It is Necessary to Drive a CAAAAR…


History of the Automobile

A car is said to be a road vehicle, having four wheels, powered by a combustion engine inside and It is able to carry a small number of persons in it. It is a four-wheeler vehicle which is used for transportation. According to most of the definitions, the cars are the vehicle which can have the capacity to carry people from one to eight varying upon the sizes of car and usually used to transport people rather than luggage or goods. Most of the cars run on petrol and diesel, but now a day’s some people get gas kit installed in their cars and run the engine on liquid petroleum gas, which is more economical, but equivalently it decreases the age of a vehicle.


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History of Cars

Birth year of the modern car is 1886 when German inventor Karl Benz got his Motorwagen patented. Modern cars become available at the start of 20th century. However, the cars which were operated on electricity were found before the modern cars, were made commercial very late in 2008.

Companies Which Manufacture Cars

Thousands of companies are available in the world, who manufacture cars from all around the world. Some of them are as: -Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Nissan, Tata, Honda, Toyota, Jeep, Skoda, Audi, Mercedes etc. The most loved models in India are Ford Figo, Renault Duster, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Toyota Fortuner etc. India is the supermarket for cars.

Advantages to Own a Car

  1. Cars can move at a great speed from one place to another. One should not wait for the bus, train or any other transport to come. Suppose in the emergency conditions these are very useful, sometimes there is a lack of time and we don’t have such a free time to wait. So it saves time to own a car.
  2. If you own a car then the car is always available to you and you can go anywhere to anyplace. Sometimes in remote areas, there is no availability of public transport. So that time we feel the importance of a car.
  3. Cars are safer than bikes. If you met with an accident you the chances of your safety are more if we compare with a bike or bicycle. In the rainy season also, we wish to own a car, because we do not get wet if we are traveling by car.
  4. Owning a car is also helpful when you go out on a trip. You do not need to hire a taxi and pay the high amount of money to the taxi driver. You can carry a number of things with you without any hesitation. Even you don’t need to book tickets also and it saves your time and money and more comfortable than public transports. It also supports your privacy, because in public transport, buses or trains there is no privacy. So, these are the facts which tell us the advantage of cars. These days electric cars are also available which do not pollute the environment and recently China has made a road, on which a car is automatically charged. So time is not so far when everyone in the world will own a car.

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Disadvantages to Own a Car

  1. Cars are very expensive to have. So the cost factor is a big disadvantage. Even bikes are cheaper than cars. So most of the people in India belong to middle-class family, they can’t afford cars. They have to hire cars for long distance or have to use public transport.
  2. Cars are less fuel efficient than bikes. The cost fact hits again here. The rates of Patrol and diesel are increasing day by day so due to their low mileage, It is becoming costlier to travel by car for single or two persons.
  3. Maintenance charges for cars are also very high. One have to pay more for parking the car, One have to pay the higher amount for the pollution card, One has to pay more for the Servicing and washing. So it adds to your expenses when you own a car.
  4. However the car ride is comfortable, but the driver got tired after driving. Driving a car is not that easy but sitting in the car is.
  5. You stuck in the jam easily in crowdy areas. Driving a car and you stuck in a jam that increases your difficulties when you are in hurry or in an emergency. So this is also a drawback of cars.
  6. Cars exhaust more smoke which leads to the pollution and it pollutes the environment, which is very harmful to human life and also for the birds.

In the end, it is concluded that one should own a car if it suits fit its budget and owning a car is also a part of lifestyle. However, the cars are costly but its advantages are more dominating.


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