Maruti Suzuki Swift – Limited Edition Launch Alert: Additional Features At No Extra Cost

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Maruti Suzuki has been offering exciting special editions on some of their hot hatchbacks now and then. For the 2018 festive season, they have launched the special edition on Maruti Suzuki Swift with additional features and kits at the same exact cost as the car itself.

Suzuki is operating in India in a tie-up with local brand Maruti and it had been doing extremely well in the sub 15lakh segment with almost all of its cars leading the charts. Swift, in fact, has been the top seller in the hatchback segment for almost 10 years now. The Maruti Suzuki Swift on sale right now is the 3rd generation model released in 2018. If you are wondering why would such a new model get festive season benefits this early despite being the top selling car of the segment. We will tell you why and what is significant about it shortly.


Maruti Suzuki Swift Special Edition

This special edition is available in LDi and LXi variants only unlike most other special edition that makes it only to the top ends this is base variant exclusive. A different move from the manufacturer in pushing feature rich and good performance for a much cheaper price. We hope the special edition to be a success because the additional features Maruti Suzuki offers for no extra cost is very compelling and mid variant buyers or targeted base variant buyers will get easily attracted towards the special edition.

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What More Does It Offer Than The Usual Maruti Suzuki Swift (Lxi And Ldi)?

Both the petrol and diesel variant of the Maruti Suzuki Swift comes with similar feature sets. Antilock Braking System, Dual front airbags, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, and Brake Assist come as standard features across all the variants. The new features offered in the special edition are door visors, wheel covers, minimal music system, dual speakers, power windows, rear parking sensors, and central locking kit.

The music system offered as part of the special edition is not gonna be cheap third-party music system. It is all on one single din Sony sound system with Bluetooth. You can also play FM, AM, CD/DVD, and media via USB in the provided media player. The coupled speakers that come as part of the package is a dual speaker system from Sony themselves which will be located on the front portion of the car interior.

Central Locking is nowadays part of the base package in most cars but sadly Maruti Suzuki Swift does not come with one by default. You need not worry about that if you are purchasing one this festive season, you can get one pre-installed for free. The central locking system does not come with the retractable key as in VDi or ZDi but a separate remote is attached to the normal key using a keychain. Do not bother, it is of good quality and Maruti certified genuine spare part that they sell in their genuine spare parts store.

Same with the power windows too, unlucky the swift comes with no power windows. Special edition adds power windows for both the front doors with central control, that is the power window controls are in the driver’s door with central locking option.

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Rear parking sensors are the only driver friendly feature coming as part of the special edition. As others genuine rear parking sensors with voice assistant is fitted and works very well. It comes in handy at the absence of companion to direct and in the nights when the light goes insufficiently.

On the sides, you get door visors on all four doors in the same exact color as the car itself. They offer good protection against rain and sunlight directly falling on the passenger. Everything done with passenger comforts and interior Maruti Suzuki has offered one final touch to the looks. They have offered wheel covers in styles similar to the alloys in the top variant. The black wheel caps looks amazing and completes the looks from the outside.

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Maruti Suzuki Swift: Specification Roundup

The diesel variant of the Maruti Suzuki Swift comes with the 1.3-litre Multijet engine producing 190 Nm of torque and max power of 74 bhp. The 1.2l naturally aspired petrol engine produces 113 NM of torque and 81.8 bhp power. Both the engine is mated with a 5-speed gearbox which works seamlessly. You also get an AMT variant except in the base variant. The sub-4-m sedan has a very sporty and dashing look both from the inside and the outside.

The seats are well comfortable and spacious than the previous generation swift, thanks to the newer platform that adds to the rigidity while having more space and less weight. The car comes with ABS and dual front airbags as standard.

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Adding the right features customers mostly get at third party car décor stores after the sale are present that too at no extra cost. I don’t think anyone could disagree with the ton of features offered compared to the price. Maruti Suzuki Swift LXi Special Edition as low as 4.99 lakhs, what better can you get at the price? If you are in the market for a car around the budget of 5-6 lakhs and confused between compromising on performance for features or getting base variant of better performing car, go pick the Maruti Suzuki Swift LXi Special Edition and live with no compromise. As of now, there is no word on the count or duration of the special edition.


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