Historical Sites of Kerala Which Can Amaze Your Trip

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Trips always have been an important part of a person’s life. In vacations, most of the people wish to go on a trip for a break from daily routine life and feel relaxed. People like to visit places which are close to nature which make them feel relaxed and give them peace of mind. Most of the people like to visit near a beach. In India when it comes to vacation trip, people often like to visit south part of India because of the beautiful places and monuments present there.

Kerala is one of the most beautiful and most visited places by visitors of South India. Kerala monuments add pride to the beauty of South India. The beauty of Kerala cannot be described. It is among the most beautiful states of India. It is surrounded by monuments and trees all around and gives a person a new experience. A trip to Kerala will be a beneficial deal for everyone who wants to visit there. In Indian trip to Kerala can be said that a “Paisa wasool trip” one will ever have. Here are some of the historical monuments of Kerala which will fully amaze your trip and make you happy:

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Jewish Synagogue

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It is one of the most amazing architectural marvels also known as Paradesi Synagogue. The lavishly architecture and elegant interior designs the monument is filled with the crystal hanging pendant, vintage lamps that grab your attention. It is one of the oldest monuments which were built in the year 1568. Its floors consist of hand painted willow tiles with blue color. Is also has carpets which were knitted with hands and the Malayalam script copper plats which were written in the 4th century. There are also 2 pure golden crowns and many more things in the monument. An Indian king of Cochin gifted both the crowns to the Jewish community for their balanced relations as a teasement.

Dutch Palace

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It is located near Jewish Synagogue. The Dutch Palace also makes an ideal historical tourist site in the state of Kerala. The history of the palace is as astonishing as its edifice or architecture. The Dutch Palace was built by Portuguese, and then they gifted it to the King of Cochin as reparation of destroying the temples of Hindu in that region. Later on, the palace was taken over by the Dutch, and then it renamed as ‘Dutch Palace’ by the name with which it is known today. It is the oldest fort built in South Indian in the year 1557. This is a perfect place for all the history lovers and art supporters. It is packed with the best paintings of India.

Fort Kochi

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An impressive fort that holds never heard before stories within its heart, it is foreplaying near the strand of the Malabar Coast. The fort preserves an essential place in the history of Kerala that is filled with rich history. One can easily treasure the beauty of the Fort Kochi where one can easily reminisce of the British, Portuguese and Dutch colonial period. It is the most conspicuous historical palace. The fort keeps an inspired history and proud Kerala’s colonial heritage.

Fort Kochi has close nearness with the Kathakali centre of Kerala. Here people can watch the wonderful verified postcard pictures and postal stamps of the state Kerala in this fort. Kerala Kathakali centre is a place where people can get peace and rest after getting tired in the day. Here they can walk and can explore the beauty of Fort Kochi. People here can also see some entertainment in Kerala Kathakali centre. This centre works for spreading traditional Kerala art forms to people.

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 St. Francis Church

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It holds the place of Oldest European church in India. This Church is one of the most historical sites in the state of Kerala. The church once had been upraised as the biggest observer of the counterinsurgency of various European occupant powers. In today’s world St. Francis Church attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world and has come out as the conspicuous Kerala fascination. It has a historical and eye-catching style of architecture. Handmade clothes fans are the biggest attraction of the church. This church once was also known as the resting place of the most famous Portuguese sailor Vasco-Da-Gama. His dead body was kept in this church for 14 years, and then, later on, it was shifted to Lisbon.

Thallasery Fort

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This fort not only preserves a fantastic architecture but also possess magnificent engineering skills of the British engineers and designers. It makes a trip more exciting by its secret tunnels and underground chambers present in the tunnel. It is one of the most historical forts in Kerala. Thallasery Fort offers a broad view of the Malabar Coast. People visiting here can see the prison of the famous Hyder Ali who was oftenly also known as the ‘Lion King of Kerala.’


Those mentioned above are some of the places which one can visit in their trip to South India. These places possess historical events and things which can amaze a person on his/her trip. If one is planning for a trip, the information will help- him/her for choosing an ideal place to visit and spend their holidays happily.


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