4g Volte Mobile Under 5000 2gb Ram

2GB Ram 4G Mobile Under 5000
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2GB Ram 4G Mobile Under 5000

With constant innovation in the domain of mobile technology, smartphones are taking the place of the computers. And, we have replaced our computer with smartphones to carry out day to day work. The world is revolving around the internet and the same can be felt with the introduction of 4G LTE smartphones. Everything is now accessible to us via smartphones because the internet is becoming handy these days. The problem arises when we notice the sky-scraping prices of the smartphones, but there is nothing to worry because you need not spend a bomb to get a smartphone. You can get 2GB ram 4G mobile under 5000 without any worry. Let’s get started to have a look at the list.

  • iVOOMi Me5

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iVOOMi is not a very old brand, but it is the latest advancement offered by the Chinese mobile companies. This phone comes up with a 5-inch display which is powered by 1.3 GHz, quad-core processor. 2 GB RAM of this phone provides essential storage memory for an average person. You can get the best photos with 8 MP back camera and 5 MP front camera. You will not get annoyed after buying it because everything can be covered at the price of Rs. 4,699. So, buy it as soon as possible.

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  • XOLO Era 1X Pro

XOLO Era 1X Pro
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Being one of the well-known brands in India, XOLO is offering their phones at affordable prices. XOLO Ea 1X Pro is one such example, which provides 4G connectivity with RAM of 2GB. Under the hood of this phone, Android 6.0 Marshmallow endows the user with high-quality cameras with 5 MP in front and 8 MP in rear one. One of the lightest phone among 2GB ram 4G mobile under 5000 can provide various advantages to you so get the phone to enjoy the benefits.

  • Swipe Konnect Power

Swipe Konnect Power
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One of the most awaiting phones of India, Swipe Konnect Power provides 5-inch display screen along with the storage capacity of 2 GB RAM. The phone emphasizes its beauty with the marshmallow version of Android. Quite impressive cameras of phone allow the users to capture beautiful memories with 8 MP rear and 5 MP front camera. You can get this phone in mere Rs. 4299, which is the very easily available amount for the purchase of an Android smartphone.

  • Hyve Storm

Hyve Storm
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If you want to choose the best smartphone in the list of 2GB ram 4G mobile under 5000, then this smartphone can be the best option to acquire as this provides Android Marshmallow with 13 MP rear cameras and 5 MP front one. The removable battery of this phone offers battery capacity of approximately 2000mAh which is powered by 1.3 GHz, quad-core processor. You can get this mobile from both online and offline stores only in Rs.4599.

  • Sansui Horizon 2

Sansui Horizon 2
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Being one of the reputed brands in India, Sansui offers low-end segment in the mid-range. Sansui Horizon 2 is one such example, which is powered by 1.0 GHz processor having Nougat version of Android. The battery capacity of 2450 mAh helps the user to free from the stress of charging. You can get this mobile either from your favorite shopping website or from your nearest retail store at a mere Rs. 5000.

Have a look at the aforementioned phones if you are low in budget. You can get 4g connectivity along with a 2GB RAM capacity of just under Rs. 5000. Get better tomorrow for yourself with the most attractive phone at an attractive price. Purchase a budget phone for yourself and endow your pocket with infinite advantages.


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