Outfits Which You Can Prefer In the Marriage Ceremony

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Whenever we think to attend a wedding ceremony, the first thing which tackles our mind, is what to wear on the occasion. A wedding is a function on which we want to find a perfect outfit. You are always in a dilemma about what to wear what not to wear until unless someone compliments you.

There are lots of outfits from which you can choose your desired one to be worn on the marriage function. Everyone wants to look their best, and become the center of attraction. If you are also amongst those who generally remain in what to do, what not to do mode, then let us introduce you to some occasional dresses which can help you to boost your personality overall.


What Does The Invitation Say?

First thing is that a dress should always be chosen according to the event. There is a difference between what you need to wear to a wedding ceremony or pre-wedding ceremony.

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What To Wear On Mehandi/Sangeet Night

Mehandi or sangeet ceremonies are celebrated before a two or three days of a marriage. If you are going to participate in Mehandi night you used to wear a traditional dress. Men can opt to wear a Kurta with chudidaar. Choose some dark shades over lighter. In other hand, women can carry a lehenga, sari, Anarkali suit with chudidaar. You can carry a matching jewelry with them.


Western Formals

For men’s wear, ‘tuxedo’ is an awesome choice of western formal dress. Men try to wear a black or white tuxedo, a three-piece or two-piece suit. Women need to use some dresses for western looking. She needs an Indo western dress code like, gowns. She tries to wear a one piece dress to look like a western bride.


Indian Formals

Men need to wear a bandhgala suit whether short or long and sherwani. You can leave the sherwani for a groom if not you imagine to wear, it as part of the groom encourage. Women need to wear an embroidering sari, lehenga choli with dupatta with matching jewelry. This is the adorable collection for Indian wedding outfits.

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Men’s Outfits for Marriage Ceremony

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  • Tuxedo: tuxedo is a western type dress used to wear on a wedding ceremony. Black or white tuxedo is most common used by men in a marriage ceremony. You can wear a dark color over a light shade shirt.
  • Men used to wear bandhgala suit for a marriage ceremony. Bandhgala is a proper traditional style dress. Bandhgala most used to wear in Rajasthan. This is the perfect example of the groom’s dress code.
  • Sherwani is the first choice of the Indian groom. Nice colors, embroidering, latest design are available in a sherwani. Dress in sherwani is to create a royal impression in wedding season.
  • Men used to wear a kurta pajama in wedding ceremony also. This is the most comfortable dress code for men. In wedding occasions, men try to wear a kurta pajama. This is also available in many color combinations, in contrast, colors, simple embroidering, and latest designer collections.
  • Suits were worn by men in a marriage ceremony. You need to wear a dark color coat over a light shirt and same dark color matching pent. You need to match your shoes with your belt. Black or blue colors are most used in this dress code.
  • The latest and fashionable dress code is a blazer. Most of the blazer used in bright color over a lighter. For example, men wear a bright blue color blazer over some plain white. Men’s were loved to wear this dress in a wedding ceremony.
  • Indo western outfit is the perfect example of men’s dress code. This is the semi cultural dress. You win hearts and admiration by getting dressed in this stylish collection. There are various stunning designs in Indo western dresses.

Women’s Outfits for Marriage Ceremony

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  • Lehenga is the wonderful selection of a bride for marriage occasions. Most of the stunning collections, latest design, colors, and embroidering, are available in this. Lehenga is the perfect example of a traditional dress code. Brides are like to wear this ethnic dress code in marriage.
  • Indo western is used to look like a hub of a crowd. Girls also want to look a western but some traditional on marriage occasions. Indo western is the perfect dress code for that.
  • To create a royal impression you can carry a gown. Women are loved to wear this type of dress in a marriage ceremony. There are many colors or the latest design are available in this. A gown is the suitable dress code for western wear.
  • Sari is most used to wear in south marriage functions. Brides are choosing this collection. We all know that sari is a traditional dress even then they are moreover available in western designs.
  • In Punjab, Punjabi brides are wearing suit salwar. There are so many latest design and colors in this dress. Punjabi brides and her friends are used to wearing this dress on the marriage ceremony.

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A huge collection in outfits which you can prefer in the marriage ceremony. In this topic, we expand by the outfits of men and women wear in wedding functions. There are so many options for wearing up for marriage. We all know that marriage is playing a most important role in our life. The wedding ceremony is about here for finding just right a wedding outfit.


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