Top Pubs To Hang Out In Hyderabad

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Hyderabad has been known for some sizzling fun and offers a fun-filled atmosphere like no other city in India does. On the off chance that you are getting exhausted sitting back at your hotel, at that point hit the underneath Pubs to shrug off that boredom totally. These Pubs are among the top 10 pubs in Hyderabad and had been pulling in locales and non-natives who wouldn’t fret making the most of their heart out without contemplating whatever else.

Loaded with fun, sizzle, and heaps of enjoyment these Pubs are situated in the most Porsche zones and you can visit these happening place alone or can also opt to go with your accomplice without even having a second thought on the same. These Pubs are known to serve the chilled refreshments and offer some lively music to execute the fatigue and stress completely and let you make the most of your heart out. On the off chance that you are likewise searching for a Pub which can help you kill the boredom; you can opt for a night out at any of the below-mentioned pubs and can enjoy the time like never before:


10 Downing Street 

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Famously known as 10D, 10 Downing Street is one of the most established nightspots in Hyderabad. This pub attempts every possible means to live it to its extremely English name with its period furniture, unwinding couches, finished wooden bar and fine art on the dividers. Ostensibly one of Hyderabad’s most happening places.


The theme-based pub where only one thing exists that is fun:

  • Vintage on Mondays when you get a 40 to 60 for each penny rebate,
  • Rock on Tuesdays,
  • Ladies’ Night on Wednesdays,
  • Karaoke on Thursdays,
  • Retro on Fridays
  • Desi on Saturdays

Most of the night pubs in Hyderabad are equipped with some awesome music and lively environment. Loaded with ample of people on almost every day the pub serves a wide selection of mixed drinks, alcohols and shooters, other than numerous different spirits. The Crispy Baby Corn and Stuffed Mushrooms run well with Bacardi or lager. 10D additionally offers lunch with Indian, European or Chinese alternatives at staggering costs, which incorporates a complimentary glass of lager or some other soda pop tossed in. A facetious amusingness is packed in the environment and you will enjoy being unruffled with the pool of people surrounding you. A 5* rating is what it gets on the card from every visitor who visits it.

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The Scintillating Aqua

Aqua is located on the third floor with an extravagant lounge set up at “the Park” Hyderabad, and is a standout amongst the most humming nightspots around the local area. Being amongst the most preferred late night pubs in Hyderabad, it serves as a proper venue for all the after party, before the party and definitely the cocktail party on the go. Their prized resource, the Infinity Pool, which shows up as though it’s converging, with the Husain Sagar Lake, similar to an illusion not too far off, adds to the gathering temperament, particularly during the nighttime. Friday evenings are most happening, as its Band Nights, with neighborhood band Phoenix playing live, (Acoustics, Tributes or Retro) until after 12 pm. Once in a while, other nearby groups are welcome to play and the ‘unplugged’ exhibitions continue till 3 am!

On Saturdays, the theme at Aqua is generally kept to Sundown Pool Party, with a section charge of Rs 700 for each couple from 5 pm onwards, where casual rigging (flip lemon, Bermudas and so on) is supported, and DJ Jonathan is playing parlor and club music. There is a 1+ 1 offer on drinks, and pool parties are normal. Apollo Fish, Chicken and Jalapeno Quesadillas, Corn Kernels, are well-known finger Sustenances, while Banana Martini, Cranberry Aqua Mojito are blockbuster mocktails, in spite of the fact that lager is the most arranged.

On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday nighttimes, there is likewise a live counter either for pasta, Kathi rolls, or dosas. Despite the fact that it’s Sunday early lunch and throughout the lunch is a usual day routine at the Aqua Buffet. Aqua is presently more known as an absolute nightspot for ultimate fun. It additionally gets a tremendous after-party swarm from in-house club Kismet, particularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays (when its women evenings at Kismet) and in addition Fridays (Bollywood evenings), particularly after Kismet shuts down at 11 pm or something like that; the real fun begins at Aqua.


Adorable Coco’s 

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What strikes one most on entering “Coco’s” is the feeling of solace and warmth that this chugging joint emanates. Coco’s is settled on the porch of the building which additionally houses Shikaar, Tex Mex and Sundowner. Covered and hovel like smaller than expected rooftops give you cover and furthermore leave enough of the free sky for impact. It has an upmarket look so you don’t mistake it for a dhaba. An expansively covered bar discloses that you can spend the better piece of the night there. The lighting is perfect - warm and disguised. Channeled music doesn’t meddle, however gives a peaceful atmosphere.

Five days seven days, you can expect live melodic exhibitions here. The seating is low, padded and extremely laid-back. The show flame broil stand and bar make for a much-needed diversion here. You can taste your drink, close your eyes and let the feeling hit home. Mixed drinks like the white-rum-based Costa de Sol or the gin-based Tango Woo are great wagers. So are the Long Beach Party and Singapore Sling. For the mocktail customers, Coco’s Lucida di Lemon and Apple Shiner have suggested slushes which they can enjoy with drinks. The menu on the platter is basically roasted and barbecued snacks which are mouth-watering and can be savored at any time. Live Music is one of the hit features of this pub that is why, it is also amongst the top dance pubs in Hyderabad. Furthermore, one doesn’t feel the non-attendance of a dance floor when one is in high spirits and prepared to tap one’s feet anyplace.

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The Not all that Hard; Hard Rock Café

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Hard Rock Cafe in Hyderabad has three particular regions, the eatery, a bar lounge with armchairs and bar stools, lastly its own retail bar shop. The vast majority of the music played in accordance with its name is shake (Indi-shake, shake and roll and so forth), however there is likewise a reasonable piece of rap and hip bounce. On Thursdays there have been live exhibitions by Saving Abel, Swartatma, Indian Ocean, and Bob Sinclar.

