Volvo XC40, A Car Made For A Future Generation


Volvo XC40, Mileage, Specifications, Specs

The automobile company Volvo XC40 has always been the future of cars. Volvo is a Sweden car making brand which comes into existence in 1927. Volvo has always provided the challenging competition to other automobile companies. It has always surprised its customers by launching new cars with high technology and best features. In the past years, Volvo has launched a number of cars which are higher in features and competitive in price.

SUV is a segment which is being popular in the present car segment. The future generation is also following the culture of SUV cars. Volvo has also presented its models in SUV segment. The response of its customers is very satisfactory. The company is all set to bring its smallest and affordable SUV model Volvo XC40. Let us introduce you to the compact, powerful and stylish SUV “VolvoXC40”

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In November 2017, Volvo has pre-launched the new car of its SUV segment named as Volvo XC40.  By focusing on compact crossover models, this concept illustrates the potential for the Volvo XC40. This is a diesel engine car with a seating capacity of 5 members. The technology used in this car is human-friendly. This car requires a voice control system which understands the normal speech. The voice control system of this car is as easy as your phone’s voice control system. This feature of this car is there to make the things less complicated. The design of this car is surprisingly amazing. This amazing beast is has come in the market with the price range of 39.9 lakh for its base model.


This car is equipped with powerful 2.0-litre 4-cylinder, In-line twin-turbo diesel engine. The powerful engine of this car has displacement power of 1969cc which provides a power of 190bhp at 4000rpm at peak torque of 400Nm at 2400rpm. The 8-speed auto transmission system provides the power to all four wheels. The fuel-mileage of this car is 18kmpl which is an Eco-friendly feature. This car can run on the top speed of 210kmph, Which makes it more amazing.

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Internal Features

  • This car is equipped with the power door locks. Power door lock grants the driver to lock and unlock all the doors of the car
  • Some kids are naughty in nature and they try to mess with the car while sitting in the car. Keeping this thing in mind, this car is equipped with child safety locks. When the child safety lock is on Kids can’t mess unusually with the car.
  • This car has Key-less entry system, Electric remote control which is equipped with the feature of locking and unlocking the car. Which means that, There is no need of using a mechanical key to unlock the car.
  • This car is equipped with a High-Performance audio system with 9 inch Centre Display which is fully Touch Screen.
  • It includes parking sensors, which will help the driver while parking the car in the complicated These sensors can sense the barrier and automatically stops the car.
  • This car is equipped with the hill assist system. While driving in the hilly area. This system will help the driver to take control properly.
  • This car does not need the mechanical key to start. The push buttons are mounted there to start and stop the engine.
  • This car is coming with 5 seating capacity. Seats of this car are adjustable. Seats can be adjusted according to the comfort of the passenger. The height of seats can also be increased.

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External Features

  • This rear seat of this car is foldable. If you want to carry some cargo in the car or the cargo area is not enough, you can fold the rear seat and adjust the luggage.
  • This is a box-shaped car with best in design and look, which makes it perfect SUV with the best
  • The ground clearance if this car is the only This is enough to present the luxury of this car.
  • This car is bonded with the ventilated disc type braking system on both front and rear wheels. The automatic braking system provides the best safety to its passengers.
  • This car has radial-tubeless tyres which provide the best safety and grip on the road.
  • The Rear door of the car is power operated, you can add luggage in the car very easily because you have no need to hold the rear door of the car.

Safety Features

  • looking toward the safety, this car has camera sensors equipped in it. it identifies other vehicles, cyclist, and animals and warns you if a collision is imminent. If you are not reacting on that, it will brake automatically to help you or to avoid mishappening.
  • Volvo has always visioned about the safety first, Volvo XC40 is equipped with multi air-bags to ensure the safety of driver and passengers.
  • The driving assistant will help you to drive the car in the busy It automatically maintains a steady speed and distance from the vehicle which is moving in our front.
  • This car is equipped with anti-theft Si, be confident to move anywhere, As it has anti-theft feature it can’t be stolen.

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Spare and Service Availability

You already know that Volvo has always provided its best service and spare to its customers. The service of this company has always appreciated by its customers. The spares of this car will be available on major showrooms and workshops of Volvo. External accessories can also be installed from major agencies of Volvo. Your car will be treated very well while you are going for maintenance and service.


Mileage of Volvo XC40

The Fuel-mileage of this car is surprisingly amazing. In this powerful engine, Engineers has put up the capacity of fuel-mileage of 18kmpl. Yes, you read right, its 18kmpl. This fuel-mileage is very competitive in this range of SUV segment.

Resultantly, this car is very best in the feature, fuel mileage, and safety. This powerful car is not much costly. This car is best suitable for everyone who is in love with the SUV segment.


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