Volvo’s new Masterpiece-Volvo S60

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The Sweden car making company Volvo has been the very significant part of the automobile market from the past years. This company has a record of making quality cars with classic features. Volvo has made its first debut in the year 1927 with its first car. It has produced the number of vehicles which are providing the best service to the customers.

The company is adding more and more luxury and features to get more love and attention from its customers. Volvo is raising the standard of vehicles regarding engine performance, interiors, exteriors, and the most significant factor is safety, apart from all things, the company has always focused on the safety of drivers as well as the passengers.

Volvo has tried its technology in making all types of car segments and has got a huge appreciation from its customers. It has launched many series of its car variants the “X” “C” and “S” variants are being the first choice of people. The Volvo is now coming with the variety of new models. The company is about to launch the new variant of “S” series which comes in a Sedan segment and will be is named as the “Volvo S60”.


Design and Overview of Volvo S60 

Source: volvocars

Volvo has always delivered its best concerning design; The Volvo S60 is coming with the sleek and attractive design. This car will be providing best regarding engine performance and safety. This sedan car will be launched with the seating capacity of 5-members, the cargo area is also convenient while taking care of long drives.

The company has added human-friendly features in this car, as the voice control system has added the element of understanding the standard speech. The company has added extended features with less complication for the hassle-free driving experience. You can feel the luxury and comfort at the same time in a pocket-friendly budget, as this sedan car is coming at a very competitive price compared to other brands providing the same features.

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Engine and transmission of Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 will be added with the 4-cylinder, direct injected turbocharged engine with the displacement power of 1969cc.  The engine of this car will be producing the maximum power of 250HP at the rate of 5500Rpm, and the maximum torque will be about 400Nm at the rate of 4500Rpm. Coming toward the transmission, the company is adding 8-speed automatic gearbox which will provide more than enough power to the front wheels of this car.

Changing gears while moving on the high speed can be a confusing thing. But, at the same time, the automatic transmission system will work instead of confusing you changing the gears. You can accelerate the car from 0-100 kilometres in less than 10 seconds, So, you can assume the power of the engine from this probability.


Suspension and Brakes of Volvo S60

As we all know Volvo is making speed and performance oriented cars. The Suspension of the car should be flexible enough to overcome the hassles coming while driving on the top speed. So, the Volvo is adding Mcpherson strut-type suspension in the front wheels, and a multi-link suspension system will be used in the rear wheels.

The suspension of this car will be providing the satisfactory performance to the driver as well as the passengers. Coming through the brakes, The disc brakes will be mated to both front and rear wheels for providing the comfortable braking experience while driving on the high meters. The anti-lock braking system will be added to ensure the safety of passengers as well as the car.


External Features of Volvo S60

  • The design of this sedan car will blow your mind; you will be feeling special while the people will see you driving this super-special sedan from Volvo.
  • The clearance of this car is only 136mm from the ground. Assuming the ground clearance, you can consider the luxury and class of this sedan car.
  • The LED headlights in the front will be adjustable as per the weather conditions as well as the sitting position of the driver.
  • The Volvo S60 will be added with the power adjustable rear view mirrors, which means you do not need to get out from the car to adjust the vision of rear view mirror.
  • The rain sensing wipers will start working automatically when it comes to sensing the rainfall on the front glass of the car.
  • The rear of this car will be operated by power, So, you will not need to hold the rear door while loading the cargo in the cargo area.


Internal Features of Volvo S60

Source: volvocars
  • The car is equipped with the key-less entry system, which means you will not require the mechanical key for locking-unlocking as well as starting the car, As the push button is mated to start and stop the car.
  • The parking sensors in both front and rear will help the driver to park the car in sensitive areas, all the activity of both front and the rear area will be shown on display mated on the dash in front of the driver.
  • The cargo area of the car can be extended, as the rear seat of this car is foldable. So, you do not need to worry about the cargo area, if you are going to use it for shipping the cargo.
  • The power door locks of this car will provide you with the comfort of locking all the doors while sitting on the driving seat.
  • If you are out of car and kids and sitting inside, the Child -lock security system is added while looking for the safety of kids sitting in the car.
  • Volvo S60 will be added to the large-sized infotainment system, which will be mated on the front. The speakers are added on every corner to raise the quality of the sound system.
  • A beautiful dash will melt over everyone’s heart, As the design of the dash is beautiful and clean.
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Safety Features of Volvo S60

  • The anti-lock braking system is added to provide the safety of driver as well as the passengers while moving on high-speed.
  • Multiple-air bags will be added for the safety for all passengers; one air-bag will be added on the front of the knees of the driver to resist the impact of the crash on the legs of the driver.
  • The hill assist system is also added to the car, which will automatically assist you while driving the car in the hilly area.
  • This car will be added to the anti-theft lock system, So, you can feel free of parking your car anywhere, because no one can steal your car.


Fuel Average and top Speed of Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 is added with the turbocharged engine with high power. While being the massive engine, the engine of this car will be providing the fuel Mileage of 25-27kmpl on the highway and about 20-25kmpl on the city roads. Generally, the fuel mileage of every vehicle depends upon the condition of the road as well as the method of driving. This can reach the speed of 0-100kmph in just less than 10 seconds. The engine of this car will be able to reach you at the top speed of 250kmph.


Final Verdict

It is a competitive time for the automobile industry, and the Volvo is adding its full efforts for providing better services to its customers. We can see the history of Volvo motors to know about the performance of its cars.

The Volvo S60 sedan is very efficient considering the overall performance of this car. This car will better result in a term of engine power, suspension, braking and safety. It is expected that this car will be available for sales in the March month of 2019.


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