TVS Jupiter- Not from Planet Jupiter, But Has Equal Prominence

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TVS Jupiter

Well! We all like driving vehicles and gain immense pleasure from this experience. Among the available vehicles, scooters have always enjoyed a special place in the hearts of vehicle lovers, especially with those people who are fond of riding bikes. One can enjoy riding a scooter as long as it belongs to someone else, but the confusion arises when one decides to buy one’s own scooter. Folks can be seen scratching their heads when it comes to making any such purchase because they are confused about what features they should look for. For such people, TVS Jupiter is the perfect option that offers fun and satisfaction both.

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TVS Jupiter is available in three variant right now. The base model costs around Rs. 52000, the next stage model is priced at Rs. 5400 and the topmost model can be purchased at Rs. 56,500. Read further to know more about this mighty ride.

Following are the technical details of TVS Jupiter

  • Engine:

    TVS Jupiter comes with single cylinder and four-stroke system boasting the engine of 109.7 cc which is quite good for the scooter of its category. It generates torque of 8 Nm at 5500 RPM which is quite quick to pick speed.

  • Performance:

    This feature alone steals most of the attention when it comes to buying any vehicle. Jupiter gains the speed of 60 km/h in 7.2 seconds and offers fuel economy of 62 kmpl which attracts the people looking for a fuel-efficient The scooter boasts a top speed of 85 kmph.

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  • Brakes:

    Well! Speed and fuel efficiency are not the only things that are to be paid attention. Brakes of any vehicle are equally important, but not many buyers pay attention to this factor. They keep their focus on the speed only. Jupiter comes with drum brakes in both rear and front tires which is quite effective and enough for a vehicle offering a top speed of 85 kmph.

  • Suspension and Chassis:

    Underbone type chassis with high rigidity has been provided in the scooter. The front suspension is telescopic while the rear suspension is gas charged mono shock which fares quite well while riding through the pits and offers comfortable riding experience.

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  • Wheels and Tyres:

    Both the front and rear tires of the scooter are of size 90/90-12 and tubeless which means even if the tires meet with any sharp object while working, you will have plenty of time to ride to a mechanic and have it fixed. Alloy wheels of 12 inch have been provided in both rear and front.

  • Dimensions:

    TVS Jupiter has a length of 1834 mm, the width of 650 mm, and height of 1115 mm and with ground clearance being 150 mm and wheelbase being 150 mm that offer a comfortable scooter riding experience. The scooter weighs around 108 kg.

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  • Fuel Capacity:

    Considering that the scooter has been designed for the purpose of enjoying the ride, not to take it on the race track, it has been provided with the fuel capacity of 5 liters which is enough for the vehicle that runs at 85 kmph.

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  • Electricals:

    12 Volts with 5 Ah has been providing in the scooter that powers the headlamps, tail lights, signal indicators, and the speedometer of TVS Jupiter. Headlamp bears halogen light that is of the multi-reflector

TVS Jupiter comes with a warranty period of either 3 years or 30,000 km. Whichever is achieved first, it determines the warranty of the scooter.

Following is the necessary information that you must commit to the memory if you are planning to buy this scooter and concerned about its service cost

  • Servicing cost for the air filter is Rs. 230
  • Servicing cost for the spark plug is Rs. 87
  • Cost for the first-year service is Rs. 518

The rates mentioned for the service are approximate and will vary greatly upon the condition with which the scooter is brought at the doorstep of the service station. All the scooter lovers who seek efficiency, comfort, and pleasure in a single ride, then TVS Jupiter is the answer to their worry.


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