The Apple’s IPhone 9 Is All Set To Launch In The Market With Full Of Specifications And Much More


 New iPhone 9 Release Date

The most trending gadget brand Apple is growing up day by day as it is introducing a new range of gadgets in the market. The apple had launched its first mobile of I Phone series named as Apple I phone 4s on 09 January 2007.

In the career of 11 years, the company had launched many models of I phone series as now the company is going to launch its new gadget which is also from the same series known as the apple I phone 9. It may be called as the cheaper i phone from the series of I phone which has launched recently.


The apple I phone 9 is going to be the first love among the people who have the passion for using mobile phones. It has come with the most revolutionary functions in the mobile arena.

The I phone 9 is expected to launch in the month of September in 2018 at a surprisingly low price. Apple likely wants to offer cheaper I phone options below the X series. The I Phone will have a large screen size and it will have maximum and mix features of I Phone 8 and I Phone X.



The apple I Phone 9 features a 5”2 (13.21cm) display with a screen resolution of 750×1334 pixels. This device runs on the iOS v11 operating system. This device will be powered by Octa-core processor and will be paired with 4 GB RAM. It will be available with the battery power of 2050 MAH.

It will be equipped with the 12 MP Rear camera. Coming toward the sensors, it will include a light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, barometer, compass, and gyroscope. It does also have a fingerprint sensor. the internal storage of the phone will be 64 GB and the memory can not be expanded as it does not have an SD card port.

5G Support

Apple I Phone had used 3G technology till its I Phone 5 Model and then it has used 4G technology from I Phone 6 to next series. but now the Apple I Phone 9 might be having 5G support. as expected the I Phone 9 will be the first mobile which will go to have 5G support. With the Support of 5G network, the Processing and network speed of this Device will always be on fire.


Body Material and Colors Available

The apple i phone 9 will be made with the metal body and it is water resistant and dust resistant. The material used for making its frame will be Aluminium and the display will be LCD. The color options will be white, grey and red as well as blue and orange.

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Display and Operating System

The apple I Phones are well known for its display quality. This model of I Phone is going to be with Edge Less display which will make it look more interesting. The users have always waited for the bigger screen size in Apple I Phone series.

Apple I phone 8 and X series had bigger and full-screen sizes, and the same is apple I Phone 9 is coming in 5.5 inches with a full display big screen. Gorilla glass or unbreakable glass will be expected to apply in the handset. the I phone now we are getting is really very different from the I Phone which was launched in the year 2007.


iPhone 9 Camera

in this selfie era, Each and everyone who are using smartphones is changing their devices timely. As the new device arrives in the market gadget users want to buy them in search of better picture and camera quality.

The Apple I phone 9 possess a feature of dual-camera which is going to be an exclusive feature of it. it will have a feature of optical zoom, auto face, and smile detection etc.

CPU and Memory

As we all know that the CPU is the most important component of CPU. and if we look toward the price and quality of CPU then I Phone 9 has its quality. The I Phone 9 seems to have quad-core 3.5 GHz CPU supported by A12 or A11 fusion chipset and it will make its process really outstanding. and coming towards the RAM and memory.

The Apple I Phone 7 was launched with the RAM power of 3GB and now the Apple I phone 9 is going to be Launch with the Power of 4GB RAM. The game Lovers and the people who want fast processors will be enjoying the power of 4GB RAM. The internal memory of the phone will be launched in three versions that will be of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB respectively.


Battery and Back Panel

in the concept of I phone 9 the company is going to use L shaped batteries in I Phone 9. the L shaped batteries are power saving to a large extent. the company is going to use 2050Mah battery in this phone. in several colors of apple, I Phone 9 would have a metal black panel in its back.

Other Smart Features

  • 5G technology.
  • Fast charging.
  • wireless Charging.
  • 3D scanner.
  • wireless Ear Pods.
  • IP68 water and Dust resistant.
  • Eye Retina scanner.
  • Holographic Display.

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Wireless Charging and Ear Pods

Most of the people want freedom from charging and ear pod wires. The Apple I Phone 9 is coming with the latest Feature of wireless charging and wireless ear pods. The charging frequency of this device will be high. it will take very less time to be charged. so get ready be wireless and enjoy the music new Apple i Phone 9.


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