are many tricks to remove cuticles without damaging nails and skin. Using the cuticle pusher, gently push them back. You need to take extreme care while cutting, do not rip, cut, tear or force as they cause damage to the nail bed. While cleaning does not forget to remove the hanging nails from the sides.

  • Moisturizer

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Once soaking and scrubbing is done, use the milk moisturizer to massage your nails and cuticles. Moisturizing is done to hydrate and replenish your nails. If you are not having moisturizer, you can use your favorite oil instead.

  • Allure It With Nail Paint

Allure it with nail paint
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If you are planning to add some color to your nails, make sure there is no moisturizer left on the nails, as it does not allow nail paint to stick. One can use cotton to remove the excess moisturizer.

You can use transparent nail paint as a base coat, apply your favorite color and let it dry for a few minutes. Apply shiner to add up glow to your nails.

Gently clean up the excess nail paint. Do not user dryer as it may chip the nail paint. You can dry it under the fan, but sometimes it may also cause bubbles.


The mentioned above the natural  home tips to get the glowing skin. You can avoid going to a salon or spa by adopting these homemade tips. All these products are available in the market and the additional benefits they have no side effects. The treatment is beneficial to health as it promotes the blood circulation and mobility of joints.



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