About Bikes a Brief Description


Bike word is used as the short form of Motorcycle. Bikes are two-wheeler vehicles mostly on petrol. Electric bikes are also available these days. Which can run up to 60-100 km with one time charged battery? India people prefer to use a bike rather than a car in their routine use. Because bikes are economically cheaper than cars and are more fuel efficient also. Bikes produce less smoke so these do not pollute the weather in that way, with which cars do. Bikes require less space for parking and hence maintenance cost is also low in comparison with cars. Bike insurance and pollution checking charges are less than cars, so these are more preferred over cars. It can pass through the crowdie roads and are very effective when there is a traffic jam.

History of Bike: -

 The history of motorcycle began in the later years of the 19th century. Motorcycles are developed from safety bicycles, with both the wheels of the same size and a pedal crank mechanism to pull the rear wheel.

Companies Which Manufacture Motorcycles: -

There are a lot of companies all around the world who manufacture bikes. Hero, Honda, Suzuki, TVS, KTM, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Hero Electric, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson etc. Now we talk about 10 best and economic bikes which are very popular.


Source: ZigWheels.com

This Bike Is really dreamed of by teenagers. Its sound makes it different from others. Its mileage is about 40 KMPL and having   Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke Engine having Capacity 346cc. Ride quality, superior handling, and retro-looks make the rider feel royal. The long wheelbase and the 19-inches wheels of bullet 350 offers an excellent ride, and the suspension setup of telescopic forks at the front and dual rear coil springs provide a comfortable ride as well.

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Source: ZigWheels.com

Bajaj Pulsar brand is one of the more iconic motorcycle brands in the market. This is the most economical and powerful bike in its segment. Its look makes it different. It comes with a single cylinder, 4 strokes, 2-valve, and twin spark DTS-I Engine having capacity 220cc.it’s maximum speed can be 136kmpl and it’s mileage is up to 40KMPL. It comes with attractive colors.



Source: ZigWheels.com

The design was made after taking feedback over thousand bikers across the world most of whom were teenagers and the bike was designed with an urban theme. This bike comes with the very powerful engine having capacity of 749cc.Bike comes with 60 nm of torque with 50 Horsepower. It is highly efficient and low cost bike with these features in it’s segment. Maximum mileage it provides is 27KMPL on long route. It’s top speed is 180kmpl.

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4. Honda Activa

Source: ZigWheels.com

This is a bike which brought a revolution in the Indian market. This is the bike which gave a chance for girls to drive a motor vehicle especially two-wheeler. Girls like this bike too much. The bike keeps 109 cc powerful engine, which comes with kick and self. Mileage this bike offers is 60kmpl and wheel type is kept alloy, which adds style to its looks. Moreover it is spacious to carry more luggage from one place to other.

5. Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

Source: ZigWheels.com

The Avenger 220 Street is more of an urban machine and one that seems to be inspired by Harley-Davidson Street 750.Most of the people like this bike due to it’s lower height. It’s a powerful bike having twin spark, 2-valve, DTS-I engine of 220cc capacity. It looks and comforts make it more relevant to people choice.  It’s mileage is 45kmpl.It can attain a maximum speed of 120kmph.



Source: ZigWheels.com

TVS in Partnerships with BMW developed this bike. This is really awesome with 312.2cc engine Capacity. It carries Single cylinder, 4 stroke, 4-valve, reverse inclined DOHC, SI Engine. Maximum speed it can attain is 145kmph.it has a Mileage of 31kmpl.The steel trellis frame uses a split chassis design and is said to offer higher dynamic stiffness and better control and handling. Due to its style this bike is highly appreciated.

7. Hero Splendor

Source: ZigWheels.com

This is a bike, which is most popular in India. This is the most economical and most trusted bike in India. Its cost is low as compared to other bikes and its performance is far better than others, Durability and mileage is also awesome. It’s maintenance cost is also low. This bike was manufactured by Hero and Honda in collaboration but after that hero got separated from Honda as the alliance goes to an end. Hero continued to manufacture the Splendor and it is the rewarded bike in India.


Source: ZigWheels.com

It’s a great bike introduced by Suzuki at reasonable price. This bike comes with 4 strokes; single cylinder air cooled engine having capacity of 154.9cc. The Intruder offers a long and flowing design to the body. It’s fuel injection system differentiate it from other bikes. Its mileage is 44kmpl and the top speed it offers is 115kmph. The bike is amazing with all its features. Overall it is the best bike with its awesome look and performance in this budget.

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9. Honda CBR 600 ABS

Source: ZigWheels.com

It is a great bike from Honda. Its is a high-class bike which comes with powerful 599cc, 4 cylinder engine. It has total of 6 shift gears. This bike comes with the liquid cooling system. It’s a petrol bike, Which offers a comfortable ride. The bike is one of the most powerful middleweights of all time, which claim the power values that are close to the race spec series of other motorcycle makers.

10. Hero Electric Flash

Source: ZigWheels.com

This is an entry level electric scooter targeted at first time scooter buyers. The front apron of this bike is dominated by a wide headlamp, while the indicators are fitted to the handlebar. Glossy paint and alloys give it a classic looks. Bike can run at a maximum speed of 25km/h and the 20ah battery gives it maximum range of 65kms. It keeps a digital speedometer. The main advantage of this bike is this, it does not create pollution, which is very good for environment and human and animal health also.


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