Top Expensive And Dream Bikes Of People


Most Expensive Bike in the World

We all are born with some desires and passions. The passion of our life changes from time to time as we grow up. From our childhood, we have the passion for toys. As we come to teenage our passion changes to games and gadgets. When we come to young age it changes into mobiles, gadgets, clothes, and fashion.

From the time, when automobiles companies started manufacturing bikes. Men have always concentrated on expensive and powerful bikes Because most of the men have the passion for expensive and speedy bikes. Even women are also being passionate about expensive bikes. Some automobile companies are willing to complete their dreams.

companies are hiring highly qualified designers to make this dream come true. The designers are taking speed, design, and power on top priority. Automobile companies are in very tough competition for taking their bikes on top. They are adding more power and features on these bikes to perform well in the market.

 We are going to present some expensive and powerful bikes which are on the top priority while taking care of the passion of people.

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Kawasaki ZX 1000 Ninja H2R


The Kawasaki ZX 1000 Ninja H2R hits a maximum power of 300 Horsepower at 14000rpm. this bike has a supercharged engine with the displacement power of 998cc. this bike has a 6-speed transmission system which makes it run on the top speed of 400km/hr. this bike with equipped with two-speed, centrifugal supercharger.

The supercharger is driven by a series of gears and shafts connecting to the flywheel to a planetary drive. A centrifugal supercharger has the advantage of generating less heat than other designs. this bike has Anti-lock braking system with traction control and engine braking control system. this bike has a large fuel tank with the capacity of 17 liters. This bike is being First love amongst the people who have a passion for super powerful and expensive bikes. this bike is present in the market with the price range of Rs.72 lakh in India.


Ducati Panigale 1299R


The new Panigale 1299 sets new standards in the Superbike category, The 1299 Panigale is powered by a rebored version of the 1199 Panigale’s engine, displacing 1285cc. The engine delivers 205hp and 145Nm of torque through a six-speed gearbox. It gets a new steering head angle and 4mm lower fork pivot, which makes it agiler than the 1199 Panigale. The sophisticated electronics package includes cornering ABS, Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC), a quick shift system and an Engine Brake Control (EBC) system..

This bike is equipped with a six-speed gearbox which makes it runs in a beast mode. The frame of this bike was made with Aluminium monocoque which makes it light in weight. this bike has advanced headlights with LED positioning lights. the front brakes of this bike have 2x330mm semi-floating discs and rear brake has a single 245mm disc with 2-piston caliper. The top speed if this bike is 306 Kmh. This beast costs Rs. 59.18 Lakh in the market.


Indian Roadmaster


The Indian Roadmaster has launched in the year of 2018. The Indian Roadmaster has 1811cc Liquid -cooled engine.  The maximum power it can produce is 100Bhp at 3000Rpm. the maximum torque this bike can make is 138Nm at 2600Rpm. This bike contains a closed loop fuel injection system. This bike can run on the top speed of 300kmph. The capacity of its fuel tank is 20 liters which are more than enough.

this bike has a big seat which makes your drive more comfortable and enjoyable. This bike has a huge storage capacity because this bike is very huge in size. Indian Roadmaster can be considered as in the category of heaviest bikes as the weight of this bike is about more than 400kg. the LED headlights and taillights make it more beautiful while driving it in the night. This bike provides an average mileage of 15kmpl. The cost of this bike is 41.3 Lakh.


Ducati 1098S


The Ducati1098S has a 1099cc liquid cooled L-twin cylinder engine which can produce maximum power of 160 HP at 9750 rpm. The maximum torque of this bike is 123NM at 8000 rpm. The maximum speed which this bike can achieve is 274 km/hour. This is a racing special bike. this bike can achieve 0-100 km per hour in just 3.2 seconds which makes it more fashionable. The front brakes have 2x330mm discs with 4 piston calipers. The rear brake has a single 245m disc with 2 piston caliper.

This bike features racing components and weight saving technologies which makes it complete speed machine. it is the lightest and fastest motorcycle from Ducati with an efficient suspension. This bike weights 173kg. Fuel tank capacity of this bike is 15.5 liter which is efficient for this light weighted bike.

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MV Agusta F4 RC


One of the rarest and most collectible motorcycles in history. MV Agusta F4 RC is designed for a unique people that are passionate about performance, and fanatics of design. This superbike has liquid-cooled four stroke engine which has a super displacement power of 998cc. The maximum this engine can deliver is 215PS at 13600Rpm which makes it runs like a beast. The maximum torque this bike can provide is 115NM at 9300Rpm. This bike has a 6-speed gearbox which has an ability to make this bike on top.

This bike has 320mm double disc on the front wheel and 210 mm single disc on its rear wheel. As the front wheel has a large disc stunt can be better performed on this bike. The weight of this bike is about 190KG. The capacity of the fuel tank is 17litres. This bike can run on the top speed of 312Kph which is best. The price of this bike in Indian market is about 50.1 lack which is not much enough for a person who has a passion for this beast.


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