Five Ways You Can Get Beautiful Eyes with Minimal Makeup


How to do Eye Makeup

The eyes are the sea of secrets which give the vivid vision of your character. The deeper and the darker eyes emphasize the beauty. Getting the larger eyes is the dream of every woman, but the problem arises when we fail in choosing the right makeup for the eyes. But there is nothing to worry because it is not much difficult to get bulbous eyes. Here are some tips which can help you a lot to get the beautiful eyes.

  • Grooming:

To get a beautiful and attractive look, it is not important that your eyes should be bigger by birth. Why worry when you can be the soul of parties just by some care and maintenance. An eyebrow pencil can make the miracles happen. By giving the bold makeup to your eyes is more than sufficient. You should try eyebrow pencil to give the bold look to your eyebrows and to cover the mistakes done while threading. In this way you can lift your worries to get the perfect shape of eyebrows.

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  • Adhesion of the makeup:

Everyone has fed up with the smudging of the makeup. A basic primer can help for the long lasting stay of the makeup. It is not unusual that after some hours of application, the makeup of eyes gets spread all over the face and that cause the dark circles. Generally, the parties get ruined by the melting down of the eye makeup. If your skin is oily, then you can opt the option of oil-absorbing powder. But, if your skin is very much oily, then moisturizers can be skipped and then the usage of powder and concealer can help the makeup not to get attached.

  • Darker eyeshadows:

Brown eyeshadows can act as the universal color of eyeshadows to get the beautiful eyes. Darker eyeshadows can provide extreme support to the eyes. Due to the darkening of the eyeshadows, eyes appear larger and brighter. But if you already have the larger eyes and you want to get the smaller then apply darker eyeshadows on the corners of the eyes instead of applying it everywhere on the surface of the eyelids because the less reflection at the surface is the main reason for smaller eyes. The bulkiness of the eyelids can be removed this way.

  • Perfect blending:

The perfect blending of the makeup is a prior thing to consider. This is the main reason for the smudging of the makeup. If you have applied primer or moisturizer before the application of makeup, then merge the makeup properly into your skin. It is also advised to apply concealer around the eyebrows because that can help you give an appropriate shape to your eyebrows. If you have groomed your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, then the choice of perfect brushes for the purpose of blending matters a lot. A brush with the larger surface area cannot help you there so choose accordingly.

  • Mascara:

Mascara is the best option for the application of makeup. Generally, ladies bother about the smaller eyelashes. But, there is nothing to worry because mascara provides strength to your eyelashes. If you apply mascara to the lower lashes then your eyelashes can have the brighter look if you want to have a smaller eye look. But, if you are worried from the smaller eyes, then apply mascara on the upper eyebrows to give the illusion of bigger eyes than you actually have.

The aforementioned tips play a vital role in emphasizing the beauty. Get the eyes of your choice by choosing the makeup style accordingly. Now you are not away from the distinctive transformations. Try different looks with different styles of applying makeup.


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