Best South Indian Restaurants In The Vicinity Of The Capital City, Delhi

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The licking of the fingers, smacking of the lips and the empty dishes are the real identity measures of delicious food. The scrumptious dishes like Idli, Dosa, Vada and many more stand to the expectations of people and help the South Indian food to get recognition across the globe.

It is quite evident that a new South Indian restaurant is coming into existence with the fleeting dates on the calendar. Maybe this is the reason that people start pondering when it comes to finding the best south Indian restaurants in Delhi. Being the capital city of India, Delhi endows the people with lots of dining options to offer the taste of South Indian cuisine.

You can get the top-notch list of restaurants where one can gain immense pleasure both via services and yum-yum dishes. Either it is developing the town, Gurgaon or the business hub, Connaught place, you can get the best options. Here is the list as follows from where you can get a lot of assistance in finding the South Indian restaurant of your type.


  1. Dakshin Sheraton Hotel

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Lush and luxury-filled Dakshin Sheraton Hotel is known for serving complimentary rice-crackers along with lip-smacking South Indian dishes. Moreover, the perfect blend of the delicacies of four states Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh makes the charming hotel, Dakshin Sheraton. In addition to that, the existence of the hotel in the list of luxury ITC hotels is something that magnetizes the people. The hotel serves the people with perfect ambiance, luxurious services, and most exceptional quality food.

Moreover, the location and the stomach relaxing dishes provide immense pleasure to both soul and mind. As an honest person, it would not be wrong to say that this hotel has everything that you need for having a dream dining. So, explore the hotel and feed your stomach.

  1. Swagath

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As the name suggests, Swagath is a hotel known for its hospitality services. Along with providing seafood, the hotel is quite famous for its delicious South Indian cuisine too. From the rush streets of Delhi, you can visit this hotel to get a serene environment and to feel the tranquillity of it. From nonvegetarian food to Mughlai and Indian Chinese, almost every type of cuisine is available in the hotel. Swagath is a whole network compiling many hotels and provide the best services to the customers. The luxurious quality of food and highly appraised hospitality services of the hotel make it one of the best south Indian restaurants in Delhi.

  1. Zambar

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Having elegant furniture and voguish lighting, Zambar endows the people with a perfect ambiance for lush dining. If a person wants to feel connected with the four south Indian states Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, then they must try the lip-smacking meals of this restaurant. Along with this, the most exciting thing about the hotel is that there might not be any South Indian dish which is not there in the menu of the hotel. From the Amma’s vegetable potato curry to coriander chicken and from God’s own ‘mini’ Sandhya to Andhra prawn, you can get every delicious dish served on your dining table; nonetheless, you are a vegan or want to give a taste of flesh to your tongue.

  1. Sagar Ratna

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From a light breakfast to a royal lunch, one can get everything as per the requirement in the menu of the Sagar Ratna Hotel. The thing that annoys the guests is the long queue waiting to grab the tables, but you will not have to wait much there as the team values the time and money of the people. So, Sagar Ratna can be considered as one of the best south Indian food delivering restaurants in the vicinity of the capital city. If you are also craving for getting dwell into the high taste of idli or dosa, then this hotel is the best place to go as you can get a large variety of south Indian food there.

  1. Samridhi

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Provided with the affordable rates of the dishes in the menu card, Samridhi offers a tranquil environment to the guests. One can witness the supremacy of the hotel from its hospitality as the team treats the customers as God. Hotel authorities take the responsibility of customer satisfaction on their shoulders which makes it fall under the list of best south Indian restaurants in Delhi. If you have a lack of money, then your visit to this restaurant can feed your stomach without hurting your pocket.

  1. Naivedyam, Kalkaji

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If you want to experience the hush of Karnataka in the running streets of Delhi, then there is no better place than Naivedyam. The royal interiors of the hotel will take you to the forts of Karnataka, where food is worshipped like the God. Naivedyam is known for its pure and hygienic environment, where you can feel like sitting in a temple. The lengthy menu of the hotel consists of everything from idlis to different varieties of dosa.  The hotel is best for the hygiene freak people as Naivedyam is the Blue Moon holder, which is an exception in its own. There are various other awards received by the hotel and due to which when it comes to choosing the best south Indian restaurants in Delhi, then it reaches the zenith of the list.

  1. Carnatic Cafe

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Known for delivering mouth-watering dishes from the traditional menu of recipes of Karnataka. Even it is not a restaurant, but you can accomplish your needs of getting the south Indian taste there. When a person has obbatu in the meal along with the sips of hot coffee, then nothing seems better than that. The most famous and the bestseller dish of the restaurant is the Malleshwaram 18th Cross Dosa which contains thin and crispy edges with perfect stuffing in the middle. Thus, if a person goes once, then they become helpless stopping their footsteps to enter the borderline of the hotel again.

Go through this list of best south Indian restaurants in New Delhi and satisfy your cravings with this.


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