9 Reasons You Should Never Use Cosmetics If You Have Oily Skin


You Should Never Use Cosmetics If You Have Oily Skin

Oily skin is known as seborrhoea and it is due to the excess production of sebum from the sebaceous glands in your body. It is caused due to the excess oil that is produced by the pores in the skin. During puberty and the other life events, there may be fluctuations in the hormones the leads to the increase in the androgen levels. These androgens are the top most reason for the production of oil in the skin. The oil production increases as these glands mature at a certain point.

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Our natural skin produces oil to maintain the moisture in the skin and to eliminate irritants out of the skin. So natural oil is necessary to have the natural oil in the skin, but the soaps and shampoos you use take away the natural oil in your skin. That will make your skin dry, irritated and unhealthy. If you have excess oil in your face or the back then it is preferred to use the acne treatments such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that may help you to reduce the production of an excess of oil in your skin.

How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin:

  1. Wash your face twice with an oil-free cleanser.
  2. After washing your skin with the cleanser tone it with astringent.
  3. Now apply the oil control gel.
  4. Remove the dirt and oil from the pores in your skin at an interval of once or twice in a week by exfoliating your skin.

These are some reasons for why you should never use cosmetics on oily skin;

      1. While applying makeup you forget how stressful it is to remove the cosmetics you are using, if you going to scrub your oily skin it creates irritation and makes your skin worse.
    1. If you use a moisturizer that is without a label of oil-free or noncomedogenic, then using it will put your skin in case of developing acne or it clogs the pores in your skin.
    2. If you are using a harsh face wash in order to remove the oil in your skin and make it dry, this will irritate your skin and also increase the oil production by triggering the excess oil in your skin.
    3. By mistake, if you use an oil-based or alcohol-based cleanser it will create more irritation in the skin.
    4. Do not use sunscreens that contain fragrance or oils because it may lead to acne breakouts.
    5. Always prefer a light water-based makeup because a heavy makeup could make your skin worse than ever.
    6. If you are under any situations that you don’t get time to remove your makeup then it will increase the production of oil in your face and develops the acne.
    7. you are using a blotting paper on your face with makeup this will spread the oil in your face.
    8. If you even touch your face often that will increase the dirt in your face and due to that, bacteria in your hands get into your pores and make your skin poor.

    The cosmetics and its effects on the oily skin are as follows,


    Oil Based Products

    For people, those who have a natural oily skin, the products that are oil-based will increase the number of clogged pores and it will increase the level of oil in the outer surface of the skin. And it will give you an oily appearance. So it is better to avoid these products and use oil-free cosmetics.



    Most of us use toners in order to remove the excess oil from their skin. But it is in some cases that it cures and the toners have a natural effect to remove the oil in more quantities and it is over-effective. That is it actually triggers our glands and increases the excess oil.  So it is wise to avoid the product with alcoholic content as it only dries out your skin.


    Oily Hair Products

    Oily hair plays a major factor in balancing the moisture level of your face. Because the excess oil that is not absorbed by the hair or those secreted in your hair throughout the day may affect as it comes to your face while sweating. This can be very effective if the product you are using is petroleum based one which is used to retain the moisture and it will clog up the pores in your face.



    Similar to oil-based products the emollients are also the culprits that do more harm to your face. Though they remove the excess oil they increase the oil in the face and clog the pores in the face.


    Combining Dehydrated Products

    The usage of dehydrated products is good but still combing the dehydrated products and using a number of dehydrating products would also create the same problems as toners. In a long term usage, it reacts counterproductive and increases the production of oil in the face. By using a number of dehydrating products at the same time you will waste your time, money and will also harm your skin.

                So it is suggested to use a product that suits your skin rather using combined dehydrated products,

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    Everything at Once

    You will probably know by now that the usage of too many things at once in the world of cosmetics will never work. It will treat your face with different treatments and damage your skin and the balance of your complexion.

    Or if you use more than number of products in the skin and you will not be able to find out which one will actually work out for your skin.


    Advantages of Oily Skin

    Leaving out disadvantages the oily skin also has some advantages,

    1. The skin will not feel dry and this is the real advantage of the oily skin.
    2. You don’t have to frequently apply any moisturizer as it is already moist.
    3. The oily skin is really a blessing as the sebum secreted by your sebaceous glands will always maintain your skin with high moisture level.

    Disadvantages of Oily Skin

    1. The skin may look shiny due to the oil but actually prone to get more blackheads.
    2. It is affected by pimples often than the other skin types as it absorbs the environmental dusts.
    3. If you touch your face with your hands then the dust and bacteria in the hands will spread in the skin.

    People with oily skin should not use any moisturizer and the product that should be used by the people with oily skin is the cleansers, it is recommended to use cleansers at least twice in a day. In general it is advised to use mild and gentle skin care products and you should not use oils for the people with oily skin. Over cleaning of your skin can also result in irritation of the skin.

    Makeup will clog the pores that are found in your skin and it also sometimes result in the increase the oil that is secreted by your natural skin. Some cosmetics will tend to trigger the excess oil from your skin and it would make your skin worse. So cosmetics for the oily skin could be avoided completely to maintain a balanced and healthy skin.


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