Top 10 Scooty Models Which Are Reliable And Safe

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Scooty has become the vital part of the urban lifestyle, as it provides the comfortable and safe ride. Public transports are not safe for women as they come across many mishappenings such as rape case, robbery, and teasing. So, what is the solution? Should women quit traveling? No, the best solution to this is to become self-sufficing. The most preferred solution is to use Scooty to travel anywhere. These are very easy to ride and provide you with a large storage space. Before buying Scooty everyone is concerned about the fuel efficiency, the sleek design with advanced technology and the service charges.

Scooty is the best option as they are pocket-friendly, lightweight and the best thing is they do not have gears which makes them easy to drive. Many companies are available in the market, providing you with great fuel efficiency and trendy design. As we all know women are quite choosy by nature, a variety of color and design are available, which help you to make a great choice.  Enlisted below are some best Scooty model which is reliable and safe.

  1. Scooty Pep+

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Scooty Pep Plus is one of the best two-wheeler options for women and teenagers, as it is lightweight and provides the safe and secure ride on the busy road.

  • This low displacement Scooty offers 87cc engine and 4 stroke technology, which makes your drive secure and contented on potholed roads.
  • Since its Lightweight; pept+ is so easy to handle and drive.
  • Metallic color and trendy design combination provide you with a great color choice.
  1. Hero Pleasure

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The sleek and trendy design has made hero pleasure very popular among women and teenagers. With its sleek and fashionable design, it becomes the best ride companion.

  • It has inherent lights in baggage box, which provide you with large storage space.
  • It is simple to handle on the busy road, as it is about 102kg by weight.
  • Designed with advanced technology, it offers 102cc, 4 stroke engine.

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  1. TVS Jupiter

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TVS Jupiter offers the dual mode driving and suitable for men and women both. It provides you with a great choice of color, as it is available in a variety of colors and design.

  • 110cc engine and CVT-1 technology make Jupiter more reliable and efficient.
  • Inbuilt economic and power mode offers you great fuel efficiency.
  • Large storage space and elegant design offer you carry loads effortlessly.
  1. Honda Dio

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Honda Dio is the perfect blend of sporty look and lightweight. It is the perfect choice for women as if offer you the safe, comfortable and perfect drive.

  • With 105kg of weight, it is trouble-free to handle by women.
  • Disc brake and 110cc, 4 stroke engine makes it safer and fuel efficient.
  • It has a huge storage capacity, which allows carrying
  1. Suzuki Access 125

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Suzuki access 125 is a lightweight Scooty with the strong and stylish look. It is accessed by a 125cc engine and many techniques which offer a safe ride on the rough roads at night.

  • It offers clear visibility at night because it has inbuilt multi-reflectors.
  • The advanced features such as a Central locking system, maintenance free battery and tubeless tires make it more efficient and reliable.
  • Various color options are available, which helps you to make a better
  1. Honda Activa 125

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With the finest color and LED light, Honda activa is suitable for all age groups and both genders. This product is one of the popular vehicles among the women and teenagers.

  • It is available in 4 different colors. Metallic red is the most preferred color among
  • In addition to 125cc, four-stroke engine is comprised of 10.2Nm torque.
  • LED light provides the clear visibility at night and makes your driving safe and 


  1. Honda Aviator

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Honda aviator is one of the best models, specially designed for women’s safety. Honda Aviator is about 109 kg, which is easy to handle on the bumpy road.

  • As women are so choosy, it is available in four stunning color
  • Along with 109.9cc, 4 stroke engine it is served with various advanced features such as inbuilt LED lights.
  • Trendy design and huge storage space make it more efficient in terms of carrying loads.
  1. Suzuki Let’s

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Suzuki let’s be the best scooter with sleek design and high fuel efficiency. It offers many advanced features for safety, such as tubeless tires and buzzer options.

  • It offers you a great color choice, a variety of color and design are available in the market.
  • Its has many advanced features that make it more reliable and safe such as anti-skid tubeless tires and buzzer option.
  • Inbuilt light and indicator offer clear visibility and secure drive at night.
  1. TVS Scooty Zest 110

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With advanced feature and trendy design TVS, Scooty Zest 110 is a good and reliable option for women. It offers the best balancing option for women and teenager as it just about 105kg.

  • In addition to the 110cc engine, it has inbuilt LED light and USB charger.
  • The lightweight Scooty is easy to handle on the bumpy
  • It is available in various color options, but pearl peach is the best-rated color among people.
  1. Yamaha Ray-z

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Yamaha Ray-z is very popular among the people due to its noticeable features such as inbuilt light and buzzers. The sleek and trendy design offers you a comfortable and safe ride.

  • It has a pocket-size facility to keep key, mobile phone and Sunnies.
  • It is accessed by 113cc, four-stroke
  • Huge storage space provides the effortless carrying of loads.

The above-mentioned are the best scooters in term of reliability and safety. These scooters are lightweight and easy to balance on bumpy roads. Inbuilt LED lights offer you the clear visibility at night and huge storage space is available to carry loads. Along with a variety of colors and design, it offers you safe and comfortable ride toward your destination.


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