HRC’s trademark mocktail drink would need to be Hurricane which one can pick at a price of rs.500-700 depend on the add-ons you want to bring on, other favorites are Long Island Iced Tea, Mojito, Cran-A-Kazi, Sex on the Beach which is a hit and the top sought mock-tail from the humongous list which the bar serves to its guest. Some mainstream mocktails are Berrilicious and Mango Tango. Attempt the tequila shots; the barkeep completes a couple of mean ones. For whiskey-swallowing Hyderabad, HRC has a decent collection of whiskey marks (Dewar’s White name, Johnny Walker (Black and Red) name, Glenfiddich and so forth. First of all, the Jumbo Combo Vegetarian and non-veggie lover are great alternatives.


Offering the Cuban taste; Cuba Libre

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Situating itself as Hyderabad’s solitary Cuban-themed bar, Cuba Libre has a smoking-cum-pool room, with a lot of men puffing and creating hoops of smoke. The pub celebrates women evenings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Thursdays, it’s likewise salsa evenings when the dance floor gets the maximum hit, as women learn to do salsa in the pub and dance to the tunes. Mark mixed drinks incorporate Chocolate Lovers Martini (vodka-based), Hemingway Special (white rum blend), El Presidente (matured rum mixed drink) and El Diablo (a tequila-based drink).

The Mojitos here are a favorite, and come in various flavors, such as lychee, pear and so forth. The whiskey, wine, lager, mixers and shooters are some drinks which you cannot ever go wrong with. For mocktails, attempt Sunset Drive or Pain Killer, the two are amongst the best on the platter.


Best Dishes to Enjoy

The pub is known to serve some best dishes and is known as the most happening pub for late night parties. For snacks, one can eat Gambas a la Pancha, a spiced and flame broiled prawns with shells, a dish which carries exotic flavors of Cuba. Cuban Habanero Platter is an awesome choice for vegans. You can also go ahead and try tacos, corn cheddar balls or some croquettes in case you are looking for a quick snack. There is likewise daily menu assembled with a lot of “Pasta” on offer for example Pollo Alla Craxi, Chicken pasta and the most ordered Baked Parmesan too.

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Altitude Lounge Bar

“Altitude” is located in the inner circle of the Husain Sagar Lake from its vantage eight-story building. For refreshments, aside from works of art like Singapore Sling, Sex on the Beach, and so forth, do peruse through the Altitude specials. French 75, a bubbly blend of gin, lime squeeze and shining wine are the first choice of visitors here. Same goes for the Mock tale made of gin, cherry alcohol and lemon juice. Other than the delicious singed ravioli, olive and cheddar platters, there are sufficient different snacks such, as Karare Paneer or the inventively named Hawker’s Chili Fritters for veggies and Calamari Fritters for the individuals who like to eat meat.

The pub is listed amongst the top 10 pubs in Hyderabad as it offers exquisite delicacies and a dance floor where you can shake your leg. For herbivores, the Green Peas Risotto and penne with Tomatoes are magnificent options when it comes to opting for main course meals. Altitude pub is known to give you the best serene feel as it is not amongst those which has a rushed ambiance, rather here for a change you will feel serene, and will also get a chance to unwind. The pub is ideal for office parties and you can see a lot of high-end people walking in this pub. The bar has a number of malts and wines on offer which the guests can enjoy and get relieved.



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The Kismet dance pub is the first choice for people who look for dance pubs in Hyderabad, impressive Kismet is all bends, with a lounge feeling and a humongous dance floor. Men won’t move beyond the three levels of bouncers without female associates. Spread over an area of 11,500 sq ft, Kismet has a tasteful and contemporary vibe, with dark metallic-shaded insides, quieted lighting, and a passage entrance driving you on to the smoking zone or the major dance floor, which also has a bar. There is a VIP relax area too for people who enjoy having a peaceful drink after a stressed day.

The pub also provides you an opportunity to enjoy the pool party, though you need to have an invitation from the host for sure. The pub remains shut on Monday and Tuesday while it’s shut on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesdays and Sundays are dedicated to women.

Entry fees: Kismet is amongst the most Porsche pubs in Hyderabad; hence the entry for a couple is 500 rs, while 1000rs is what you need to pay if you are a stag.

If you plan to visit the pubs on weekend, then mind you, you need to shed close to 2000 bucks if you are a couple and 3000rs. in case you are walking alone.

Depending on the day you go, a different theme is coordinated on daily basis. Where Wednesday(s) and Thursday(s) are dedicated to the pink generation, there Friday remains booked for Bollywood.

The Best Drink to Count Upon: Other than the typical Cosmopolitans, Cosmotini and Margaritas, you could attempt the Berry Martini, it is as unique, as is the Honey Dew. Unique Blowjob (A fix of Kahlua, inlet leaves and Malibu) is additionally entirely intense and is amongst the favorite on the list of women who walk-in at kismet to unwind.

The Awesome Platter: Chicken Tikka, Malai Tikka Kebab, Machli Koliwada are sumptuous enough to savor upon when it comes to crunchers, as is the Non-Veg Kebab Platter. In the event that you are a veggie lover you can pick Paneer Pudina Tikka. Mozzarella Melters, Crispy Chili Mushrooms are great wagers, as is the Veg kebab platter. There are additionally Kolkata-style chicken and egg snacks too which are offered to the guests.

The above mentioned Pubs are among the most happening Pubs in the city of Nawabs, and to no surprise; the security and ambiance here gives a chance to unruffle and kill the boredom automatically.


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