Oscar Award 2019: 15 Women shines with awards


Recently, cinema’s most prestigious 91st Oscar Awards were announced. This time Oscars Award has been very special for many artists, directors and producers. In 91st Oscar Award women have flown the flag. Yes, this year, most women won the Oscars Award. Today we will tell you about those women who wone to award in 2019 Oscar Awards.

Award Winners of Oscar Award 2019

Here is the list of women who won the Award in 91th Oscar Award ceremony

1. Olivia Coleman

Actress Olivia Coleman got the Oscar award for Best Actress for her movie ‘The Favorite‘.

2. Regina King

Regina King got the award for Best Supporting Actress. She got this Oscar Award for playing the best role of supporting actress in movie ‘If Bile Street Cud Talk‘.

3. Lady Gaga

Pop Superstar Lady Gaga has been nominated for an Oscar Award for ‘Best Original Song‘ for song ‘Shelo‘ from the movie ‘A Star is Bourne‘.

4. Guneet Monga, Reykjavat Jahabatchi and Malisa Burton

These three women Guneet Monga, Reykjavat Jahabatchi and Malisa Burton have won awards in the short subject category for best documentary film ‘Period and of Sentences‘.

5. Ruth E. Carter

Costume designer Ruth E. Carter received an Oscar for ‘Best Costume Design‘ for the Hollywood movie ‘Black Panther’. She is the first black woman to win Academy Award in this category.

6. Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Shannon Dill

Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Shannon Dill get an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. They get this award for the documentary ‘Free solo’.

7. Domi Shi and Becky Niemann

Domi Shi and Becky Niemann get the Oscar award for their animated movie ‘Bao‘ They got this award in the Best Small Animated category.

8. Kate Bisko and Patricia Dehanye

Kate Bisco and Patricia Dehany received an Oscar Award for make-up and hair styling for the movie ‘Vice’.

9. Jaime Ray Newman

Israel’s Jaime Ray Newman got the award for the film ‘Skin’. ‘Skin’ got this Oscar in the category of Best Live Action Short.

10. Hannah Beachler

Hannah Beachler got an Oscar for the movie Black Panther. She got this award in the category of Best Productions Design.

Final words

These are the 15 women who won 10 awards in different category. Must comment your views over these winners.

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