7 Reasons Why Your Bike Need Attention

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With the transformation in technology, the passion for riding a bike is increasing day by day. The old trends such as boys can only ride the bike is diminishing somewhere. Nowadays girls are more passionate and showing their interest in every field of life. With the technology zeal of bike in every house is moving to an apace. You must have seen the sports bikes or high mileage bikes which can easily cross the roller coaster. Thus it is the main reason why people prefer bikes as a transportation medium.

We all know after spending ample of bucks on bikes or other things it’s our duty to take proper care from tip to toe. Nowadays you should take extra care of your bikes instead of replacing the pars by oneself. The high-tech bikes are based on the latest technology in which some of the automatic options are pre-installed.

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Minor Or Major Problems Which Can Take Place On A Regular Basis

Have you ever undergone from the chainset problem which can occur due to loosening of locks? Thus it is a more irritating issue which can take place suddenly while traveling to long or short distance areas. According to a survey, one of the most frustrating things which take place at 80 percent bikes is when it refuses to start.  Hence it is not a major issue, but still, it can create a problem if getting late for work.

So it is important to show some attentiveness instead of ignoring the hurdles which take place in the ongoing path. We should understand that spending money on bikes will be worthy if taken proper care. It is a fact that every single individual does not control machinery; thus a regular service from a mechanic can be helpful to stay away from the major expenditure. Break down of parts or continuous leakage of petrol is not easy to examine; thus a regular service is worthy in this case. Some minor, or little serious, problems are if treated effectively then it can increase the lifespan of your motorcycle.


Encountering Common Problems With Little Bit Efforts

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There are some common problems with a bike which are easily encountered by the shop mechanics and are not much costly. The experienced mechanics can easily eradicate or solved your problems. In ample cases, it is judged as maximum problems in motorcycles occur due to diligence or neglecting the problems regularly.

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7 Reasons Why Your Bike Needs Attention

  1. Weak or Dead Battery

We all are aware of the fact that motorcycles are also based on the electric system. Thus the battery system plays a huge role in it; so it should be adequately secured for an entire lifeline of an electrical system. In two-wheelers, just an electric start, starts the motor and this is all due to a battery. You can quickly judge the signs of the dead as well as a weak battery when pushes the horn key or headlights are switched on. In this case, both of them will not work properly.


  1. No Fuel

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One of the very common problems which you guys face in your life is whenever the fuel level goes down. Thus, in this case, it becomes quite impossible to judge the exact cause why a bike is not starting. So the first step of examination says that instead of declaring any solution you can use some old techniques to rectify that if there is fuel left in your bike or not.


  1. Loose Spark Plug Wire

If you are a beginner, then this must be an innovative thing for you. So do not get shocked because the loose spark plugs or wires can be a sign of damage for motorcycle riders. This issue can arise from the occurrence of jerks as well as a prank. If the problem is tackled at an earlier stage, then you can resolve it without any need of mechanics. In short, you can easily fix these kinds of problem. Perform the single step unplug or re-plug the connectors and then try to restart your motorcycle again.

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  1. Engine Cut Off Switch 

It is important to take care of your automobiles instead of avoiding the problems. You must agree with the fact that we all forget to verify some minor issues when annoyed by an engine problem. Those who use motorcycles for daily use admit the fact that generally, we use the ignition key if wants to turn off the bikes. Therefore we do not turn off the switch which cranks the engine.


  1. Clutch Is Not Engaging Properly

If you want to start your motorcycle and the transmission is already in gear, then it’s time to pull the clutch lever appropriately. It happens in most cases that your clutch system does not connect properly, and thus it creates in starting a motorcycle. At this moment the all you have to do is bring the transmission at a neutral stage and try again.


  1. Tight Brakes

You can notice that if the brakes of your bike are too tight; then more efforts are implemented to turn the wheels. So it’s important to put your bike in neutral, and then after centre stand, you can manually rotate the wheels. Through this, the wheels can rotate freely without any hard efforts. You have to check that if a front or rear tyres are quite stiff to rotate, then lose the brakes and try again. So if the problem is due to disc brake unit, then it’s better to take it to a service station or any workshop for a checkup.


  1. Air-Filters 

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It is important to clear the air-filters whenever you take your bike for service. According to reports it should be cleaned after 1000Km’s if you take your bike in all around the city or other dusty areas. Thus the regular deposition can give rise to poor performance, so it’s important to keep notice of the signs and try to eradicate them effectively.


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